How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

Are you a small business owner serving in a particular locality? Is your business visible online? Do people search for your business online to reach you? Answers to these questions depend on another set of questions like what your business model is, what services you offer, and how do you want your local customers to find you.

So, when we are talking about local businesses and their online presence, Local SEO is something you need to boost your online visibility to be ahead of competitors in your neighborhood. If you rely on local customers to visit your store, shop, or restaurant, Local SEO can help them find you online through various practices.  

As now we have settled that your business needs Local SEO to target potential consumers in your neighborhood, it’s time to find out how much does local SEO costs and what factors define local SEO pricing.

How much do SEO companies charge for Local SEO?

Many factors determine the local SEO cost that can vary from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars per month as per your business needs. To implement the best local SEO practices, you will need professional SEO consultants and experts to determine the best campaigns for your business.

A local SEO company charges on the basis of different factors and parameters such as business niche, target area, audience size, services, competition, and end goals. The local SEO pricing varies from one business to another that also depends on your budget and marketing strategy. With the right effort and tactics, your local SEO partner can help you rank higher in local searches in different search engine results so that your potential consumers can easily find your business.

As there is not fixed how much does local SEO cost for their tactics, let’s break down the elements & factors that affect your local SEO cost.

Elements that include in Local SEO pricing

As we mentioned that local SEO pricing depends on your location, business niche, target audience, and your goals to rank you higher in Google Maps, Search results, and local directories to drive traffic to your store or business. For this, your local SEO partner uses the following variables to rank your business on different platforms and charge accordingly:

citations Local SEO Cost

Local citations

A local SEO company charges you to create and manage your citation listings that search engines like Google and Bing use to connect your business name, phone number, address. It is essential for local search engine optimization and map optimization so that your local customers can easily find you on the internet and reach you with appropriate details about your location and presence.

Contact page and local pages on your website

Contact page and local pages (based on products and services) of your website are an essential part of your local SEO tactics that are dedicated to showing your geographical location, address, and other contact details. Professional local SEO experts rank this page for the most relevant keywords targeting your business and location. The more local pages on your website mean you have to pay more for SEO services. Also, if your business is serving from different locations in your area, it can also increase your cost to implement local SEO practices.

Local link building

Like traditional SEO practices, link building is an important part of local SEO tactics too. Local SEO experts build authoritative links from local websites, e-magazines, and other resources. The SEO Company will charge you for each link building that will depend on the authority of the link. Usually, in a local SEO package, your company will include 4-5 local links for creating the authority of your website in local search results.

Content strategy

Content is an essential part of local SEO and, professional SEO experts will help you with your content marketing strategies to reach out to your audience. They will help you create engaging content such as blog posts, press releases, and web pages that are optimized for search results for higher rankings. You have to pay extra for your content marketing or you can hire freelance writers as per your requirements. But, your local SEO partner can help you with the quality content as they can easily connect your services and offerings with the right keywords in your content.

Google My Business Profile

Setting up and maintaining your Google My Business (GMB) profile is a key part of your local SEO practices. It helps you manage your online presence in Google with appropriate information about your business. Your SEO consultant will charge you monthly to manage your GMB profile and listings to optimize your presence in search results.


Reporting is an important part of SEO implementations that help you track and monitor the progress and status of the ongoing project. You can opt for weekly or monthly reporting and your SEO partner will charge accordingly to provide comprehensive local SEO reports as per your demands.  

What Factors affect your Local SEO cost?

The above elements are used to determine your local SEO pricing and it can vary from business to business. There are other factors that affect the cost of a Local SEO campaign. Each business requires unique local SEO strategies based on various factors that determine your SEO cost. Your SEO cost will be more if:

  • Your business niche is competitive and many players in your neighborhood are targeting higher ranking for the services similar to yours.
  • You are targeting local keywords with higher search volume in your area. It will require more effort to rank your business for those keywords.
  • You offer multiple local services or products and want to target each one of them in your local SEO tactics.
  • You are operating in a large geographical area or city and targeting a huge audience base to offer your services.
  • You are serving from more than one location. For this, you need to manage different addresses and contact information to target each location in your local SEO practices.

Now you know that there are several elements and factors that affect local SEO pricing in your region. You need to consider every factor in your strategy to determine your local SEO budget. It is an important investment that will improve your online visibility and boost the leads and sales to generate more profit in your business. Local SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy that brings continuous organic search results to your local business website or the contact page to let people know about your business.

While setting up a budget for your local SEO campaign, you should consider the popularity of your competitors in your region, how many services/products you offer, and if you have more than one business location. You can connect with professional SEO consultants to get some advice on your local SEO strategies as per your business goals.

Find Affordable Local SEO Pricing and Packages

If you have come this far, you already know how important local SEO is for your small business if you targeting a specific audience in your neighborhood to sell your services or products. Professional local SEO experts can help you rank your essential business and contact information so that a potential consumer can reach the physical location of your business or contact you via phone calls for your services.

At Media Search Group, we work with a team of qualified and professional SEO experts to help many local businesses with affordable local SEO packages as per their needs and goals. We understand that each business is unique and offer the best local SEO services as per their unique goals and target. Our experts can help you identify the elements and factors to decide on our local SEO pricing and budget to achieve the best results.

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