Top Free YouTube Competitor Research Tools Revealed

YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, where creators and brands create videos and reach wider audiences.

YouTube has almost 2.7 billion monthly active users and 51% of users visit YouTube daily. For YouTube, you have to create content that will fulfil the needs of your customers and according to what your customer wants to consume.

This is where YouTube analytics comes in the light; it will provide you with in-depth insights into video or channel performance. It will help you in making further decisions and inform you about your improvement areas.

In this blog, we will share the best tools for competitive analysis, that will help everyone create their content effectively.


Why We Need YouTube Competitor Research Tools

If you want to make an identity of your business and grow massively, you have to understand your current position in the market and what are the areas that need changes.

That is why you need to use YouTube competitor analysis tools that will give you full-fledged analytics of your channel and ideas to plan further steps.


Here are some reasons why you should use YouTube competitor research tools that can be beneficial for you:

Understanding your audience 

Your audience is the main base around which you design your whole content. You have to decide what types of videos are appealing to your audience because of that you will be able to create highly engaging content.

The more you produce the types of videos your customers like, the better your channel will grow. YouTube competitor research tools can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your audience’s likes and dislikes.

These tools will show you metrics like views, impressions, average view duration, likes, and many more. This can give you an idea of which types of videos impact large audiences and which ones do not appeal to them.

You can also use YouTube competitor tools to gain audience insights like their demographics, active percentage, what other channels they watch, and many more. This will give important information that can improve overall channel performance.

Assessing your channel performance

You can use YouTube research tools to understand how your channel is performing overall.

You can see YouTube analytics metrics such as how users found your content, how many subscribers you have, how many likes you have gained for a particular video, which content format performs best, and how many people watch your videos daily.

Having an overview of your channel will help you understand your position in the market. You can also compare your current performance with your previous performance and calculate how much your channel improves.

You can track the overall growth of your channel and how well it is connected with the target audiences.

Evaluate influencers for a campaign

Many brands and business owners want to reach wider audiences so they plan to work with influencers. For this, YouTube research tools can provide you with different insights to make selections for influencers.

This is an important step in the process of selecting an influencer for a marketing campaign. Right influencers can bring new heights to your channel.

Through the YouTube analysis tool, you can examine metrics of influencers’ channels such as how many fake followers they have, what their average engagement rate is, and what their target audiences are. It can also show you how safe an influencer is for your brand based on the number of content that is offensive or negative. 

Top Free YouTube Competitor Research Tools

There are several free YouTube competitor research tools present in the market that are powerful and effective.


Let us explore some of the best free YouTube competitor research analytics tools:

1. YouTube Analytics

This is one of the best tools that provide you with overall YouTube analytics about your channel. It will give you all the important metrics you need to know about your channel and video content.

You can easily get a count of your updated subscribers in real-time, which means you have access to every updated information of your channel.

  • First, you see the “Overview” section showing overall views, watch time, and subscriber count changing over a specific period. This high-level overview is a great way to have an idea about your performance that changes from time to time.




  • Then under the “Content” tab, you can evaluate metrics such as your views over the past month, how viewers find you, impressions, and how they led to watch time. This will help you to understand how your channel is performing in terms of gaining views and attracting audiences.
  • Then you have the “Audience” tab, where you will be able to see different metrics such as how many new viewers have been attracted to your channel and how many are coming back to your channel.



  • YouTube Analytics provides you with “Research” tools that will help you optimize your content development efforts. You can also use the built-in keyword research strategy to understand how many people are searching for the same term on YouTube.




YouTube Analytics also shows the time when your audience is active more on YouTube, which is useful for planning a publishing strategy.

Other important metrics include watch time, other channel videos your audience watches, age and gender, top geographies, and, top subtitles. Using these valuable insights, you can optimize your YouTube marketing strategies.

2. VidIQ




VidIQ is one of the leading and most powerful YouTube analytics tools in the market that will provide insights for video content creators and business owners who want to reach high. It has a basic analytics plan, which is available for free, so it is a great option for creators who are beginners and don’t have a high budget.

VidIQ provides you with all the essential tools that are useful for you in creating content. This will provide you with trending ideas that inspire your content creation, which uses AI to analyze other channels similar to yours.

It also offers effective auditing features for your channel to see the number of subscribers gained and the increase or decrease in views.

This tool gives you suggestions on which areas need improvement based on what’s working and what’s not. For instance, these suggestions may include adding custom thumbnails, including your videos in a playlist, and publishing a certain type of content each week.


VidIQ Competitors


3. Social Blade

Social Blade is an effective social media analytics platform that offers important analytics for your YouTube channel. This tool is free of cost and provides you with comprehensive performance metrics on a higher level.


Social Blade


Its best part is not just limited to analyzing your channel but also analyzing other YouTube channels. You can easily put any YouTube channel name in the search bar that you want to analyze and get valuable insights about its performance.

The tool presents an overview in front of you regarding the number of uploads, subscriber count, views, channel type, and country of each channel. It also ranks the channel based on its performance in terms of subscriber count and video views.

Social Blade gives a rating for the channel based on its overall performance across the platform’s database. This tool helps you to understand where your competitors or potential influencers are currently standing.

This tool also analyzes how your subscriber count and views are growing on a weekly and monthly basis. It shows you channels that are creating similar content as yours so; you can find your competitor’s main ranking factors.

Moreover, the Social Blade provides you with a video-level overview of how the channel’s content is performing in terms of views, likes, ratings, comments, and earnings. So, you can analyze your competitor’s best-performing content and make changes in your content according to it.

4. TubeBuddy




TubeBuddy is a type of browser extension that solely aims to provide YouTubers with the tools they need to grow their channels across the globe. Here, you can research any topic ideas for video content and optimize your content according to your needs. It will manage your channel and do competitor analysis in detail.

If you want to grow and make a place for your YouTube channel in the long run, you need to opt for the right tools. TubeBuddy is one of the top tools that will help you to improve with each video you upload.

TubeBuddy provides affordable features that lead your channel to growth, and also you can access many helpful insights.


TubeBuddy offers a basic plan in a free version with many key features like:

  • “Competitor analysis” helps in providing valuable insights about tags, keywords, and audience demographics and helps in understanding competitor’s strategies and performance.
  • “Video A/B testing” helps you in optimizing your content such as testing of video thumbnails and titles to determine the most effective options.
  • “Bulk processing tool” will help in optimizing and managing your video and allow bulk editing of video descriptions, titles, and, tags.
  • The “Videolytics” tool offers in-depth insights into competitors’ videos so that you can keep track of competitor’s performance.
  • “Health report” analyzes the health of your channel and suggests crucial improvements that you need to do immediately.
  • “Channel milestones” help in tracking channel growth and achievements.
  • “Revenue reports” will help in providing data about revenue generation and trends.

5. YT Tracker

YT Tracker can give real-time YouTube video or channel analytics to Google Sheets for users. You have to just enter the link of your channel to the first column of the sheet, then it will track all the essential elements.


YT Tracker


YT Tracker is fast in tracking as it uses YouTube Data APIs to analyze data. It exports 1000 video details in approx. 57 seconds.

If you have a YouTube channel, you need proper and detailed analytics for your channel and other channels. So, you can easily opt for this tool as your channel will be much more productive with YT Tracker.

  • You will get your own and competitor’s channel analytics.
  • You can view all thumbnails of the tracked videos in one place.
  • You can count subscribers using a scheduled update configuration.


There are some features of the YT Tracker that you must know before opting for this tool:

  • It will export statistics from any public YouTube channel.
  • It can export all important data in real-time.
  • It can automatically refresh numbers periodically in the background.
  • It will export all videos uploaded by any other channel to a sheet.

6. MorningFame




Morningfame is a great analytics and optimization tool designed specifically for YouTube. It aims to help YouTubers grow their channels in the market by providing data-driven insights and analytics for improving their video content and performance.


Here are the main features of MorningFame:

  • Video analytics:

Morningfame offers a detailed analysis of every specific video. It provides data on views, watch time, audience stability, click-through rates, likes, comments, and shares. It helps creators and brands to understand how their videos are performing in the market.

  • Keyword research:

This tool helps in researching keywords and tags that work great for every video. It only suggests relevant YouTube search keywords that could improve a video’s visibility in YouTube search results.

  • Competition analysis:

Morningfame allows creators to analyze their competitors’ channels and videos. By understanding what’s working for similar channels, creators and brands can adapt effective and successful strategies to gain insights into the competitive landscape.

  • Tracking progress and goals:

While making a YouTube channel, creators set goals and track their progress using this tool. This feature helps in understanding whether the channel is growing in the current world and achieving its target or not.


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When you create videos for your channel and research on YouTube, it is important to take the help of different tools to understand your performance and areas that need improvement.

It will help you in gathering comprehensive insights into your competitors’ multiple strategies and performance. Always keep an eye on the updates and on latest information that these tools have from time to time. User reviews for the most up-to-date and relevant options.

These YouTube competitors’ research tools are beneficial for a brand that is considering YouTube as a market or a creator who wants to grow their channel.

Choosing the right search volume on YouTube will improve and strengthen your strategies. You will gain valuable and in-depth insights into your current performance to analyze your overall performance and position.

Further, you can develop your content according to those insights to connect better with your target audience and provide them with relevant content.


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