W3C Standards

No application is complete without a rule and no rule can be broken as it breaks the website presence from the search engines. All website design and development undertaken by Mediasearchgroup.com has been following the rules created by W3C standards. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a standard format to be used by all website creating companies. It is an independent organization created by Tim Berners-Lee.

The mission of the organization is to establish full potential for developing protocols and guidelines which will provide a long-term growth of the Web. The web world has a social value as it enables human to communicate with each other, do business via the online medium and share knowledge at a larger scale. W3C's wants that each individual should benefits from this technology be it hardware, software, network infrastructure and native language. Culture, geographical location should not become a barrier for this knowledge.

Constantly technology is being updated and constantly W3C is working on improving its standardization. Encouraging people to follow the standards so that the community of website can be viewed at the same platform no matter what browser the user many be using it.

Platform of W3C standards work on:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Scripting and Ajax
  • Graphics
  • Audio and video formats
  • Web content accessibility
  • Mobile web device
  • Right of privacy of a website
  • Internationalization of website

Mediasearchgroup.com has been using W3C standards for designing and development of a website. Our company has been following W3C standards as well as their vision. We are activity participating in sharing knowledge which is building trust on a globe scale.

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