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Media Search Group has the creative competence and expertise in technology for developing the websites.

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About Us

Media Search Group is a web design and online marketing company destined to transform your web design, web development, digital marketing, and branding experiences. Media Search Group has worked with clients from a variety of industries. We deliver to financial businesses, tech start-ups, travel and tourism, health care, retail businesses, eCommerce, and artists, and even individuals seeking to set up websites and blogs.

We help businesses generate and increase sales, get more profits, and build loyalty with their customers by designing intuitive responsive websites, driving web traffic, creating online brand awareness, connecting and engaging with customers, and fostering growth in overall sales.

Our Specialization

Web design

Responsive web design

Web development

SEO services

Digital marketing

Social media

  • Media Search Group has over 10 years of experience in offering internet marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes from start-ups to small enterprises to large corporate organizations. We have served over 1000+ clients and we keep on counting!

  • With an in-house team 60-plus internet marketing professionals comprising of web designers, web developers, social media experts, content creators, and internet marketers, we are ready to deliver to your expectations.
  • Our client base spans more than 150 countries including the US, Canada, England, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, India, Europe, and other countries.
  • We take each project seriously and understand that no one project is like another. We will handle your internet marketing project in a personalized way based on the specific needs of your business and brand as well as the expectations of your users. We ensure appropriate brand communication.
  • We understand that your website should mirror your business, your brand, your products, and your services. A web site is the face of your brand. We know that the online business ecosystem is very competitive, and when it comes to web design, you need an innovative, stunning website without carrying a hefty price tag. At Media Search Group, we offer every client an unmatched service tailored to meet their specific needs while letting them pay far less than they could imagine.
  • Whether it’s an eCommerce site built on the WooCommerce platform or a custom application that is WordPress-based, the Media Search Group team offers a suite of services tailored to cater to your specific web design requirements. We aim at offering a flexible, accessible responsive web design service.
  • We prioritize good communication and excellent results while being able to deliver on time as well as within the agreed budget. We don’t want to put a dent in your pocket, we care about you now and tomorrow! Our responsive web design is reasonably priced.
  • Media Search Group aims at offering affordable SEO services to our clients. We understand how valuable it is to have your business website repositioned to generate organic traffic. Our company is committed to providing result-oriented SEO services that ensure a successful ranking. To ensure that you make strides in your SEO, we conduct experiments to understand what’s working and what does not work for your website and implement the things that work for you. We don’t do the SEO blindly, because we want you to see the results.
  • Our social media team is well-versed in the social media environment. The focus on social media gives us an unmatched understanding of the space. Once we discuss your needs, we investigate your competitor activity and immediately leap into your brand’s goals. We use our expertise in social media to identify what can work best and resonates with your audience while also being able to deliver results to your business.
  • We ensure attention to detail so that we get every project right and deliver according to your requirements.

Our Team

  • We are a creative team of internet marketing and web design professionals with expertise in delivering outstanding results in brand visibility, online presence, audience engagement, lead generation, conversions, and web designing.
  • Our range of products and service offerings is powered by audience insights, data, efficient workflows, and backed by a dedicated team of web designers, social media experts, web development professionals, creative content creators, and other internet marketing professionals. We have a strategic goal of meeting the demands of every unique project we handle.
  • Our team is adequately equipped with the right instruments, innovative strategies, high-end tools, a huge knowledge, and skill-sets to make a huge impact on your internet marketing and web design processes.
  • Media Search Group utilizes the latest technology to deliver your digital marketing solutions. Our development team is knowledgeable in a wide range of programming languages including Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby among others. The web design team also is knowledgeable on frameworks like Node.js, Spring Boot, Angular 8, React, Bootstrap, Apache Hadoop, jQuery, Spring Security 5, Apache Spark, Cordova, and Xamarin.

Our Mission

Our mission is to see that businesses – small and large, succeed in their internet marketing activities. We strive to provide quality, high-end internet marketing solutions at the most affordable price. Our relationship does not end after we have delivered your first project, we continue to work together to see that you remain highly competitive in your online business endeavors.

At Media Search Group, we think differently and work differently!

Our Philosophy

Our services are guided by the philosophy of perfection. We strive to make every process perfect, every website perfect, and every internet marketing campaign perfect. Regardless of the diverse needs of our clients, we can reposition ourselves to provide the best results.

Whether it’s digital imaging, editing and post-production, visual storytelling, business, or something you’ve not yet discovered, our team of expert instructors have you covered!

Goals And Objectives

Our goals and objectives are to help:

  • Put up websites that are beautiful, stylish, easily navigable, and fast to load.
  • Code every website by hand ensuring a unique piece of website that distinguishes your brand from competitors
  • Succeed in social media marketing
  • Make your websites appear on top positions of the search engine results
  • Employ scalable and result-oriented PPC campaigns
  • Get the websites ready to draw huge, targeted traffic and generate focused leads that can make purchases
  • Have the highest-value, highest-converting traffic instead of a stream of random visitors that cannot convert easily
  • Ensure brand loyalty
  • To make a significant ROI

Why Choose Media Search Group?

At Media Search Group, we treat each project of our clients like it’s our own. Many businesses are realizing how potential our internet marketing and web design teams are to their online business success. We have propelled many brands to take leading spots in the SERPS, engage customers in an intuitive way, and build their brand reputation.

We listen to your needs and what you want. As a web design and digital marketing firm, we work hard to understand your business goals and aspirations first. We make decisions keeping those goals in mind. Having a shiny website or the latest internet marketing solutions is worthless if they can’t help your brand reach your goals.

You talk, we listen! We bring onboard many ideas for improvement. We don’t work in closed doors, we incorporate your ideas too.

We will treat your needs with a lot of kindness and respect. Media Search Group believes in doing business with courtesy, honesty, integrity, passion, flair, and a sincere heart for every client and their customers. We won’t sell you anything you don’t need or an idea you don’t feel comfortable with. We won’t lie to you to get business.

Never doubt it, we know our work. Internet marketing and web design are at the core of our knowledge and skill-sets. We have the coding knowledge, we understand SEO, and we pursue PPC campaigns and build brand recognition and reputation with much dedication.

At Media Search Group, we strive to stay ahead of technology and acquaint ourselves with the emerging trends while ensuring best practices that can apply to your projects and business goals. This is what has earned us incredible industry recognition.

Businesses seeking web design and internet marketing solutions want to see results within a short time. Time is money, so we set realistic deadlines for every project and stick to them. We will get your project or internet marketing campaigns launched within the time we have agreed.

We know you hate giving out a project and you can’t get heads up on the progress. We communicate constantly with you to give you updates on the progress of the project. We realize that good communication and collaboration helps both of us walk in the same direction.

By tracking visitors and watching the results you are getting, we are able to quantify your triumphs and our success. We email you monthly reports, and you can see full traffic data online in real-time.

We offer unique web design and custom web development solutions as well as scalable, effective online marketing solutions.

We are trusted by many customers because we offer flawless web design and innovative internet marketing solutions.

Yes, we have served over 1000 clients over the past 10 years. We understand the internet market very well and are always learning new technologies, trends, and strategies to deliver to the expectations of our clients.

We can brag about ourselves, but let’s hear what you say when you give us a project, task, or assignment to do for you!

Our team is flexible, we can work within your schedule, we can adjust to unexpected events, and adapt well with your existing company structure. We strive to be an extension or part of your marketing team.

We offer unique web design and custom web development solutions as well as scalable, effective online marketing solutions.

We offer unique web design and custom web development solutions as well as scalable, effective online marketing solutions.

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Life @ Media Search Group

We all get to work for various reasons. For some it’s about building skills, for others it’s about impressing clients, and for others, it’s to connect their brand with the customers.

Life @ Media Search Group is working together as a team to create the best experience. We understand that our teams cannot deliver if they can’t be empowered. At Media Search Group, we empower, we nurture, we value, and we support every team member to deliver at their best.

We bring together the smart, creative and innovative minds under one umbrella called the Media Search Group and move together in our journey and that of our clients by sharing the achievements and successes of our clients and ours too. We share the joy, celebrations, and great moments with our happy clients, supportive partners, and our industry professionals through community groups, workshops, social media platforms, and forums.

“No project is too big or too small for us!”

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