Top SEO Keyword Rank Tracker Tools for Every Marketer

Keyword rank trackers are SEO tools that help marketers track the rank of specific keywords in search engine results. 43.9% of marketers check keyword rankings to measure SEO success.

Keyword rank tracking is an essential part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it allows marketers to track how well their web pages or content is performing on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keyword rank checkers are versatile tools and can be used by every SEO professional, from beginners to experts. These tools assist marketers in optimizing their online content to improve rankings in online searches and drive organic traffic to their websites.

What is Keyword Ranking?

SEO keyword ranking is the way of tracking your web pages in the search engine results for any relevant query asked by the user. It is an important aspect of search engine optimization because it gives results on how well your web pages are optimized.

For every target keyword, pages generally have a specific position in the search engine results. Web pages with high rankings in search results lead to organic traffic and more visibility. Search engines follow algorithms to measure different website elements like content, links, description, and page structure to show them on the top.

SEO professionals improve keyword rankings of websites by optimizing their content, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, and various factors. This will make their pages more relevant for the search engines.

Keyword rankings can fluctuate due to some reasons including changes in search engine algorithms, competition, and the ongoing optimization efforts of websites.

Monitoring and improving SEO keyword ranking is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy.

For example: Say you have a website that sells colored portraits in Arizona and you want to rank your website for the keyword “Arizona colored portraits”. If you search that keyword and your website comes in second position, your keyword ranking is second.

Why Is SEO Keyword Ranking Important?

If you have an established website, you need to maintain that stability in the long run. For this, you must follow some of the important rules in SEO. The first thing is to keep track of your website and update its keywords from time to time, as it will keep changing frequently. Here are some factors that might cause keyword rankings to change:

  1. Publishing of new content
  2. Losing and getting backlinks from authoritative websites
  3. Search engines continuously update their algorithms

For all these reasons, keyword rankings change and can affect website traffic.

Some Benefits of Tracking SEO Keywords

1. SEO keyword ranking checker helps in knowing what will work for the websites.

When you start optimizing your website, you have to keep an eye on important things for your website. Regularly checking your keyword rank is one of the ways to see if your efforts are delivering the results you’re looking for or not.

If you make a change in your website and your ranking increases immediately, that is a good chance you should continue making. If you make a change and nothing happens, then you should not continue to spend time making more changes.

2. SEO keyword ranking helps in increasing revenue.

If you are tracking SEO keywords in the right way, then you also know which posts on your website drive the most conversions. You can easily update that post accordingly.

If you look at your keyword tracking data and see that your highest ranking is not in the top positions of Google Page 1, you can focus on getting that result to rank higher, to drive more engagement to a post that brings high revenue. And if it works the opposite way, you can stop this action.

It will give you data that you can utilize to recover your lost rankings, which could prevent revenue drop.

3. Keyword ranking helps in monitoring competitors’ websites.

By tracking your keyword rankings, you can get to know how your web pages are performing in the search results. Also, you can use them to know how your competitors’ pages are performing in search.

For example, let’s say your business is an online retailer of massage chairs. While making huge lists of keywords, you can select only high-ranking keywords that your competitors are using as well. This will increase your visibility and keep your business in the long run.

List of Top Keyword Ranking Checkers

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a web service offered by Google free of cost that lets you see keyword ranking, indexing, and performance of your website and web pages on search engines. To check the ranking of your target keywords, you can follow the below steps:

  • Go to the “Performance” section.
  • Click on “Search results” and then on “Average position”.
  • Scroll down to find “Top Queries” section. This section shows you the keywords for which your website is ranking, along with the average position.
  • To check data for specific keywords, you can click on a particular query and see keyword ranking history over the past three months.


Google Search Console allows you to identify if any crawl errors are preventing your content from appearing in search results. You can check and set the crawl rate and view statistics about where your traffic is landing and where you are getting traffic from.

Google Search Console also provides search traffic analytics across all your pages, queries, devices, and geographies. Google Search Console offers tools and reports to fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content.

You can also use the information in Search Console to influence technical decisions for the website and do intense marketing analysis in addition to other Google tools like Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Ads.

It gives you valuable insights into the keywords that your website is appearing for. It helps in:

  • Finding valuable keywords with lower ranks
  • Optimizing relevant long-tail keywords
  • Finding competing keywords ranking on multiple URLs

2. Semrush

Semrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that is designed for digital marketing to help SEO professionals optimize their websites for better and organic search traffic. It is a popular SEO tool for conducting competitor analysis, Google ad optimization, and keyword research.

Semrush is one of the best tools for optimizing websites which includes Keyword rank checker features. With this feature, you can track your keyword rank and put it accordingly.

You will get an overview of which keywords your competitors are applying to their websites and see how they are ranked in search results. Having much information about your competitors, escalate your position from bottom to top in search results.


Source: Semrush

The steps involved in tracking the keyword rank are:

  • Do some keyword research to determine which keyword to track and make a list of keywords.
  • Set up a tracking campaign on Semrush’s Positioning Tracking tool for your keywords, that can help monitor your and your competitors ranking daily.
  • Then, view your keyword ranking that is displayed on the project dashboard. You can compare your rankings and make a list of your target keywords, along with any position changes.

By using Semrush, you can also keep track of your competitors and you can also make the best data-driven decisions around what keywords you have to target for organic search and Google ad campaigns.

In total, Semrush is the tool that provides plenty of information, which becomes very beneficial for users. It helps in improving the overall performance of the website. SEO keeps track of the most popular keywords on search engines. It creates content that has a high chance of increasing the number of visitors and will find new opportunities for link-building.

3. Moz


Source: Moz

When we talk about SEO, one thing that comes to our mind is to create original content on search pages for our users. Many marketers and SEO professionals use tools and resources to make their content original and good for their target users. That will give the best results on the Internet.

There are many SEO tools present online that can be used to strengthen your digital marketing strategy. Moz is a perfect tool that allows you to track and optimize your website.

MOZ is a well-designed tool that has many interesting features. Once you understand its features completely, it will become very easy for you to use it.

One of its main features is Moz Rank which demonstrates the importance of any page on the internet, represented by the link popularity index. These pages rank high due to their content quality and the number of pages linking to them.

For example: If you have a blog about healthy drinks, and are highly mentioned by websites in the same segment, that always link to your posts, your Moz Rank score will be good.


Source: Moz

MOZ is a tool that provides you the information about your page’s performance on major search engines. It is one of the most relevant and powerful tools in the virtual market.

Their feature can go far beyond SEO optimization and allows the improvement of your strategies. It is very important for any SEO professional, to know how to evaluate which pages and keywords are the most relevant according to their content and the number of visits.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an SEO tool that helps marketers and professionals get higher rankings in search engines. It helps in keyword research, link building, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and site audits.

Ahrefs has many interesting features that are designed for marketers and SEO professionals. Ahrefs user interfaces are suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to experts.


Source: Ahrefs

By using Ahrefs, you can do keyword research which lets you discover the best keywords to target your users and track the performance of competitors. First, you need to make your keyword list with filters and tags.

Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker will visualize the segment of your data exactly how you want it. Now, you can see the page ranking for your keywords. Even you can find other keywords under the “Organic keywords” that you might want to add to your rank tracker project.

Ahrefs helps you identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and recommends the right strategies and gain a competitive advantage.

5. SEO Power Suite

SEO PowerSuite is computer-based software that helps in growing and increasing organic traffic for your website in search results. This software has four main tools that optimize your website.


Source: SEO Power Suite

The First one is Website Auditor in which you have to fully analyze your website for the issues which is showing in your results and areas for improvement.

The second tool of SEO Power Suite is Keyword Ranker. This is one of the main tools of this software. The rank tracker lets you monitor your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings to help you understand your SEO performance.

It gives you access to types of research methods to find low keywords. It also works as a very effective keyword research tool for finding low keywords on your website. This software has a keyword research feature, which offers different ways to come up with the keywords ideas and suggestions.

SEO Spyglass is the third feature, which helps in reviewing your link-building campaign and analyzing the strength of your website. You can also keep track of your competitors’ link-building strategies and campaigns that you can add to your website as well.

The fourth one is Link Assistant which lets you find prospects and their respective email addresses to reach out to for your link-building outreach campaign.

5. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO tool that helps marketers optimize their websites. Its aim is clearly to maintain a good position on the search results. It provides many features that will make your website authentic.

If you have a website, then it is worthwhile to invest in Content Marketing and create strategies to appear in search results organically. After all, this effort will generate good results over time.

Some SE Ranking features are amazing; one of them is SE Ranking’s Keyword Rank Tracker which automatically monitors your website position in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for target keywords.


Source: SE Ranking

You can also track rankings on major search engines; group and make a list of keywords and see the results. It is essential to have these types of SEO tools to do complete monitoring. It can be used to track the keywords of your website or blog. In addition, it is easy to analyze competitors’ strategies as well.

7. Serpstat


Source: Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one and fast-growing SEO tool for SEO professionals and marketers. It will help you to enhance your website’s overall SEO and PPC performance online.

It is a keyword and ranking research tool that is used for in-depth analysis of competitor’s websites and in building advertising campaigns.

With the Serpstat Keyword Rank Tracker tool, you have assessed unique filtering options that allow you to choose any type of keyword ranking you want to check. You have to select the required search region while setting up the project.

After having the data about your website, you can do a comparison with your competitor’s website. Analyze the changes in your website and make data-driven decisions to increase visibility in the search results.

By Using Serpstat, you can have many benefits that are:

  • You can discover international data without any cost
  • You can monitor the entire competitor’s website and make changes to your website.
  • You can create SEO reports and find out keywords that will work best for your website.


Hopefully, this blog helps you to understand top SEO rank checkers in the market. SEO keyword ranking refers to the position of a specific keyword in the search engine results pages. It is an important aspect of SEO strategies that indicates how well your web pages are optimized for a specific keyword. A higher ranking in the search results leads to higher visibility and it shows that you have optimized your website well.


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