How a Facebook Marketing Company Can Help Your Business?

Recently updated: January 4th, 2019

Facebook has become a household name. None of us can deny that fact. Out of the 24 hours that each day provides to ever single human being, a total of 6 hours in the entire day is spent by people on users. And since these 6 hours are different for different people, there is always some body active on Facebook. That is exactly why Facebook is the most active social media marketing  platform in the world.

Realising the great opportunity that businesses could have by making their presence on Facebook, the social media platform provided advertising features for the business pages on Facebook. The purpose of connecting the businesses t their customers through Facebook, brought the platform to a great level in terms of trust and growth.

Almost every business now has a Facebook business page and they are engaging their customers well through it. But when it started, Facebook had kept the things simple. Over the course of time, AI and machine earning developed and Facebook algorithms saw great modifications.

Thus, Facebook advertising has become tougher than ever. The pretext of this great change is Facebook’s will to keep its user experience best. It is not unbeatable, but it requires the right work force to encash all its benefits.

Marketers Need To Be Smart

The reason why we are saying this is the widespread completion in the online world. It is as important to sustain the online presence on Facebook as it is to build one. Our peers are offering us great challenges everyday.

Now coming to the smartness that marketers need to have, it is not related to their physical appearance. The smartness here is about the thought process, about their strategy and their implementation.

The marketers must be crisp and clear about their ideas, how they will grow their audience and how they will benefit the business from Facebook. There are not set rules for achieving exponential growth.

Facebook marketing strategy and idea can occur at any time. Smart digital marketers would convert them to profits and stand out in the crowded social sea.

Facebook Marketing Agency Can Help

As said earlier, the things are tough and tricky but not impossible. Facebook for business is not for everybody’s cup of tea but everybody needs to focus on it.

A Facebook marketing company that spends time on Facebook from morning to night, is undoubtedly the best source to rely on for your Facebook marketing needs. They clearly have a better grasp of Facebook’s working and features.

If you still have questions going round and round in your mind, following is the answer to how a Facebook advertising agency delivers best results for Facebook marketing.

Smart Facebook Marketing Ideas

The top Facebook advertising agencies have complete knowledge of what works on Facebook and what doesn’t. What will make people buy from you and what will not. What will fetch customers to your business and what will not. Here are some smart techniques that digital marketing companies use.

  1. Targeting Relevant & Specific Audience

This is one of the most love Facebook advertising technique as it saves a lot of money and time. When your business reaches to people who need it, it reaches people who are your customers. Facebook targeting options are so detailed that no possible combination could escape its ad settings.

You can target English Women in London, between 25-50 years of age, who love reading books and have recently made an online purchase through Facebook ads. Can’t believe it? You must. Hopefully now, you can go after people who have already made a purchase on your site through Facebook advertising.

  1. Running Contests To Engage Users

Various digital marketing companies lay emphasis on holding contests or conducting activities through the Facebook page. And this is nothing new. As Facebook users, we have unknowingly entered in contests or have unconsciously participated in activities that take place through various Facebook pages.

The fascinating part of these contests or activities is the prize or gift that people get in return. The people become more and more engaged with the page and await the results in hope of winning it. This is how digital marketing agencies generate brand awareness amongst people who contain your potential clients.

  1. Creating Enticing & Inviting Video Posts

As the trend for watching videos has gone up, with 80% people preferring to watch videos over reading text in order to learn anything, video marketing has shot up to a very high scale. Facebook is no way behind. Video advertisements on Facebook are more successful than far reaching than images or links.

As a mater of fact, video posts serve as great marketing tool if optimised in the right manner. Their quality should eb get and the length shouldn’t be boring. Facebook users are looking to be entertained and if your page does that, along with creatn brand awareness, you have already won the race.

  1. Create Unusual Combinations Of Content

Say for example a dog behaving as a human being, a cat swimming in the sea or a baby climbing up a tree! These unusual activities will convince the user to stay at a particular post and engage with it. Now you must be wondering that these are not related to your brand and may destroy your brand image.

If it is so, you really need the Facebook advertising agency to help you. If something is engaging and not related to your brand, use your skills to make it related. If you sell sunglasses, make the dog wear those sunglasses and walk in the park! It is so simple and charming!

  1. Target Your Existing Customers

You should always have an eye on people who buy from you. They should never forget you, no matter where they are and what they are doing. Facebook serves as a great medium to help you poke your customers. If they have liked your page, they will always see the amazing stuff that you are posting and will fell proud to be associate with you.

All you need to do is to appear more and more in their news feed. Additionally, people who have not liked your page but came to your website through sources can also be reached through their mail-ids, which they might have dropped at the time of sign up! More you reach them, more they buy from you!

  1. Add Brand Value With Behind The Scenes

People love to know about the working, culture and co-existence of people working at the brand they love. It not only builds trust but also instigates them for mouth to mouth publicity. Pushing solely product-related messages across Facebook is only going to take you so far.

Adding a pinch of personalisation to your brand so that each people find relativeness in it will surely do. Brands that open up their work culture and add humour to their presentation go along very well in terms of reputation and Facebook ad conversions. Behind the scenes must be put before the scenes!

  1. Promoting Only The Best Content

Facebook has made its news feed changes after the #DeleteFacebok campaign shook the company. Not many promoted or sponsored contents are now shown in the newsfeed of users. This has made the Facebook sponsoring technique a skill to be mastered.

Facebook marketers must be confident on the content that they are aiming to promote or else it would turn out to be a great disaster. In simple words, the content which is resonating with your audience in terms of page views, shares, comments, and other engagement metrics, must be promoted to build your brand.

  1. Emoticons Do Half Of Your Work

It might sound funny, but companies who have their marketing strategies in close relation to daily lifestyle, which includes the use of emoticons, benefit the most out of Facebook Marketing. 92% of online users use emojis because they feel that it conveys their emotions in a better way than words could do.

Using emojis in Facebook marketing text adds emotions to your post. And emotions convert into call to action. Moral of the story is, use them in the right quantity!


While Facebook advertising has become tough, you would be astonished to know that Facebook generates nearly 100% of its traffic from Facebook advertising. The reason being the fact that brands would not get such a large customer base anywhere else. They are left with no choice but to centre their marketing strategy around Facebook.

The small businesses also focus on Facebook to build their online presence in the first place. Facebook is easy to use and unparalleled in terms of targeting options it provides. A substantial marketing budget, if invested on Facebook in the right manner can take businesses to another level.

We as a Facebook advertising agency believe that brands must explore Google and YouTube for advertisements too, but they must not cut on Facebook for any reason. They lose the direct touch with their customers, the moment they stop advertising on Facebook.

It is your call now!


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