Open Source Solutions

The open source community combines the power of open technologies with innovation to create the best and purpose-oriented products.

Open source software is that program code whose original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. The open source community combines the power of open technologies with innovation to create the best and purpose-oriented products. The application provides only the framework, which can be customized to create specific applications.

Are you looking for Open Source Solutions

Many business organizations need customization to meet out their business needs. You might also have some customization needs, which can be fulfilled by certain modifications in open source codes. We, at Media Search Group, do the customization according to the requirement of the clients. We can integrate with a large number of open source platforms and take help of the add-ons to extend the functionality of the desired application.

Are you running short on time?

Often people need to get their customized website or other applications in a small span of time. We always impress our clients with our quick deliverables. We are a pro at creating a website of good quality using the open source development platforms. We help you to get access to quick development and make a speedy entry into the online world. We know how important time is when you are starting something new.

Are you looking for cost-effective solutions?

Open source platforms provide a rich pool of source code resources required for the development of dynamic and interactive web applications and websites. It is a semi-developed project in simple words. Owing to free of cost software and zero license fees involved, the primary steps get removed. Besides this, the efforts required for development are also reduced. Thus, the cost incurred is also greatly reduced. You may find a suitable open source service (or even choose us) to do the job for you.

What are the advantages of the open source solutions?

If you ask any Open Source Development Company, they will always have a long list of the advantages associated with it. Since the framework is already available, a lot of work is minimized. Only the additions of the codes or plugins that meet the specific application requirement are to be done.

This type of development process has the following benefits:

  • Reduced development cost for your project
  • Reduced time span for development of your project
  • Support from Open Source community for new features and discussions
  • Free plugins and updates for customization from time to time
  • Quick solutions to technical problems through the help center of platforms
  • Quick to upload the site with changes
  • Organized product catalog
  • Easy updating of developed applications with the passage of time and changes

Our Open Source Service Offerings

We are aimed at using the open source technologies to cater to the diversifying needs of various industry verticals. We implement and optimize strategic technology solutions that cater to the business needs of our clients.

Joomla, Mambo, Drupal Development Services

If you are looking for flexible and robust content management system development solutions, you are at the right place. We develop competitively advanced and of the age CMS using Joomla, Mambo, and Drupal. We take care of everything right from the development, customization, and integration, to the support and maintenance.

CRE Loaded, X-cart, Zen Cart Development Service

If you are planning to set up an online e-commerce store and require a solution to handle your e-commerce needs, we can do it for you. We are experts at harnessing the maximum potential of open source technologies. We will empower you to unlock new and profit-rendering business opportunities with our CRE Loaded, X-cart, and Zen Cart developed applications.

WordPress Development Services

Nowadays every company needs a blog section to communicate with their audiences in a better and more efficient manner. If you are also in need of a blog, scalable and professional Wordpress development services are right here. We give effect to multi-faceted blog development with continuous customization, support, and maintenance.

Moodle Development Services

If you are looking for innovative, out-of-box and modern management system development, we can help you meet your requisites. Our moodle development services include development, integration, customization, and support. We also see that regular and easy updates for the management system are installed from time to time.

PHP and Ruby Development Services

If you want to get the customization of a framework done, we can bee at your service. We also do the custom implementation of the same frameworks in your traditional business models, enabling you to elevate your ROI. We have developers who have delivered top-rated open source solutions across varied industry verticals. You can also get us doing for you.

Our Team For Open Source Development

We know that different businesses have different needs. They demand different tools, languages and development platforms. We have, therefore, mastered all the platforms, to meet out all client needs. We have a team of expert and dedicated professionals, who enable us to deliver top-rated solutions, which often surpass the expectations of the clients. We are an Open Source Service Provider Company India, working continuously to gain expertise in all major open source technologies. Our areas of expertise include e-commerce, CRM, healthcare, travel, insurance and banking, telecom, social media, retail, manufacturing, and education. We are well versed with the requisites of each vertical and are always ready to accept challenges associated with client's needs. We are centered to render ROI-centric and prolific web applications for your online business, becoming the key differentiating factor in your growth. We are also particular about the defined timeframe and cost-efficient development. We, therefore, incorporate research in our development module.

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Leverage your business with a plethora of advantages by outsourcing your open source development concerns to us. We assure you speedy and hassle-free web development, backed by a community of proficient developers. Your static and dynamic business needs will be carefully looked after by us. Drop a message to us today to share your project needs and to know about our packages. We send quick replies, not wasting anybody's time. We would be helpful for interactive solutions, standing out on critical factors such as speed, market, and cost.

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