Google Ads New Features: Five Tips for Your Next Google Ads Campaigns in 2021

Each year Google releases new updates and features to Google Ads to improve the performance of PPC campaigns for digital marketers. It brings more automation and complexity for marketers while managing their SEM strategies. It forces marketers to focus on new effective ways to implement their marketing practices for successful Google Ads campaigns.

With each update, Google Ads become more mature and make it easier for marketers to reach the right customers through paid campaigns. However, the new features in Google Ads add more challenges for marketers to keep up with the past performance.

In 2021, marketers need to integrate more data in their PPC campaigns to take control over Google Ads automation rules. Automatic Google optimizations are intended for better campaign management but at the cost of control and readability. It is why you have to optimize your ads with the right content to improve the readability for better control over your strategies. A better insight into your campaigns can help you implement the most appropriate practices for a better ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

Google Ads new features: Must Key actions For Next Campaign

You can focus on the following key actions while creating your next campaign for successful delivery in line with Google Ads new features.

Similar Performing Keywords

Gone those days when PPC campaigns were focused around single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) to gain control. SKAGs strategies are now irrelevant with new Google Ads updates.

Google prefers consistency over uniformity within ad campaigns. Now, marketers need to focus on similar performing keywords for better overall performance. It will help you target potential consumers for better ROAS. Combining similar performing keywords in your campaigns is more likely to improve your conversion rates.

For example, the consumers that are directly searching your primary keyword are more likely to buy your services. So, combining it with keywords with strong signals such as price or discounts can boost up your click-through rate (CTR). It will result in more lead generations by targeting the customers who matter the most for a business.

With the new features in google ads, Google is rolling out few changes to ‘phrase match’ and ‘broad match modifier’ to make it easier for marketers to reach the targeted customers. It will give you more control over search terms for better reach and performance, especially when paired with Smart Bidding. You can now match your campaign keywords to the meaning of a search by grouping the similar performing keywords instead of using a complete phrase. According to Google, marketers now can reach customers with the following keyword and phrase match types:

  • Exact match for precision
  • Broad match for reach
  • Phrase match and broad match modifier for a balance of both

It is definitely going to force marketers to focus more on similar performing keywords with strong signals for successful Google Ads campaigns.

Declutter your Google Ads Account

To succeed in 2021, it’s time to declutter your campaigns in your Google Ads account to avoid wastage of ad spends. It will help you increase your ROAS, which will also increase your overall ROI on digital marketing campaigns.

Managing dozens of campaigns and hundreds of keywords is sometimes essential for the quick growth of your business. However, with so many ad copies, it becomes hard to keep an eye on underperforming campaigns with low-quality scores and lesser conversion rate. It is why you need to declutter your ad campaigns to reduce wasted spending.

For this, you can analyze the search terms engaging with your ad campaigns by going through Quality Score and the Search Query Report. It will help you identify underperforming ad campaigns in your account. You can follow the following steps to clean up your Google Ads account:

  • Remove Low Search Volume Keywords
  • Eliminate Low Impression Keywords from your campaigns
  • Remove No-Impression Ad Groups with no returns
  • Clean up low traffic campaigns
  • Remove inactive or less important labels

Focus on your most profitable keywords

No one says that businesses shouldn’t target new relevant keywords to boost up their sales with ongoing competition. However, your highest performing keywords are the game changer for your business as they can bring long-term success to your SEM strategies. You cannot keep aside the most profitable keywords; instead, you can increase your spending on those campaigns while buying new keywords.

You can monitor the performance of your ad campaigns to keep an eye on the most profitable keywords if you don’t want to lose any opportunity. Focus on your top ten campaigns and competitors’ performance and market share on those keywords to design your next campaign for the most profitable results.

Let your ads speak for your business

Running a successful campaign is not just about targeting the relevant keywords; creating copy and visuals of your ads that work for your business is also vital. Internet users are exposed to hundreds of paid campaigns daily on various platforms, and your ad needs to stand out against competitors to attract the eyeballs of your potential consumers.

The quality of the copy and content of your ads make a difference between the success and failure of your campaigns. You have to be more creative with your ads and keep trying different copy styles to find out which will work the best. The bottom line is that your ad copies are the point of interaction with your customers, and they should be well-drafted.

Spend smarter

It is true for any paid campaign you are running for your business. Always prefer quality over quantity to get the best results out of your campaigns. Make sure to give the maximum market share to your top-performing campaigns and keywords for a better ROAS.

Like Facebook ads, Google Ads also focus more on user-centric approaches to target the most appropriate audience for your business. You should some time analyzing the user insight from the last performance reports before launching new campaigns. It will help you gather information like when and where they are interacting on your ads to make the adjustment to your next campaign’s criteria for the best results. For better ad performance you can also contact to best PPC Management Company in India.

Bottom Line

Google keeps bringing more automation and complexity with new features in Google ads for better ad optimization. But these features are not always in users’ best interest, nor do they know the context of your business. It is you who needs to constantly make changes with your campaigns and strategies to keep up in the competition with a steady performance.

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