7 Social Media Networks That Should Be on The Top of Your SMO Strategy

The primary aim of any social media optimization campaign is driving traffic from the social media sites, which are busy crossroads in the world of internet traffic, to a product or service website, which resembles the stores by the roadsides.

The users are guided to the stores with the help of advertisements set up on the crossroads and interest them.

List Of Social Media Websites:

A Good SMO company will definitely crack the maximum benefits with social media advertising, for it gives maximum returns in minimum investment. Here are a few social media platforms that must be focused for running an SMO campaign, in decreasing order of their popularity and reach:

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Facebook: There is no doubt why this social networking website has reached ye top position in its niche. Perhaps because it has made the world a smaller place. Facebook has reached out to people far and wide, crossing boundaries and terrains, making it very easily accessible for businesses to reach out to their potential customers. In fact, Facebook advertising is more effective than any other form of social media advertising. The Facebook pages have encouraged the exchange of inquiries and sales like never before.

YouTube: As video contents have acquired the future of Digital marketing, business can’t pretend to be unaffected by them. YouTube advertising is also a growing industry. People have started to stream videos online rather than watching television. As a result, commercial advertisements have come online and so businesses have started to market themselves with the help of video contents. The best part of YouTube advertising is that it displays a link to the advertiser’s website, from where the user can directly navigate to the business site and make a purchase.

Instagram: It really gives a celebrity feel to be on Instagram, and businesses are using it to get famous. Instagram promotion is linked with Facebook advertising and it quite effective to gain followers based on their interests. Clothing businesses, food joints, marketing agencies etc. Have attracted potential customers through Instagram. And it is evident because Instagram converts the principle – seeing is believing. People are lured by what they see and end up landing on the website to make a purchase.

Twitter: While many consider the 140-character restriction of Twitter a bane for communicating to the world, Twitter advertising is nowhere behind in drive traffic straight away to your website. Being the second largest social network, Twitter advertising helps you to grow your followers and drives them to the link that has been communicated, if it is interesting. At this point, you should be aware that pictures and links do not form a part of the 140 characters. It is purely the count for text.

Pinterest: Pinterest is another great platform to fetch eyeballs to your business and create an exceptional social media presence. There is a concept of promoted pins famous there, with the help of which, you to have them seen by more people who are regularly visiting Pinterest. You can create different boards with suitable categories so as to ensure that the user finds what they intend to, and thereby divert them to your website. But before you begin to use them you should have a well-devised strategy to follow. It has a highly active and targeted user base, which can be a direct link to a purchase.

Google+: Google plus, another large social media network, is the big market for advertising. There is lot possibility have to work in here as it converts just like Facebook advertising. The slight change is that Google+ advertising enables you to reach out to the audience on Google’s Display Network, just like regular ads. It facilitates direct user engagement, not asking them to first come to Google Plus and then navigate to your website. Just like regular ads that show up in search results, Google Plus Promotions also show up.

LinkedIn: Evident in itself as a professional network, it is a great platform to create a company profile, have a flamboyant brand presence and attract people to your posts. Sharing your posts on LinkedIn narrows your target audience to the people who are interested in your niche and hence, yields exceptional results. However, unlike all other social media platforms, you can’t be sharing anything other than that concerns your business. It would devalue your profile on LinkedIn. All in all, your SMO campaign should begin with creating a brand presence.

These 7 platforms are exceptional in her own respects as they have different things for the users to offer. Yet, they all have one thing in common – a large bunch of users. Have a look at the following stats of monthly active users:

  • Facebook – 2,010,000,000
  • YouTube – 1,500,000,000
  • Instagram – 700,000,000
  • Twitter – 328,000,000
  • Pinterest – 175,000,000
  • Google+ – 111,000,000
  • LinkedIn – 106,000,000

This clearly shows that a person might skip eating food or forget to have coffee, but they would not ignore checking their social media profiles. Under such circumstances, leading businesses like you can’t afford to stay behind in meeting these people on social media. And this where SMO comes in.

The SMO strategy should Focus on:

  • Platforms that have more users who are potential customers to the business.
  • Networks that have a deep penetration in the nations where your business runs.
  • More returns in lesser investments, or longer returns in larger investments.
  • Engagement with more interactive and attractive contents.

It might happen that new social media sites come up with the passage of time, with more robust and effective marketing strategies but these 7 networking sites have stood the test of time, gaining love from their users in the form of their rapidly increasing user base.

So, if you haven’t started with building your social media presence, you must start spending time with social media networks (if you intend to do the SMO yourself) or look out for an expert who has already cracked the action-reaction scenario of social media.

While it is equally important for established businesses to have a good social media presence, start-ups can boost their success with an expert SMO strategy by their side.

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