Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (MSG)

At Media Search Group, a leading customer focused search engine marketing company, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of every visitor. To ensure full-proof security and safety to data we gather in any way on this website, we have set privacy guidelines in the best confirmation of highest international safety standard for the protection of individual information.

Do we store your personal data?

Yes, we do. But we collect only those that help us improve our services and provide you better browsing services. We do not collect any data but for the information you provide us while you interact with the website.

The types of information we collect are:

Information regarding your use of our site such as your visits, pages you view, the resources that you access. They include only data on traffic, location and other communication done.

Information you provide on your own such as the details you provide as you register on the website to access or purchase a service.

Information that you provide when you communicate with us by any means.

These are kinds of data we collect from our users. We do not collect any data or information related to personal life such as marital status, the number of offspring, or data related to payment details.

What We Use That Information for?

The only purpose of collecting that information is to provide you better services. That information helps us improve in our services and deliver them in a far better way. We do not sell any information we collect to third party or use for marketing purpose.

Let us tell you what we do with information gathered from visitors.

To quickly provide answer to your queries that you ask us relating to our services.

To give you information on other services you might be interested in. But we do that only upon your nod for such information.

To provide you updates on changes to our website and services.

To better our website and customer service in order to deliver you personalized experience when you revisit our website.

To facilitate quicker and safer transactions.

That information we collect visitors helps us suggest you other similar services that is of significant benefit for you, and so you might be interested in them.

To run a contest, provide promotions, conduct surveys or improve the site features.

Under no circumstances, your information whether public or private is sold, exchanged or transferred or given to third person for any reason without your consent but for some legal issues such as police investigation.

Remember communication over the internet is not safe. And if you send information to the wrong person or your information is delivered to the person who is not supposed to receive it, Media Search Group is not responsible in case that information is misused. We do not warrant safeguarding the information sent to wrong person. You are solely responsible for the security of information delivered to not intended recipient for whatever reason.

We use best of security solutions to safeguard the data either collected through cookies or you provide to access some certain services we offer. All of your information we collect is safely stored, and we have the right measures that help ensure the data stored with us is not theft and misused by cyber attackers.

We use cookies to collect only that information most appropriate for delivering services and making improvement in them to suit your needs best. We collect information about your general internet use such as where you access the website from, what you looked for etc. Such information does not disclose your personal identity. That is statistical data which does not identify any personal details. However, it is up to you whether you want to accept cookies or decline them. You can do that in your browser setting on your computer.

Your Information Is Disclosed Only …

Where we are legally required by law to disclose your personal information.

To further fraud protection and reduce the risk of fraud.

Third Party Links

We also use links to other websites. When you click on the links you are redirected to the intended websites. The only purpose of those links is to provide visitors more resources for what they are looking for. And there is no responsibility of Media Search Group if you suffer any sort of loss when you visit the website as a result of redirection. Providing links does not mean we endorse or approve the site policy towards visitor privacy. It is your responsibility to read through the terms and conditions in the privacy policy of that website.

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