Online Reputation Management Packages in India

ORM Packages to Protect Your Business Reputation

We have online reputation management packages that ensure that people find the right information about your business and your services when they look on the Internet. Our purpose is to create a positive impact on your audience and allow your business to best foot forward.

It is very important that how others perceive your business when they search online, and our ORM Packages in India is not limited to reputation management but involves a combination of marketing techniques, including content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

Online Reputation Management is Necessary to Your Business

Business is all about creating a brand, improving, and maintaining it. Online reputation management has become an essential component of any business marketing strategy. It is very important to have a good reputation in marketing and should be presentable online in an era where most of the transactions are online. Here is why maintaining a reputation is equally important while starting a new business:

  • Improve sales
  • Build Goodwill
  • Cost-Effective

ORM Packages in India to Contribute More Positive Feedback

Online Reputation Management Packages Basic Standard Premium Ultimate
Key Phrases Targeted 2 3 5 7
Cost Per Month $250 $450 $550 $650
Reviews and Analysis
In-Depth ORM Analysis Right Right Right Right
Keyword Analysis Right Right Right Right
Baseline Ranking Check Right Right Right Right
Content Marketing
Blog Writing 2 3 4 5
Article Writing 1 2 3 5
Classified Writing 1 2 3 4
PDF Creation Wrong 1 1 2
Press Release Writing Wrong Wrong 1* 1*
Guest Blog Writing Wrong Wrong Wrong 1*
Detailed Online
Reputataion Management Plan
Search Positions Protected Page 1 Page 1-2 Page 1-2 Page 1-3
Search Positions Checked 1 to 10 1 to 20 1 to 20 1 to 30
Blog Set-up Right Right Right Right
Social Bookmarking 15 20 25 30
Blog Posting 2 3 4 5
Blog Promotion 10 15 20 25
Article Submission 1 2 3 5
Article Promotion 5 10 15 20
Company Profile Creation 3 5 7 10
Business Listing Right Right Right Right
PDF Submission Wrong 1 2 3
PDF Promotion Wrong 5 10 15
Press Release Submission Wrong Wrong 1 2
Press Release Promotion Wrong Wrong 5 10
Guest Blog Submission Wrong Wrong Wrong 1
Video Promotions* Wrong Wrong Right Right
Image Promotion* Wrong Wrong Right Right
Customer Reviews/Ratings 1 2 3 4
Development of Micro Sites Wrong Wrong Right Right
Forum Posting Wrong Wrong Right Right
Q&A Posting Right Right Right Right
Social Media Profile Creation 2 4 6 8
Article & Blog Distribution/Sharing Right Right Right Right
Positive Profile Promotion Right Right Right Right
Micro Blogging Right Right Right Right
Social Media Engagement
Facebook Account Setup (One Time Activity) Right Right Right Right
Twitter Account Setup (One Time Activity) Right Right Right Right
Pinterest Account Creation (One Time Activity) Wrong Wrong Right Right
Facebook Cover Image (One Time Activity) Wrong Right Right Right
Custom Twitter Background (One Time Activity) Wrong Right Right Right
Facebook Wall Updatese Wrong Wrong Right Right
Twitter Updates Wrong Wrong Right Right
Pin Images Wrong Wrong Right Right
Monthly Reporting ORM Report Right Right Right Right
SUPPORT Email, Chat, Phone Right Right Right Right

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