Video Marketing Is Too Big To Be Ignored by Smart Businesses

In a survey around 80% people said video, when asked what their preferred mode of learning anything through text, image or video would be.

In other words, where all forms of content – text, images, and video are available on the same web page, the majority would prefer to learn about a product or service through videos. This is a great hint to the acceptance of the new trend of video-based content consumption.

This is the big small change that is coming in the online world. The textual content was replaced by infographics, due to the wider and better communication it could do with the audiences. And now it is time for videos to replace those infographics by emerging as an even better mode of supplying information.

YouTube Video Marketing Company in India


Finding it difficult to believe? Well, if you might have been thinking that videos were only about cats playing in the courtyard, people singing covers and gamers sharing cheat codes, you will find it difficult. But if you have been quite active online, you will know what level video production is going on.

Best Marketing Tool Today

Undoubtedly videos have become the best marketing tool that any company could have. The very evident reason for this is the fact that customers are more interested to watch videos than to read text or to go through info graphics, when seeking any kind of information.
Also, the fact that audio-visuals are retained in a more better way by the human brain, adds more to the success of videos. A single video can be watched multiple times without being bored or tired. So, if the same video advertisement keeps flashing before the eyes of the customers, it creates a great impact on them.

Thirdly, our very own Google values videos over text and images. The websites that have videos embedded on their pages are 53% more likely to appear in searches, because they increase the time spent by user on the website and the engagement of the user. This is more because Google owns YouTube and it fetches data directly from there.

Everyone with a Smartphone Is a Customer

We must accept that online marketing is a must. The rapid technological advancement which has made each and every person buy and use a smartphone has made the global population come together and make the online marketplace larger than ever. In other words, everyone who has a smartphone today is a potential customer.

The main challenge that lies before the companies when they opt for online marketing is to find the channel through which they can easily, effectively and efficiently connect with their customers. In the early days of online marketing banner ads, side ads, popup ads, etc. served the purpose. But the online marketplaces have come a long way.

Customers have become more intelligent and more impatient, wanting to get answers to their queries or relevant information as quickly as possible. They would not prefer to read lengthy texts or decipher an infographic when they have an option to watch a video for the same. Since the interest of businesses or companies lies in the interest of the customers, using videos inside marketing became prevalent.

The customers unknowingly became aware of the brands, offers, announcements, etc. while watching videos. Whether they are sitting in the office, travelling or waiting for their food order, they can comfortably watch videos on their smart phone. Therefore,smart companies (like you) are focusing on video marketing strategies.

Video Marketing Strategy

Good companies have already realized the potential of videos and so they have based their marketing strategies on videos. They have assigned creative teams to make the best videos that connect with their customers because if it leaves an impression on the customers, it boosts the sales of their product or service.

Implement Video Inside Marketing

You might be wondering how does one implement video inside marketing. (And if you come to know, you will definitely throw those rubbish, old and outdated marketing methods away.) It is not difficult, but the perfection desires a lot of practice.
Here are 5 Video Marketing Trends that will dominate the online marketing strategies in 2018:

1. Video In Email
2. Video On Website
3. Live Videos On Social Media
4. Educational YouTube Videos
5. Video In Advertisements

But it is not as easy as it is to read. The framing of a good video content and marketing strategy requires a lot of efforts. Here are some of the points that become a deciding factor in the success of video-based marketing strategy.

1. If your audiences are largely viewing the video content through desktop devices, landscape videos will do. But if your majority audience is mobile, you must prefer portrait mode.
2. If you are sharing your videos on Facebook, you must add sub titles to it because 80% Facebook videos are watched without sound.
3. The length of videos should be carefully chosen as too long, or too short videos are not effective. Usually, length between 40 secs to 90 secs is a good one.
4. The content should bear value and be useful to the customer. If it is a purely promotional video, the chances of bouncing rate being high are high.
5. If the video is not engaging, the editing is poor, or footage is shaky, or sound quality is poor, the purpose remains unfulfilled. Or it makes the customer carry a poor impression.

These are some points that video advertising companies have a mastery at. They are doing video marketing every day and have an upper hand in providing better conversion rates with videos. It is advisable to seek their services if you are planning the encash the benefits of video marketing.

YouTube Marketing

The first name that comes to the mind when we talk about videos or even think about videos is YouTube. The website not only stores your video library but also makes it searchable by all YouTube users by the addition of keywords, title, and description.

According to another survey, 65% people made a purchase after watching a video. This implies that if they come to know what utility the product or service will provide them, they will purchase it.Your YouTube channel can therefore, be a very significant medium for video marketing.

You Tube Marketing India


Video marketing on YouTube can be done by making videos which answer the questions of the customers or educates them the desired manner. This is about the content. The Other important part of YouTube video marketing is optimisation for researchers performed on YouTube.

Just like Google YouTube also has its own algorithm which runs for all searches performed on YouTube. And as expected, because of the algorithm are unknown to the common public, optimizing becomes necessary. Adding tags and description makes your YouTube channel find potential customers in the form of people searching videos of that interest on YouTube.

But just like everyone doesn’t know how Google search engine works, only experts know how the videos on YouTube can appear more in the searches. This is where YouTube video marketing company comes into play. You would require these services to optimize your YouTube channel for the searches performed on YouTube and to build your reputation in the niche market.
They would also monitor the performances of the videos and frequently record their engagement. This would provide an analysis of the efforts done on YouTube.

Cost and Effectiveness

With the growing demand of videos in the online marketing tactics, the video marketing services have become affordable and widespread for all businesses. The video advertising company have the setup, tools, creativity and dedication that is required to grab eyeballs. They are expert in creating miracles of advertising at minimum cost.

However, many companies are setting up their in-house video marketing team as well. This might be because their needs for videos are quiet large and they want to design a theme oriented marketing strategy. In a broader perspective, this is possible and somewhat mandatory for sufficiently large organisations, for they have to manage their brand value and reputation as well.
But of you are a startup or medium level business, you can easily pick a video marketing agency to suffice desirable and cost effective results.


Smart businesses are no longer constraint to the pamphlets stuck on the walls or to the hoardings placed by the side of the roads or to the standees placed in the marketplaces. They have paired up with video marketing company to devise the best possible strategy for them.

They have understood that the best way to reach customers today is to step into what they like doing – where their interest lies. As watching videos has gained momentum this year, even you know what you must do.

For the best video advertising results, hire a video marketing agency and invest in video production. For your information, video advertisements have acquired the maximum portion of investments made by companies on their marketing strategies. It is no longer new. It is no longer old.

It is in trend. When are you going to start?

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