Instagram Advertising Can Help You Increase Your Business In 2018

 With over 1 million advertisers on Instagram, it is no surprise that when you log on to your Instagram profile, thinking of viewing the moments that your friends have shared, 2 in every 15 posts in your feed are sponsored. Also, that businesses are benefitting a lot from the Instagram advertising just as they are getting benefits of Facebook advertising.

200 million daily active users on Instagram Stories and 800 million active profiles exist on Instagram. The figures clearly show how vast an audience exists on Instagram and how businesses are utilizing this to gain a clutch over the online world. Not just this, since Instagram utilizes the visual form of communication, it has a very significant conversion rate. This yet again proves the dominance of social media in our everyday lives.

Here are top 5 reasons why Instagram is gripping our lives and becoming the apple of the eye of everyone.

1 – Instagram Has An Ever Increasing User Base

Every time you will check the user base, you will find an increased number for Instagram, with the growth rate faster than ever before. Another reason to consider Instagram advertising is the fact, that there is little competition. Most of the businesses haven’t started advertising on Instagram yet. You can take the advantage.

2 – Instagram Advertising Runs Purely On Mobile Devices

You must note here that Instagram advertisements run purely on the Instagram app and are not displayed to users who access their Instagram news feed through the desktop version. This gives another clear advantage for businesses who want App downloads on a mobile device or want to instigate users to use the downloaded mobile application in order to avail some recent offer.

3 – Instagram Is Best For Targeting Youth

Another catch here is to note that Instagram is more celebrated amongst the youth, who are infected with the selfie syndrome, and instant sharing. You might have a hard luck while running advertisements on Instagram for an adult audience. So, if you want to promote your products such as clothing attires, smartphones, etc. , you have a better chance with Instagram.

4 – Instagram Advertising Is Best For Driving Traffic Engagement

You would be astonished to know that on an average, users share more than 95 million photos and videos, which yield a total of about 4.2 billion likes in a single day. The engagement on the platform is visible from here itself, while you also have to acknowledge that the platform offers a lot of traffic engagement.

5 – Instagram Offers Least Bounding Back Rate

According to a study, website visitors from Instagram spend around 192 seconds on the website, which is more than 3 minutes, higher than that offered by any other social platform presently. This clearly shows that Instagram brings the most engaged traffic.

 “Instagram has been critical for brand exposure, dialogue with new and potential customers and being discovered by partners and retailers.”

Genevieve Monroe, CEO and Co-Founder, JACKSON AND HYDE

Now let us delve deeper into the subject of Instagram advertising and see how one can start Instagram advertising and what all it has to offer.

Instagram Advertising Is Linked With The Facebook Page

In the year 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion, for its own specific set of reasons. After the deal, Instagram and Facebook became closely linked, with Instagram content being directly shared to Facebook if the accounts were connected.

Most of the businesses operate a Facebook page today, in order to establish their brand presence. Instagram and Facebook do not only connect for content sharing, but also connect for advertising. Instagram advertisements are run through the Facebook ads manager, which means you need to connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook page to start running promotions on Instagram.

Create A Free Business Profile On Instagram

Instagram provides various avenues for businesses to enhance their presence and engage with their audience effectively. Instagram help center are vital resources for navigating the platform and resolving any issues that may arise.

Instagram has two types of profiles – Personal profiles and business profiles. In order to create a business profile, you need to create the account with your business email address, that corresponds to your business contacts and shows up in their suggestions.

The business profile also asks for the name and phone number. Ensure that the number you provide is linked with your business, to get maximum follow backs. Do not miss on to maximize the exposure of your account through the tools that Instagram has provided.

Instagram also has an option to create an Instagram page for your business, analogous to the Facebook page that you already operate. This can be done by connecting your Instagram profile with the already existing Facebook page.

Divert Your Users To Your Website

Instagram happens to be one of the most popular channels among the people who are gaining pace with the digital world. If your business profile crosses 1000 followers, two very significant Instagram features get unlocked. The first of them is the feature of adding your website link or latest URL in your Instagram story. If the users swipe up through the Instagram story, they get directed to the link.

The second feature that gets unlocked is the option to view the business profile or the website by swiping a sponsored post right. Your paid audience can follow you if they find your sponsored post interesting by just swiping. Also, they can find your contact information from the profile bio and take an action.

Variety Of Advertisements Run On Instagram

Just like Facebook, Image ads, Video ads, Carousel ads and Slideshow ads can be run on Instagram. Another important thing to note is that 100% users on Instagram operate through mobile devices, with more than 80% users operating from outside of the United States.

The various types of ads run on Instagram are as follows:

  1. Photo Adverts

Simple, clean and beautiful photo posts in square or landscape format can be boosted to reach a wide audience. People can like, as well as comment on the post, and visit the profile to get into knowing you better.

  1. Video Adverts

Visually impressive video adverts, with the added power of sight, sound and motion are exceptionally successful formats for converting clients. Videos of 60 seconds can be run in adverts in square and landscape format.

  1. Carousel Adverts

Adding a layer of depth to advertising campaigns, enabling the people to swipe left and view additional photos or videos in a single advert, can be much more advantageous as it can convey much more information.

  1. Stories Adverts

Attention-grabbing stories on the top of the Instagram news feed can be an interesting way to fetch eyeballs. You can connect with over 250 million people using stories daily, with this feature.

Explore The Targeting Options On Instagram

Just like Facebook, Instagram also provides targeting options. You can either choose your own customized audience or allow Instagram to suggest an audience for you, based on the audiences used by similar businesses in your genre. Targeting helps you to reach the people who matter to you the most.

The various targeting options available on Instagram are –

  • Location – Based on counties, regions, cities, etc. that point to a specific location.
  • Demographics – Based on age, gender and languages of the users.
  • Interests – Based on preferred applications, adverts clicked and accounts followed by users.
  • Behaviors – Based on activities performed by users on and off Instagram and Facebook.
  • Custom Audiences – Based on the already built lists of email addresses or phone numbers that you have.
  • Lookalike Audiences – Based on the analogous traits of your existing audience.

Monitor The Insights Of Ongoing Promotions

Just like Facebook, Instagram allows its users to view the results of the promotional campaigns run on Instagram. One can always extract the actionable information about the promoted posts and find out which posts are resonating better than others, all from within the mobile app, to create better relevant and engaging contents in the future.

The insights are also helpful to analyze the posts that are performing best while not boosted. These posts can be promoted from the app itself, to reach out to a larger group of people and encourage them to take an action.

Instagram Is A Platform Worth Investing In

At present, Instagram Advertising is an unexplored segment of the digital world and is a little costlier than Facebook advertising. Yet, it has a lot of potentials as it is incorporating updated features every day which the businesses are utilizing for gaining customers.

The easiest part of it is that Instagram adverts can be run directly from the Facebook Ads Manager. You don’t need to sit and manage two different ad accounts all day. Moreover, it is very similar to Facebook advertising in all respects. Many “Social Media Marketing Companies” offers Instagram advertising management services.


One cannot deny the fact that Instagram will soon be cluttered with advertisers, raising the amount of competition that exists on it. The smart move would be to establish your brand presence on Instagram today itself so that it pays back in the future.

Be the smart businesses!

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