How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Digital Marketing and Shaping Its Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the future of digital marketing industry and there is no doubt about it. Here, the question is – what does this future hold? AI has the power to make our lives simpler and better. When AI is integrated more closely with digital marketing, it can further help marketers by making suggestions, guiding decisions, identifying patterns, predicting trends, and automating processes. All of this empowers digital marketers to deliver more personalized experiences and gain even higher customer satisfaction. In fact, AI-enabled digital marketing has already taken a significant hold in the industry.

If you want to succeed as a digital marketer or grow your business further in the future, you must stay updated with the current and anticipated AI trends.

Today, we will discuss how AI is transforming the face of digital marketing, what AI tools you should know about, how AI is going to make a change for good in the future, and how to implement AI digital marketing in your business. But, before that, let us define what artificial intelligence exactly means.  

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence that is simulated through software powered with advanced techniques, such as Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). With the use of AI technology, we can empower machines to think, respond, and carry out certain tasks like humans. What’s more interesting, this technology also enables a machine to self-learn from its previous experiences and deliver results based on adjusted input. Even though AI is in its initial stage now, it is providing impressive results and showing the potential for immense growth in almost every area of life.  

Since AI digital marketing is more than about personalizing marketing experience, let’s check out how AI is changing the face of digital marketing.

How Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforming the Today’s World of Digital Marketing?

AI-enabled devices, tools, and virtual assistants have already reached the homes of common people. Most probably, you might have also used AI in daily life in various ways, such as using voice search, language translation with Google Translate, talking to your smart speakers such as Alexa and Siri, correcting your grammar through Grammarly, getting your answers through chatbots, and the list goes on.

For a quick view, here are a few ways how AI is helping digital marketers and businesses:

  • Analyze the audience better by understanding their shopping behavior, search pattern, and way of interaction with your site
  • Personalize communication on an individual level instead of a generic group level
  • Determine the price dynamically depending on a product’s demand, availability, customer profiles, and other factors.
  • Reduce the workload and ensure a faster response to customers through chatbots
  • Providing better experience to searchers by helping them find what they need
  • Improve SEO and site traffic by optimizing content for voice search
  • Optimize ads for social media and other platforms based on conversions and interactions
  • Generate content to ensure a personalized experience for everyone
  • Enhance productivity by saving time and resources and automating repetitive tasks and processes
  • Boost return on investment (ROI) by helping you reach the right audience with deals they want

According to a study, 84 percent of businesses believe that AI will help them sustain or obtain a competitive advantage. Consequently, brands and marketers are now relying on AI digital marketing to save time and resources and achieve better results.

Is AI Really Acting as a Powerful Catalyst in Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing?

Need proof? Let’s take a closer look at the growing importance of AI with some real-world examples.

Real-World Examples of the Extensive Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Google Search is the world’s most used search engine that handles more than 3.5 billion searches every single day and holds around 92 percent share of the global search engine market. Google has started using AI in its RankBrain algorithm several years ago and developed the BERT model based on ML, NLP, and AI after some time to enhance the understanding queries along with their contexts. Now, it is bringing the AI-powered Multitask Unified Model (MUM) to take Google’s capability of understanding information to the next level and deliver a unique and personalized experience to users with complex voice search (and also text) queries the best way.

Amazon is another renowned market player that has sprawled its roots not only in e-commerce but cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Along with Alexa, it has also developed Amazon Personalize to offer highly customized recommendations to its customers across retail, media, and entertainment industries. In fact, the company has restructured itself to leverage the power of AI in every part of the organization.

Apart from these two giant companies, various big companies such as Alibaba, Apple, and Microsoft and around 37 percent of small businesses are already harnessing the power of AI in one or another way. When AI is being used by so many big and small companies at present, it is bound to shape the future of digital marketing in more ways than you can imagine.

If you haven’t taken AI digital marketing seriously till now, you must think again about it.

 Here are some eye-opening statistics based on AI shared by Semrush:

  • The global AI market is projected to reach market value of $190.61 billion by 2025.
  • 51 percent of eCommerce players had already implemented AI across sales, marketing, and customer service departments and more businesses are thinking of implementing AI in the future.
  • 75 percent of executives fear that they will go out of business if they don’t scale to AI soon.

All these figures indicate that AI has already taken strong hold across various industries, including digital marketing. Now, when you know AI digital marketing is certainly the future and you can’t ignore it in the upcoming years, it’s time to think about implementing it in your business.

For implementing AI digital marketing, first, you should know some of the top AI Tools that will improve your digital marketing exponentially.

List of Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing That You Should Start Using Today

As the digital marketing industry is undergoing a huge transformation with the advent of AI technology, many companies have launched various kinds of AI tools. Though new AI tools will continue to emerge in the future, you can choose from some of the top AI tools that can help you with digital marketing for now.

  1. Phrasee – to write better-personalized subject lines that match your brand message
  2. Optimail – to generate more meaningful insights around email engagement and personalize email campaigns to entice customers in a way that affect your bottom line
  3. Drift – to enhance your conversational marketing and make buying process easier for your customers
  4. Grammarly Business – to increase your team’s productivity, eliminate errors, improve word choice, and save time
  5. Cortex – to understand marketing content and see how consumers will react to that content
  6. HubSpot SEO – to help you discover and rank for topics that most people are searching for and get suggestions for related subjects
  7. Crayon – to automatically capture your competitors’ movements in real-time
  8. Pattern89 – to get an idea of creative performance before you run ads
  9. Google Cloud – to benefit from fast, scalable, and easy to use AI offerings including AI platform and video & image analysis

Perks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) That Are Changing the Digital Marketing Industry for Good

With AI tools, digital marketers can easily identify trends and use them in their favor. AI improves the decision-making process by giving marketers optimal clarity and thereby helps recognize their target audience, create campaigns, and allocate budgets accordingly. By integrating AI into the core of your business advertising and marketing strategy, you can boost your sales and save money.

So, if you see it from a bigger perspective, AI has a positive impact on scalability, sustainability, cost-cutting, and productivity. When used the right way, AI will only help the world become a better place.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of AI in the digital marketing world:

  • Helps provide real-time support to your customers and be available for them always
  • Enables you to track your consumers’ behavior in real-time
  • Allows you to build brand awareness and improve relationships
  • Helps you get accurate and clear predictions of trends and insights on the success of campaigns
  • Empowers you to leverage the power of IoT to enhance user experience
  • Helps you make necessary recommendations for your customers
  • Anticipates the actions of your consumers based on previous searches, time spent on your website, their locations, and more

How to Implement AI in Your Organization’s Digital Marketing

With AI digital marketing, marketing agencies and businesses around the world can dramatically change the way they find, help, and interact with their clients and customers. Using different AI-powered tools and techniques, they can attract new customers, retain existing ones, drive relevant traffic, and increase sales significantly.

Here is how you can apply AI-based digital marketing in your business:

  1. Interact through Chatbots

Chatbots give you a great way to interact with your customers and answer their most common and simple queries without the help of human staff. These days, chatbots are nothing less than virtual assistants for consumers. Once you integrate the functionality of chatbots into your website, emails, apps, and text messages, they will help your brand engage with your customers any time of the day. Did you know chatbots can collect leads when you are on a holiday with your family and even while you are asleep?

  • Provide Personalized Recommendations

Just like Amazon and various other e-commerce brands, you can also provide personalized recommendations to your customers by using AI. Besides, being familiar with your consumers’ buying habits, you can create better digital marketing strategies. So, if you are also an eCommerce business or you offer a wide range of products on your business website, don’t wait anymore to leverage the predictive analysis done by AI tools.

  • Enhance Your Customers’ Shopping Experience

AI digital marketing can help you experiment with different versions of your ads and marketing campaigns to improve the shopping experience. Instead of browsing product images, people can try products through augmented reality (AR) combined with the power of AI before buying them. By launching an app based on AR and AI, you can enable your customers to visualize actually using your products.  

  • Smart advertising campaigns

Any advertising campaign becomes successful only when you can reach the right audience. With AI tools designed for digital marketing, you can better identify your target audience, collect user data, analyze previous shopping patterns, and predict the future behavior of consumers. Then, you can use all these insights to create advertising campaigns within minimum time.   

  • Create Websites with AI Website Builders

AI-powered website builders can help businesses and professionals design attractive websites depending on the collected user data and interaction with your content. Everything right from colors to content blocks to landing pages, everything can be taken care of with AI tools. Though AI-powered website builders are still in their early stages, you can expect them to be more advanced and sophisticated in the coming years.


As the use of AI is becoming more prevalent, it is inspiring more traditional marketers and businesses to contemplate whether they would like to be run over by this powerful technology or invest in AI digital marketing to take a competitive advantage. There have been various examples of popular and established brands such as Nokia, Kodak, Xerox, Yahoo, and Blackberry that did not adapt to the emerging trends and eventually reduced to a size that, now, no one even bothers to consider them as their option.

When you are in the industry, it’s your ability to adapt that keeps you afloat and alive. Those who fear that too much change will turn away their customers fail much sooner than expected. So, get ready to transform your marketing strategies and customer experience for the better. It’s the best time to integrate AI tools with your digital marketing strategy. When used the right way, AI technology can work wonders for your business.

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