What are Toxic Backlinks and how can they affect your Website?

Links that Google’s algorithm perceive as adding no value to the website and are seen as created with the sole purpose of boosting ranking of the site are considered toxic links. They can decrease search rankings as much as good backlinks can improve them.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Dec-10-2014 |  Comments: 457 | Views:  3816

Are You Advertising on Bing, Yet?

No matter which Metrics you are looking at- Ad Impressions, Cost Per Click, Ad Rank or Exclusive Audiences, Bing is increasingly offering some very compelling reasons to advertise. Less competition for ad position, in addition offers a great opportunity to advertisers to optimize search results.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Dec-05-2014 |  Comments: 6130 | Views:  18345

Unfurling the Truth behind Latest Penguin Update!

With people waiting for next Penguin update, Oct 17,’2014 became the date to observe the roll out of the latest ‘Penguin Refresh; Penguin 3.0’ worldwide. Though, the roll out started, Google confirmed it quite later that Google has actually started rolling out its Penguin Refresh. It was clear that, it was a “r…

Posted By- Media Search Group | Nov-26-2014 |  Comments: 866 | Views:  4435

How to Maximize Sales this Holiday Season

When planned correctly, the holiday season can witness improved sales of most businesses. Here is a handy guide of strategies to adopt to give your sales a boost this holiday season. From focusing on your best selling products to inventory planning, this guide covers it all.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Nov-19-2014 |  Comments: 6 | Views:  1775

Looking Back at 10 Years of Firefox

Firefox is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an exciting new release that puts control directly in the hands of users.These new features get a huge thumbs up from users as they address very important privacy concerns while also adding to the great user experience.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Nov-14-2014 |  Comments: 3 | Views:  1749

Penguin 3.0- Google Releases First Penguin Update in over a Year!

Penguin 3.0, Google’s first update in the last one year, is one of the most awaited refreshes. While it is early to know what percentage of search engine queries will be affected, web masters have been making conspicuous changes to websites in its anticipation.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Oct-20-2014 |  Comments: 5 | Views:  2010

Effects of Social Media in Changing Our Lives

With the ubiquitous role played by social media both in personal and professional lives, it is safe to say that virtually no aspect of our life is unaffected by social media. From ease of personal connection to learning from entertainment to marketing, its impact has been all-pervasive.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Oct-17-2014 |  Comments: 3 | Views:  2216

Add Interactive Polls to Your Posts on Google Plus

A natural corollary of Google’s investment in Polar, an online polling start up comes the polling feature on Google+. If you want to crowd source opinion on a new product feature all you need to do is create a poll with as many as 5 options and compelling pictures.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Oct-14-2014 |  Comments: 370 | Views:  4805

Hit by Panda 4.1 update? Here are quick ways to recover

The latest update, Panda 4.1 launched by Google intends to penalize poor content while rewarding sites with high quality content. The algorithm therefore seeks to increase rankings of small sites with high quality content while lowering rankings of sites with poor content.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Oct-04-2014 |  Comments: 724 | Views:  3776

Panda 4.1 -Google’s 27th Panda Update – Is Rolling Out

Google is set to roll out its 27th Panda update. Panda 4.1, the improved Panda algorithm aims to allow sites with quality content to rank high and penalize “thin” content from ranking well. Reportedly, 3% to 5% of queries are expected to be be affected by this update.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Sep-26-2014 |  Comments: 12 | Views:  2220

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