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If you want to dominate search results for your company that provides commercial cleaning services, first you need to know different types of Keyword Matches and Keywords. You can use the below-mentioned SEO keyword ideas.

The best SEO keywords for cleaning company depend on your specific goals, target audience, and location. The main aspect of SEO is inbound marketing - that is, to bring a targeted audience that is looking for what you offer, directly to you.

Types of Keyword Match

1. Exact match keyword

Exact match keywords will match exactly with the search queries and searches with the same meaning. They will give you the most relevant findings and the best targeting for your ads and landing pages.
For example, your keyword is "Commercial cleaning service" so, it can appear for searches that include the same meaning of your keyword and it could match with “Commercial cleaning service” or “Commercial cleaning services”.

2. Broad match keyword

The broad match type is the most common match type that provides a higher audience. When using broad match, your ad is eligible to appear whenever a user’s search query includes any word in your keyphrase or any word that relates to your keyword.
For example, if you use ‘Commercial Cleaning’ as your keyword, then your ad might be displayed if the user type “Commercial cleaning tips”, “Commercial sanitization”, or “Commercial cleaning services”.

3. Phrase-match keyword

Phrase-match keywords match any search terms that contain your keyword and its meaning. Only relevant search words that are closely linked to your keyword will be matched to your ad.
For example, if you choose ‘Commercial cleaning companies’ as your keyword, then it will show results for “Top 5 commercial cleaning companies”, and “Commercial cleaning companies near me” as well.

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Here are some general suggestions for the best ‘Commercial Cleaning Services’ Keywords:

  • Commercial cleaning services

    This broad keyword covers the main service you offer to the client in detail.

  • Commercial Cleaning Company near me

    Since most commercial cleaning companies work with local customers, you should include location-based keywords that include “near me”, “nearby”, and “near”. You can also use a commercial cleaning company in [city] to target specific cities.

  • Office Cleaning

    In case you specialize in cleaning office spaces, this keyword can help to target that specialty.

  • Janitorial services

    This is another term used with commercial cleaning, particularly in bigger offices.

  • Commercial carpet cleaning

    You can include the carpet cleaning keyword if you provide specialized carpet cleaning services for businesses.

  • Eco-friendly commercial cleaning

    If you follow eco-friendly cleaning practices, you can also include the keyword that highlights this feature.

  • Deep cleaning services

    You can use this keyword if you provide deep cleaning services for the offices.

  • Disinfection services

    You can utilize specific keywords if you provide a particular service that complements your cleaning services, such as disinfection services.

  • Commercial kitchen cleaning

    Restaurants, Cafeterias, and food service providers can use this keyword.

  • Professional commercial cleaners

    Emphasize your professionalism and expertise.

Incorporating these best keywords for cleaning services can help you to optimize your cleaning company website and reach of cleaning services. By leveraging these targeted keywords effectively throughout your content, you can enhance search engine rankings, attract relevant traffic, and ultimately drive more leads and conversions.

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Types of Keywords for SEO

1. Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are longer, more specific, and more accurate search phrases with lower search volume but higher conversion rates. They are less competitive than the short-tail keywords.

Here is a list of long-tail keywords for commercial cleaning services:

S. No. Keywords Avg. monthly searches
1 Commercial Cleaning Services 14,800
2 Office Cleaning 6,600
3 Commercial cleaning service near me 2,900
4 Office Cleaning Companies 1,300
5 Office Cleaning Services near me 1,600
6 Office Cleaning service 5,400
7 Commercial Cleaning Companies near me 1,000
8 Floor Cleaning Companies 880
9 Commercial cleaners near me 880
10 Office cleaners near me 720
11 Office Cleaning companies near me 390
12 Office Cleaning Business 170
13 Big offices commercial cleaning services 390
14 Commercial carpet cleaning services 390
15 Commercial Janitorial services near me 390
16 Janitorial Cleaning service near me 320
17 Commercial floor cleaning service near me 210
18 Commercial window cleaning services 170
19 Professional Office Cleaning 140
20 Cleaning office buildings 390

2. Commercial Intent Keywords

This type of keyword is used by people with the intent to make a purchase or engage in a transaction. The searcher needs to conduct more research before making a purchase of a specific item.

Here is a list of Commercial Intent keywords for commercial cleaning services:

S. No. Keywords Avg. monthly searches
1 Commercial cleaning rates 500
2 Office cleaning services cost 500
3 Janitorial services cost 500
4 Commercial cleaning companies 500
5 Industrial cleaning services 500
6 Professional cleaning services for businesses 500
7 Commercial window cleaning services 500
8 Commercial carpet cleaning cost 500
9 Professional office Cleaning cost 500
10 Restaurants cleaning services cost 500
11 Retail cleaning services cost 500
12 Commercial cleaning services price 500
13 Commercial cleaning companies near me 500
14 Commercial cleaning services for small businesses 500
15 Professional commercial cleaning service 500
16 Industrial cleaning service cost 500
17 Commercial floor cleaning service cost 500
18 Cost of commercial cleaning services 500
19 Professional restaurant cleaning cost 500
20 Cleaning office buildings cost 500

3. Informational Intent Keyword

Informational intent keywords are search terms used by people who are seeking information or want answers on specific topics. It's what users of search engines expect to find after entering a keyword.

Here is a list of Commercial Intent keywords for commercial cleaning service:

S. No. Keywords Avg. monthly searches
1 How to start cleaning service 1,000
2 How much does it cost to start a cleaning service 500
3 How to promote cleaning service 500
4 What is the price of cleaning service 500
5 How to market cleaning service 500
6 How to start a commercial cleaning business 500
7 How to advertise cleaning services 500
8 How to clean different types of floor 500
9 How to clean different types of carpets 500
10 How to clean a commercial kitchen 500
11 How to clean a commercial office 500
12 How to clean different types of windows 500
13 How to clean a kitchen restaurants 500
14 How to clean a retail store 500
15 How to clean a hotel 500
16 How to clean a medical facility 500
17 How to start a janitorial service 500
18 How to clean a commercial office 500
19 How to clean a construction site 500
20 How to clean an office 500

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Steps To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings of Your Commercial Cleaning Website

Step:1 On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is an important aspect of your commercial cleaning website that will help in improving rankings.
There are some factors on which on-page SEO is based:

  • 1. Use of the right keywords and the quality of your content
  • 2. Photos and videos on your site
  • 3. Set up the technical features

On-page SEO includes all the SEO factors that you have control over. Owning a website gives you control over both the website's technical aspects and its content. That means by optimizing each service you offer, you can strategically rank in the top search results with effective SEO for cleaning company.

Step:2 Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to actions taken outside of your website to improve your rankings.
Factors on which Off-Page SEO is based:

  • 1. External Marketing activities
  • 2. Adding specific links from different websites
  • 3. Business listings

In off-page SEO, you'll get benefits like higher rankings, increased traffic, and greater brand influence through a stronger social media presence among others.

Step:3 Local SEO

You should optimize your website for local searches. Local SEO helps you target customers searching within a specific geographic location. Optimizing your local business website is about making sure people can find you online and offline.

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How to Utilize Top SEO Keywords for Commercial Cleaning Services

1. First, all of you should have a secure website in which you can use the right type of URL. Generally, major search engines like Google can easily crawl and reach out to your website. Google must be able to access the URL and examine the page's content to understand what the page is about.

2. Page speed has been considered one of the top SEO ranking factors for years. It will improve users' web experience and fast-loading websites that can create smooth interfaces. Google announced a search engine algorithm update focused on mobile page speed that began affecting websites in July 2018. This update could result in a penalty if your website does not load fast on mobile devices.

3. Optimize your domain name and URL. In some cases, the domain name matters a lot. You do not have to opt for an exact match domain for your company if you already have a well-established website. However, if you already have an established website, you don’t need to go looking for an exact match domain for your business. Then, you have to be focused on a URL that reflects your business, and you can add exact-match keywords in the URL for better search results.

4. As we know, Google’s search algorithm relies fully on keywords. These are the words and phrases searchers use when seeking information about a particular product or a service. There are words and phrases that describe your website topics. Ideally, those will match up. That is why it is important to use keywords. Search intent is also important when optimizing content. That means being aware of what users genuinely seek when they enter keywords.

5. You can add the keyword phrase to the page title, which is where Google looks first to determine which content is relevant for which search. Use title tags to display content starting with your title in h1, then use h2 or h3 for subheadings. Write a Meta description that attracts readers which must include your keywords. Keep these Meta descriptions short around 160 words. Use keyword phrases in image alt tags to show how these images relate to the main content.

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Keyword Research Strategies For Cleaning Companies

Know the cleaning services that you offer to the customers

If you want to do content marketing for your website, then you should put together a list of your services and industries you serve. This will give a great foundation for Google ads. Also, if you are running PPC ads on Google, you should not choose irrelevant keywords of your services to advertise your cleaning business. This will waste money on targeting the wrong audience.

Know what your customer wants

Basically, your pages will hit many of the major cleaning services keywords you want to rank and target. However, there are many other relevant keywords that would be beneficial to rank.
Those keywords are not as common as commercial cleaning services but focus on the needs, questions, and problems that your ideal customers have. This will involve brainstorming ideas that would fall into these categories.

Know where your cleaning service does business

Another way of generating the keywords for your websites is to target the locations where your company does business. For example, if your company do business in San Diego, you can use keyword like "Commercial cleaning service in San Diego".
Another search term customers mostly use is ‘near me’, such as ‘Commercial cleaning service near me’. So, you can definitely use these kinds of keywords to increase the rank of your website.

Know your competitors

The first thing you should know your competitors well. So, you can easily know what keywords they are using. It is likely you might already know your biggest competitor and the top 3-4 cleaning companies in your area.
Do visit the biggest competitor’s websites and your other top competitor’s sites and look at what type of content they have on their site. Just look at their sites for inspiration. So, you can also introduce changes to your website accordingly.

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How do we help your cleaning company with SEO?

At Media Search Group, we provide the driving force behind many different industries' businesses' success online. Our strong commitment to delivering exceptional SEO services for cleaning companies has helped companies excel in the SEO field.

With a team of skilled SEO experts and a deep understanding of the constantly changing search engine market, we have consistently helped our commercial cleaning service clients to outrank their competitors and claim desired top positions on search engine result pages.

Whether it's your local cleaning business seeking to dominate its geographic market or a global cleaning company looking to establish a commanding online presence, our customized SEO strategies help increase visibility and drive sales.

We provide full-fledged SEO strategies, including:

Keyword Research and Targeting

We conduct thorough keyword research to identify your business's most relevant and high-traffic keywords.

We will analyze search volume, competition, and user intent to create a targeted keyword strategy that helps your website rank for terms that your potential customers are searching for.

On-Page Optimization

Once the keywords are identified, we will optimize your website's content, structure, and HTML source code to align with search engine algorithms.

This includes optimizing titles, meta descriptions, headings, images, and other on-page elements to ensure they are search engine friendly and match user intent.

Content Creation

High-quality, relevant content is essential for SEO success. We create engaging blog posts, articles, infographics, and other types of content that not only appeal to your target audience but also incorporate your target keywords naturally. This helps improve your website's authority and rankings.

Link Building

Backlinks from reputable websites are a crucial ranking factor for search engines. We develop and implement effective link-building strategies, such as guest posting, broken link building, and outreach campaigns, to earn high-quality backlinks that boost your website's authority and credibility.

Technical SEO

Technical aspects like website speed, mobile-friendliness, and site architecture can significantly impact your search engine rankings. We identify and resolve technical issues, ensuring your website meets search engine guidelines and provides a seamless user experience across all devices.

Local SEO

If your business operates locally, we optimize your online presence for local search results. This includes claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing, building citations in relevant directories, and implementing local keyword strategies.

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