How to Choose the Right SEO Package for Your Industry?

Recently updated: May 22nd, 2024


Did you know Google introduced more than 5,000 changes to Search and ran over 800,000 experiments in 2021? In other words, Google Search – the world’s largest search engine – changes more than 13 times every single day. Besides, there are more than 200 ranking factors.


Feeling overwhelmed?


Is there an easy way to navigate the rapidly evolving SEO landscape and maintain the competitive edge? Our answer is YES.

Simply, buy an SEO package from a trusted and experienced SEO agency.


In this blog post, we are sharing a detailed guide to find the best SEO package for your industry.


What Is an SEO Package?

An SEO package is a comprehensive suite of SEO services to optimize your website for search engines. Instead of focusing on specific SEO services, such as link building and content writing, high-quality website SEO packages include everything you need to get results.


Think of your SEO package as a dedicated retainer for digital growth.

You can find monthly SEO packages, as well as annual SEO packages online.


While monthly SEO service packages help you avoid long-term commitments to a new SEO agency you have never worked with, annual SEO plans often come with a discount and allow you to save significant money.


Annual SEO plans are a great choice if you are working with a familiar, reputable SEO agency that satisfies your SEO needs and provides great support.

Here Is How SEO Packages Work:

  • You sign up or subscribe to an SEO package that suits your business and industry needs.
  • The agency charges you a fixed monthly/annual fee to provide SEO services included in your package.

Benefits of Buying SEO Packages

Getting SEO packages to meet your digital marketing goals is an excellent choice for multiple reasons:

  • It is easier to plan your budget due to fixed charges. You can view SEO pricing online for budgeting purposes.
  • You will benefit from all SEO services within one SEO package. No need to focus on just one or two specific services
  • It is easy to manage one-time payments for SEO services you use. You don’t have to juggle between multiple payments.

Is it Worth Buying an SEO Package?

Over 80% of businesses prefer hiring an SEO agency over in-house SEO specialists. An SEO agency charges (for SEO packages) only a fraction of the salary and benefits a company needs to pay an in-house SEO professional.


If it is a full-service SEO agency like Media Search Group, it can also take care of various other things, such as:

  • Website design
  • Web development
  • Website redesigning
  • Blogging
  • Social media management
  • PPC management
  • Online reputation management and more


In short, search engine optimization packages from an SEO agency cost less and provide more services and better results than an in-house SEO team or freelance SEO professionals.


When you approach an SEO company online or near you, you have two options.

  • A readymade SEO package
  • A custom SEO package


Most SEO companies design their SEO packages carefully keeping in mind what a business might need to boost website traffic, generate leads, and raise brand awareness. However, you need to make sure that the SEO package you choose can cater to specific needs of your business and its industry.


For instance, a real estate agency can see enhanced results with a local SEO package, while an e-commerce brand or retail store can benefit from an e-commerce SEO package.


However, searching for local SEO packages online and buying from the first marketing agency you see can be a big mistake. You need to do due diligence before you invest in a monthly SEO package.

A Checklist of 8 Things Your Industry-Specific SEO Package Must Have

A good SEO package that includes all the essential elements to rank a website in top search results on Google’s first page. Here is what top SEO packages include:

1. Site SEO Audit

An experienced SEO company always starts with site analysis and SEO audit to:

  • Identify issues that need fixes
  • Find opportunities to boost your website’s performance


Website audit forms the basis of your overall SEO strategy. It is a must if you want to know where you stand and how to move forward.

2. Industry-Based Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most crucial step of your search engine optimization journey to dominate search results related to your industry.

A list of industry-specific target keywords is needed to:

  • Optimize SEO campaigns
  • Create SEO-optimized content
  • Curate optimized social media posts
  • Earn authoritative backlinks that provide SEO benefits to your website and set relevancy
  • Launch revenue-driven ads (if you are also planning to launch paid campaigns)


The more keywords you target, the higher the cost of SEO package.

3. Competitive Research and Backlink Analysis

Analysis of your industry competitors allows you to benchmark your search engine optimization efforts.


Your online competitors will be websites that rank on page one for your target keywords.


Competitor analysis helps you understand how your competitors perform in search engine result pages (SERPs). It also helps determine the best SEO tactics to beat your competitors.

What to look for during competitor analysis?

  • Targeted keywords
  • Content format, type, and length
  • Number of backlinks and the DA of referral sites
  • Domain Authority (DA) score
  • Top performing pages
  • Page Speed, Visual Aspects, and other technical factors


Content analysis, backlink analysis, and website analysis can help you gain insights into your competitors’ marketing strategies, find gaps, and create a robust SEO strategy to outperform and dominate the search results.

4. On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO involves optimizing the elements on your website to improve its performance and search engine rankings.

What On-Page SEO Includes

  • Title tag optimization
  • Header tags (H1, H2, H…) optimization
  • Meta description optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Removal of duplicate element
  • Structured markup
  • URL optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Schema implementation and more


With good on-page SEO, you can start seeing immediate improvements even before you start doing off-page optimization.

5. Off-Page Optimization

Off-page SEO refers to the optimizations that are done outside your website to build trust, credibility, and authority of your website.

What Off-Page SEO Includes:

  • Link building
  • Social Signals
  • Guest posts
  • Podcasting
  • Video Marketing


Among all these, link building can be time-consuming but offers significant improvements in your domain authority score and also ranking.


Link-building efforts include two types of linking:

  • External linking – links from third-party websites to your website
  • Internal linking – links from one page of your website to other pages


In link building, the quality of links provides more value than the quantity of links.

Thus, instead of building thousands of links from random websites, focus on earning quality links from high DA websites.

6. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is crucial to ensure that your website is healthy and free from technical issues that can cause your website to load slowly. Most users abandon a page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.


The ideal page speed is 3 seconds or less.

Track Core Web Vitals for your website at PageSpeed Insights to check all the key parameters regarding speed, such as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

What Technical SEO Includes

  • Identifying crawl and indexing errors
  • Site Security (HTTPS)
  • XML Sitemap Submission
  • Page Speed optimization
  • Keyword cannibalization
  • Removal of duplicate metadata and more


Good technical SEO allows you to improve user experience.

7. Mobile SEO

A Statista report revealed:

  • 63% of all Google search traffic comes from mobile devices
  • 82% of shoppers reported doing “near me” searches on their mobile phones.
  • 42% of the population said they use voice search on their devices


Mobile SEO Statistics

Source: Statista

Google has switched from desktop-first to mobile-first indexing since 2021.

Thus, your website must be responsive and mobile-friendly to provide a seamless experience to your users.

Mobile SEO Best Practices

  • Minify code
  • Browser caching
  • Reduce redirects
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design
  • Use structured data
  • Optimize mobile content for local search and voice search (voice SEO)

8. Google Analytics and Reporting

Progress tracking is essential to know if your search engine optimization efforts are working and where you need to improve your SEO strategy. Many SEO performance tracking tools are available to track the success of your SEO campaign.

Tools to Track SEO Performance and Progress

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • Screaming Frog and more

Metrics to Check for SEO Progress

  • Site traffic
  • Impressions
  • Click-through rate
  • Page views
  • Keyword rankings
  • Traffic conversions
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Referring domains
  • Index coverage errors
  • Bounce rate
  • Page Speed
  • Domain Authority and more

Tips to Choose the Right SEO Package for Your Industry

Following are the tips that will help you choose the most suitable SEO service packages to navigate the challenges of your industry.

1. Define Your SEO Needs and Goals

Having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve through search engine optimization is the critical first step. Different industries have unique priorities when it comes to SEO. For example, an e-commerce site may focus on conversions and sales while a content platform cares more about organic visibility and traffic.


Consider what success looks like for your website.


Do you need to rank higher locally or nationally?

Drive qualified leads?

Increase brand awareness?

Support sales?


Define 1-3 concrete SEO goals before researching packages. This ensures the SEO package you ultimately select directly supports your targets.

Potential SEO goal examples:

  • Improve website ranking for 10 core keywords
  • Generate 500+ new organic visits per month
  • Increase lead conversion rate by 15%
  • Rank #1 on Google for local searches

2. Decide Your SEO Budget

SEO delivers a good return on investment but does require an initial budget to work effectively. Be realistic about what you can invest in ongoing SEO services.


SEO package pricing ranges widely from $149 per month for small businesses to $1,199+ or higher depending on your business, the number of target keywords, and your needs.


Consider your revenue goals from SEO and what budget aligns. Services like keyword research, content creation, link building, and technical optimization carry ongoing costs. Factor in internal resources as well. Having clarity around SEO package costs prevents shock when researching options.

Tips for Determining SEO budget:

  • Review competitors’ investment if possible
  • Allocate 10-20% of the marketing budget to SEO
  • Consider ROI – how much revenue SEO delivers for your industry
  • Scale budget to website size and niche competition


Average ROI of SEO varies from industry to industry, from 200% to 900%.

3. Check If SEO Package Caters to Your Industry Needs

Choosing the right SEO package for your industry means it should be able to meet the needs and challenges of your particular industry.


For instance, if you run a service-based business, such as plumbing, AC repair, or landscaping and operate locally, your SEO package must include local search engine optimization or you should buy a local SEO package to see results.


Local SEO packages are also a good choice for real estate agents.


Optimizing your Google Business Profile can help you appear in Google Maps’s Local 3-Pack results. It will lead to brand awareness, increased local visibility, and more calls from potential customers from nearby regions.


On the other hand, if you sell products through your online shop, e-commerce SEO packages are the best choice for you. E-commerce SEO is more intensive and includes product and category optimization, promoting products through paid campaigns and on social media.


If your industry is highly competitive and your competitors run paid campaigns to grab more attention, it is a good idea to integrate PPC into search engine optimization packages.


If you are a professional working in the creative industry, such as photography, paintings, pottery, etc., your search engine marketing strategy should include social media marketing.


SEO packages for tour operators and travel agencies should include National SEO or International SEO (also called Global SEO) based on whether they serve domestic or foreign tourists and travellers. The same goes for the hospitality industry, such as hotel owners and car rental agencies that offer their foreign customers to book in advance.


SEO packages that focus more on content writing and offer a higher number of blogs are great for bloggers and professionals in the education industry. However, if you have a large website with tons of pages to optimize, enterprise SEO packages make the best choice.


If you have specific requirements and a standard SEO service package does not meet your needs, you should go for custom SEO packages. Speaking to an SEO consultant can help you decide the best SEO package for your business.

4. Check the Company Profile and Package Pricing

Now you’re ready to start researching SEO companies and analyzing search engine optimization packages. Look beyond SEO packages cost – the agency’s experience, proven results, and services offered matter greatly. Beware SEO promises that sound too good to be true. Quality SEO takes time.


Evaluate the SEO Company through:

  • Years in business and speciality focus
  • Client examples from your industry
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • SEO team experience and qualifications
  • Package details – services, deliverables, contracts
  • Reporting and results tracking provided


Compare potential SEO partners through this lens and find affordable SEO packages to help your business grow. Weigh the benefits of organic SEO packages versus the SEO monthly costs.

Wrapping Up

With clear goals and a budget defined upfront, you can confidently choose the best SEO packages from reputable SEO agencies for driving digital success. Reach out for custom recommendations if needed. Consistent, thoughtful SEO strengthens your online presence, boosts site traffic, improves keyword rankings in search engine results pages of major search engines like Google, and elevates you above competitors.


Are you ready to buy a search engine optimization package? Explore our SEO pricing and packages to get started today. Or, book a consultation with our SEO specialist now.

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