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Digital Marketing for Hospitals, Doctors, Surgeons, and Healthcare Professionals

Digital marketing for healthcare providers is crucial to reaching patients online. Websites, SEO, social media, and pay-per-click ads allow hospitals, doctors, surgeons, and other professionals to increase visibility, engage the community, and attract new patients. With more people searching online for healthcare, digital marketing brings your practice to the front of search results. From solo practices to large health systems, digital marketing strengthens your brand. Partnering with a healthcare marketing agency ensures you keep up with the latest trends and optimization.

What Does Media Search Group Do as a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency?

As one of the best healthcare marketing companies, Media Search Group helps healthcare providers thrive online. Our comprehensive digital marketing services include search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click ads, website design and web development, content creation, online reputation management, and more. We use data-driven strategies for healthcare marketing services to increase your online visibility and attract patients. Trust us to strengthen your brand, enhance engagement, and increase patient visits.

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Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Healthcare Organizations?

Digital marketing for healthcare professionals and organizations is crucial to connect with and attract patients in the digital age. With more people searching for doctors and healthcare services online, having a digital presence and marketing strategy is essential.

  • 80% of patients search online before booking appointments. Websites, SEO, and social media allow healthcare providers to increase visibility, establish expertise, and gain patient trust.
  • 90% of people choose healthcare providers with professional websites so digital presence projects credibility. Digital marketing also enables engagement with existing patients for retention.
  • 60% of healthcare decisions are influenced by social media and online reviews. To gain new patients and referrals, healthcare organizations must optimize online visibility and reputation.
  • 400% growth is seen in lead generation by healthcare organizations that invested in digital marketing.
As a leading healthcare digital marketing agency, Media Search Group provides custom digital marketing services for doctors & other healthcare providers and hospitals. We can help you grow your medical practice by ensuring greater patient satisfaction while attracting new prospects and retaining a loyal patient base.

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Our Healthcare Digital Marketing Services Include

At Media Search Group, we offer a comprehensive range of healthcare digital marketing services to help our clients succeed online. Our customized healthcare marketing strategies are designed to increase visibility, engagement, and conversions for healthcare organizations. Trust our team of experts to elevate your brand and attract more patients.

Healthcare Search Engine Optimization

Healthcare Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our healthcare SEO services help you rank higher in search engines for relevant keywords so you can be easily found by patients searching for your healthcare services. We perform extensive keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO to boost your search visibility and traffic. With affordable SEO packages for healthcare professionals & hospitals, you gain trust and authority to stand out from others.

Healthcare Link Building Services

Link Building Services

Quality backlinks from relevant healthcare and medical sites are important for great keyword rankings. Our custom link building campaigns targeted at high-authority sites in the healthcare space will help improve your domain authority. Unlike other agencies, we build organic links that search engines trust to rank your website higher. Our ethical, white hat approach to link building earns the backlinks you need.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We handle your healthcare social media management to build your brand, educate patients, promote content, and generate referrals. From creating social profiles to managing content posting and advertising, we help you maximize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. Our social media services connect you with patients while conveying your brand messaging.

Healthcare Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services

Compelling content establishes brand trust while driving traffic to your website. Our healthcare content marketing includes professional blogs, articles, e-books, whitepapers, videos, and more tailored to your brand and audience. We research relevant healthcare topics and current trends to create content that engages visitors. Our writers ensure medical content is informative, appealing, and optimized for SEO.

Healthcare Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Reviews and mentions build or break reputations in healthcare. We monitor your reviews and social media to promote positive mentions. Our proactive online reputation management improves visibility of positive feedback. We assist in responding to reviews and complaints professionally. Staying on top of your digital reputation protects your practice while building patient trust through online credibility.

Healthcare Web Design

Healthcare Web Design

We build custom websites and portals for health clinics, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, medical device manufacturers, and more. Our healthcare web design reflects your brand while optimizing for an exceptional user experience. Our web development team incorporates powerful features for engagement and conversions. We optimize technical elements for performance and SEO.

Healthcare Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Healthcare Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Healthcare paid advertising gets your website and offerings in front of motivated patients searching online. We manage paid search campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, and other platforms to boost visibility for relevant searches. Our PPC experts identify high-value keyword targets. We optimize ads for relevance, copywriting, and landing pages. PPC campaigns drive qualified traffic and conversions .

Healthcare App Store Optimization

Healthcare App Store Optimization (ASO)

We optimize healthcare mobile apps designed for Apple Store and Google Play Store for better visibility and more downloads. Our ASO process includes optimizing titles, descriptions, keywords, screenshots, and videos. We identify top ranking competitors and keywords to imrpove app store optimization. Our medical ASO services make your app stand out in searches and boost organic installs and reviews.

Engagement and Follower Growth

Healthcare Google Analytics & Reporting

We implement Google Analytics tracking across your healthcare website and campaigns. Our customized dashboards and reports provide actionable insights on visitors, traffic sources, engagement, conversions, and more. We identify successes and areas for optimization across medical SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and more. With GA reporting, we maximize your ROI on healthcare digital marketing.

Why Choose Media Search Group for Healthcare Digital Marketing Services?

When it comes to healthcare digital marketing, you need a healthcare marketing agency you can trust. Media Search Group has a proven track record of driving growth for healthcare organizations through innovative and effective online marketing for healthcare. Here are key reasons to choose us as your trusted healthcare digital marketing company:

Extensive Online Marketing Experience

With over 12+ years of experience specifically in healthcare marketing, our team has unmatched expertise. We stay on top of the latest healthcare marketing trends, platforms, and strategies to grow healthcare practices online.

Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing Solutions

We develop custom healthcare digital marketing plans based on your goals, audience, competitors, and market data. Our strategic approach is backed by data to optimize ROI. We measure and refine based on key metrics across all initiatives.

Custom Healthcare Marketing Services

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor healthcare marketing services to your specific needs. Our digital marketing strategies, content, and execution align with your unique healthcare organization for maximum impact.

Trained Team of Digital Marketers

Our team comprises marketing specialists in healthcare marketing including healthcare SEO specialists, medical writers, designers, social media managers, web developers, and more. Their expertise ensures measurable results for your practice.

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Brands

Top healthcare brands, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, vitamins and supplements suppliers trust us as their digital marketing partner. Our clientele and their success demonstrate our marketing capabilities.

Cater to All Fields of Healthcare Businesses

We have worked with a diverse range of healthcare clients from small clinics to national players in fields like medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, mental health, senior care, and more. So, whatever your healthcare niche is, we can help you.

Partner with Media Search Group for custom healthcare digital marketing that gets results.

Key Concepts for Healthcare Marketing Success We Follow

At Media Search Group, we have identified core concepts that drive success in healthcare digital marketing. These best practices inform our strategic healthcare marketing service approach.

SEO for Healthcare

SEO for Healthcare

Healthcare SEO is crucial for visibility and growth. We optimize sites for relevant local keywords that patients search when looking for medical care or products. Authority building through links, citations, and content establishes expertise. Mobile-friendly design and speed optimization help you rank for mobile device users and on-the-go searches.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead generation campaigns through PPC, lead nurturing, content writing, and website conversion optimization is essential for acquiring new patients. We identify high-intent keywords and topics to target. Landing pages, forms, and calls-to-action convert interest into contacts. Automated workflows nurture leads toward becoming customers.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

An active social media presence is essential to build brand awareness, connect with patients, address concerns, and improve online reputation. Our social media optimization tactics and strategic posting help foster engagement and build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Plus, social media complements SEO efforts and lead generation campaigns.

Local Listing Optimization

Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO is critical for healthcare organizations to be visible and accessible for patients searching in their areas. We optimize your NAP (name, address, and phone) citations consistently across key directories like Google My Business, Google Maps, and niche healthcare directories. Accurate and complete listings improve local ranking and visibility in map packs.

Landing Page Design and Optimization

Landing Page Design and Optimization

Dynamic landing pages capture more leads and patients. Landing pages targeted to specific offers, content, and campaigns boost conversions from marketing. Landing page design is focused on quickly conveying key information to prompt visitors to take action. We optimize page speed, mobile experience, forms, and keywords for better performance.

Website Development

Website Development

We build modern, mobile-responsive websites tailored for healthcare organizations. An effective website design, user experience, and functionality are essential. Our custom web design reflects your healthcare brand while optimizing navigation, calls-to-action, and more. Developed for speed, engagement, and conversions, your site fuels digital marketing success.

Healthcare Fields We Offer Digital Marketing Services For

With healthcare marketing experience across diverse specialties, Media Search Group helps practices in many fields boost growth through digital marketing.

Orthopedic Marketing

We offer orthopedic digital marketing focusing on services like joint replacement, sports medicine, and spine care. Our solutions attract local patients needing orthopedic treatment.

Med Spa Marketing

Through SEO, social media, and content marketing, we help clinical med spas stand out online to promote aesthetics, weight loss, body contouring, laser skin treatments, and more.

Home Health Marketing

Our home health marketing solutions connect home care agencies with older adults and loved ones seeking general healthcare services, improving visibility and reputation online.

Dentist Marketing

Comprehensive dental marketing services targeted to local searches help dentists and dental practices promote general, cosmetic, pediatric, and specialty dentistry services in local areas.

Pharmacy Marketing

Pharmacy digital marketing drives brand awareness and new patients/customers for retail, compounding, specialty pharmacy, and online telehealth platforms.

Veterinarian Marketing

We help veterinary practices promote their services and boost visibility online to pet owners searching for care, boarding, grooming, emergency vet services, and more.

Pain Management Marketing

Our healthcare marketing solutions help pain management doctors and clinics stand out with services for chronic pain, spine pain, neuropathy, and related treatments.

Drug Rehab Marketing

We enable drug addiction treatment and behavioral health providers to reach those seeking help for substance abuse disorders through digital marketing services.

Urology Clinic Marketing

Our urology marketing solutions help practices specializing in areas like men’s health, women’s health, cancer, infertility, and more connect with prospective patients.

For Our Dental Clients, We Have Marketing Expertise in Various Specialties

With niche experience, we create customized digital marketing to attract more patients for specific dental specialties.

General Dentistry

We help general dentistry practices promote services like teeth cleanings, fillings, dental crowns, oral exams, and more through dental SEO services, social media, and PPC.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry marketing solutions promote services like teeth whitening, dental veneers, smile makeovers, and clear aligners to attract patients seeking an improved smile.

Pediatric Dentistry

We enable pediatric dentists to reach parents searching for routine dental care, dental treatments, and education resources for infants, children, and teens with various online strategies.

Oral Surgeon

Targeted marketing conveys your oral surgery expertise in different areas like dental implants, wisdom teeth extraction, corrective jaw surgery, facial trauma repair, and more.


Endodontic marketing focuses on highlighting advanced root canal treatments, apicoectomies, and laser dental procedures to attract patients with complex tooth pain issues.


Digital marketing promotes orthodontic solutions for children and adults like traditional braces, Invisalign, and tooth retention for patients seeking teeth straightening solutions.

We Also Offer Digital Marketing Services to Other Healthcare Practices.

Media Search Group has also versatile expertise in marketing professional healthcare services online.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

We promote services for injury rehabilitation, pain management, and mobility restoration and showcase expertise in sports medicine, geriatric, neurological, orthopedic, and pediatric therapy.

Mental Therapy

Mental Therapy

Targeted marketing connects mental health professionals with those seeking counseling and psychotherapy services for conditions like depression, anxiety, trauma, and more.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Digital marketing conveys how occupational therapists can help people recovering from injury or dealing with disabilities restore abilities for daily activities and work.



We help chiropractors promote expertise in spinal adjustment, pain relief, neuromuscular rehab, injury recovery, and holistic care through SEO and managing online reputation.

Medical Massage

Medical Massage

Our medical massage marketing solutions showcase therapeutic massage services for pain management, injury rehabilitation, migraine relief, and improving overall wellness.



Psychologist marketing focuses on psychological therapy approaches, assessments, counseling specialties, and areas of focus to attract patients and establish authority.



We enable vet clinics and animal hospitals to promote pet care services like preventive care, vaccinations, exams, surgery, emergency care, and exotic pet care to pet owners.



Digital marketing promotes custom prosthetic design services and device offerings for areas like orthotics, artificial limbs, mastectomy, and cranial prosthetics.



Our telehealth marketing solutions help virtual care platforms targeting patients and healthcare partners stand out with their remote services and technology.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Process: How We Promote Hospitals and Clinics Online

At Media Search Group, we follow a proven process to deliver results-driven digital marketing for healthcare organizations and professionals:

First, we consult with you to understand your current marketing efforts, challenges, targeted prospective patients, competitors, and business goals.

We audit your existing healthcare website, on-page optimization, technical factors, and off-page signals to improve visibility and performance and also do competitor analysis.

Equipped with insights from the audit and consultation, we develop a data-backed proposal for digital marketing solutions tailored to your needs with projected results.

Once finalized, our marketing specialists implement the strategic marketing plan across channels like SEO, PPC, web design, social media, content marketing, and more.

We launch marketing initiatives and track key metrics across digital channels using Google analytics and reporting. This enables ongoing optimization and better results.

Our team continuously optimizes efforts based on results achieved to improve conversion rates, visibility, reach, and ROI from your digital marketing spend on services.

First, we consult with you to understand your current marketing efforts, challenges, targeted prospective patients, competitors, and business goals.

We audit your existing healthcare website, on-page optimization, technical factors, and off-page signals to improve visibility and performance and also do competitor analysis.

Equipped with insights from the audit and consultation, we develop a data-backed proposal for digital marketing solutions tailored to your needs with projected results.

Once finalized, our marketing specialists implement the strategic marketing plan across channels like SEO, PPC, web design, social media, content marketing, and more.

We launch marketing initiatives and track key metrics across digital channels using Google analytics and reporting. This enables ongoing optimization and better results.

Increase Online Visibility and Revenue of Your Medical Practice with Media Search Group

  • Medical SEO to increase medical website’s ranking on major search engines like Google and Bing
  • Social media management to connect and reach more target audience for brand awareness
  • Online reputation management to create a positive perception of your healthcare services
  • Paid advertising to get quick results in terms of traffic, leads, and patient turnover
  • Conversion rate optimization to get more targeted leads through your website
  • Web development and design to create a new website or revamp an existing one for better appeal

Signs You Need Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare

Do you wonder whether you need digital marketing services for healthcare or not? If your answer is YES to any of the below questions, it’s high time you partner up with one of the best healthcare digital marketing agencies.

  • Want to see your website rank on top positions?
  • Want to grow patient volume and revenue?
  • Need to market healthcare services or products?
  • Wish to rebrand or boost brand awareness?
  • Create a positive healthcare brand perception?
  • Want to revamp your outdated website design?
  • Want to expand to new service areas?
  • Are looking for a healthcare marketing agency?

Industry We Serve

Frequently Asked Questions on a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

Healthcare digital marketing refers to online marketing tactics and strategies tailored for medical, dental, hospital, pharmaceutical, and related organizations to promote their services, attract patients and customers, and accomplish business goals. It spans across channels like search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, content creation, website optimization, online reputation management, and more.

Medical digital marketing enables healthcare providers to connect with those seeking care, treatment, products, or information online and establish a trusted presence. Key objectives include increasing visibility on search engines and online directories, conveying expertise, driving patient acquisition and retention, building loyalty, improving reputation, and generating more revenue by leveraging the internet and digital platforms.

Healthcare digital marketing differs from general digital marketing in several key ways. It requires deep understanding of medical and health-related topics to create content and messaging that engages and persuades the target healthcare audience.
Healthcare marketing is highly localized, targeting specific neighborhoods and cities that medical practices serve. Extensive keyword research focuses on “long-tail” healthcare search terms used by patients and care seekers.
Healthcare providers rely heavily on reputation and relationships, so online reputation management is critical. Compliance with healthcare advertising regulations is mandatory, so ethical practices in areas like link building and claims are necessitated.
The sales cycle for healthcare services also differs from other industries, requiring more nurturing touchpoints. At the end of the day, healthcare digital marketing is about more than driving sales—it’s about building trust to provide care in a highly personalized industry.

Healthcare organizations cannot succeed without an effective online marketing presence and strategy. The vast majority of people these days search online for healthcare providers and services. Digital marketing is essential for hospitals and clinics to:

  • Increase visibility and awareness of their services and expertise
  • Connect with prospective patients searching for care
  • Convey credibility and establish trust
  • Share information about treatments, therapies, and specialties
  • Promote new providers, technologies, or services
  • Manage brand reputation by monitoring and encouraging online reviews
  • Retain existing patients through digital engagement
  • Differentiate from competing providers and private practices
  • Analyze site traffic, lead generation, and ROI of marketing efforts

The most effective digital marketing strategies for healthcare professionals include:

  • Search Engine Optimization - Optimizing websites for targeted healthcare keywords helps practices rank higher in local search results so prospective patients can easily find them. This should cover keywords for services, treatments, specialties, conditions addressed, and more.
  • Social Media Marketing - Managing business profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter enables direct engagement with patients and brand building through useful, shareable content. Paid social ads can also effectively promote services.
  • Content Marketing - Blogs, and articles published on the healthcare provider's website or renowned websites establish your thought leadership on health topics while growing visibility and traffic with fresh SEO-optimized content.
  • Online Reputation Management - Monitoring and encouraging reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp allows providers to showcase positive experiences and improve visibility of feedback. Providers should respond professionally to any negative reviews.
  • PPC Ads - Pay-per-click ads placed on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other ad networks drive new visitors by targeting relevant healthcare searches and demographics. Geo-targeting focuses paid search on local service areas.

Local SEO is essential for hospitals, clinics, and other brick-and-mortar healthcare businesses to reach patients in close geographic proximity of locations. Local SEO focuses on optimizing Google My Business and other directory listings with complete business information, photos, services offered, and more so practices surface in Google Map packs. This makes it easy for nearby patients to find the business, hours, contact details, directions, and reviews.
Optimizing on-site elements like address schema markup and internal links with location also improves local visibility and ranking. Creating location-targeted content and building links from neighborhood resources support local SEO efforts. With strong local SEO fundamentals, healthcare practices thrive through increased visibility, reputation, and local patient acquisition.

There are several best practices we follow at Media Search Group to optimize Google Ads campaigns for better performance for healthcare clients:

  • Research and test various ad copy approaches to identify messaging that generates more clicks and conversions
  • Refine ad targeting over time based on monitoring search query and audience metrics
  • Adjust bids and budget across keywords, days, and hours based on when conversions occur
  • Set up A/B testing for ad creative, landing pages, and calls-to-action to improve quality score
  • Leverage tools like Google Trends to spot emerging search opportunities and seasonal shifts
  • Build out robust campaign negative keyword lists to reduce irrelevant clicks
  • Develop landing pages tailored to each campaign that speak directly to searcher intent
  • Continuously optimize landing page content based on user behavior data
  • Leverage Google's automated bidding strategies for accounts with sufficient conversion history
  • Regularly check Search Terms Report to identify additional high-converting keywords to target

Social media marketing is crucial for hospitals and healthcare providers to build brand awareness, connect directly with patients, convey medical expertise, humanize the organization, and boost reputation. People use social media for health-related research, so platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter enable important engagement.
Hospitals can share news, awards, accomplishments, events, announcements, patient stories, and health tips to establish authority. Doctors can post educational content, answer common medical questions, and offer advice to position themselves as trusted resources. Responsive social media customer service allows prompt response to patient questions and feedback. Paid social ads help target local patient demographics.
With consumers increasingly looking to social media for healthcare guidance, an active presence helps providers strengthen credibility, relationships, and referrals. Social can also aid SEO and website traffic efforts through keyword optimization and inbound links. Overall, social media is vital for healthcare marketing and reputation management.

To drive more high-quality traffic to your healthcare website, our team implements an integrated strategy combining several tactics:

  • Perform extensive keyword research to optimize pages for terms patients use when searching for your services. This improves Google/Bing rankings.
  • Create blog posts, videos, and other fresh content that targets those keywords so search engines index your site for them.
  • Get other reputable sites to link back to your content, building authority for Google to rank you higher.
  • Run Google/Facebook Ads focused on priority keywords and local service areas to attract immediate visitors.
  • List your practice on industry-specific directories related to your specialties to build local SEO.
  • Promote new content through social media channels to boost visitors and backlinks.
  • Improve site speed and mobile-friendliness so visitors stay longer once they arrive.

For most healthcare providers, the cost of a comprehensive digital marketing program ranges from $459 to $1199 and also varies based on what specific services you include in your digital marketing package. Some of the services you can include are:

  • SEO for optimizing on-page elements, building quality backlinks through outreach, local directory listings, and content creation
  • PPC Advertising for promoted search and social ads on Google, Bing, and Facebook to drive visits
  • Website for custom healthcare website design and development if needed
  • Content Creation for blog articles and other content
  • Reporting/Analysis to monitor SEO and campaign performance
  • Management Fee to cover campaign management and optimization
Exact costs vary based on specific deliverables, markets, competition level, results targets, and client goals. We provide customized quotes tailored to expected return.

The time to see results depends on the digital marketing channel:

  • PPC Ads - Traffic and calls come in within days of launching campaigns.
  • SEO - Gradual traffic growth over 3-6 months as rankings improve, accelerating from there.
  • Social Media - Builds slowly through regular posting over several months.
  • Content Marketing - Draws traffic within weeks as content indexes and ranks.
  • Reputation Management - Reviews accumulate over months.
  • Conversions - Lead and patient growth happen steadily with mature campaigns.
While some results manifest quickly, the sustained benefits take time through consistent optimization. Full SEO traffic maturation often takes 6-12 months. We track analytics to showcase incremental growth toward goals.

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