The Most Globally Searched Keywords on YouTube 2024

YouTube has been one of the most searched platforms on search engines over the years. This shows its reach and influence on people worldwide. It is also one of the main sources of entertainment and information in the world. 

About 2.70 billion people use YouTube per month worldwide. This, also means that the top searched keywords on YouTube give us a gateway into the collective interests of millions of people. This search volume of YouTube keyword data helps us uncover the most trending keywords on YouTube.  

Let’s see the top YouTube search queries worldwide.


Source: Statista


Trending Searched Keywords on YouTube

To know the trends, here are some lists of the most popular search trends worldwide on YouTube.

The Top 50 YouTube Searches in the World 

Overview of the most searched keywords on YouTube worldwide

According to the list mentioned above, ASMR is the most searched keyword on YouTube globally around 40.4m monthly searches. 

Following that with 26.1m  next most searched term is Mr. Beast. He is a YouTuber with a super 172 million potential subscribers more than any other individual creator in the world. 

At number 3 is Lofi called low fidelity music, known to enhance focus while doing any kind of work and reduce stress, adding to the factor that people are seeking ways to manage anxiety and stress. 

NBA was the most searched sport-related term coming in 6th place, this has nearly 16m searches. Then comes a non-youtuber Andrew Tate in 7th place, he is a controversial figure this year, who was the most searched person with 13.1m searches. Shakira was at number 8 with 12m searches. 

Ukraine was the 9th most searched thing on YouTube with 11.6m searches, which shows the world is still keenly following the war in Ukraine.

The UFC and WWE were the next most popular search terms at number 13 and 15.

Rising YouTube Creators

The top 50 keyword searches are full of YouTube creators.  20 alone feature popular YouTubers like Sidemen, markiplier, pewpiedie, and penguinz0, and they make up a huge percentage of the total top 50 searches. 

The Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Legacy, came out in February and it was the 23rd most searched term with 8.12 m volume. 

Taylor Swift was at number 31, getting almost 45.4m total searches. She is a famous pop Queen who has taken this world with her songs.

Famous football team Arsenal was the most searched-for sports team on YouTube at 39th position with 6.60 m volume. 

The Top 50 YouTube Searches in the USA (United States of America)

The Top 50 YouTube Searches in the UK (United Kingdom)

The Top 50 YouTube Most Searched Keywords in India 

The Top 20 YouTube Searches in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Key points on Search Behavior of YouTube

  • People usually turn on YouTube for informational content that would help them in daily life. Informational content includes tutorials, guides, reviews, and educational videos. 

For Example: If someone wants to buy a phone, then they will most likely look on YouTube for its review video which includes its features, quality, and Price. 

  • Almost every user uses YouTube for entertainment purposes. YouTube is the biggest platform for entertainment. Every movie trailer, song trailer, and web series trailer is released on YouTube. They search for content like music albums, movies, vlogs, and gaming videos. 
  • People also search for content related to their hobbies, which include crafting, painting, cooking, home décor, clay portraits, ASMR, and many more. 

For example:  If a person has participated in a painting competition and wants to learn about the tricks, they simply search on YouTube about different types of methods used in paintings. 

  • YouTube contains a large number of news-related channels. Almost every TV news channel is also present on the YouTube platform. That’s why YouTube has become a huge source of news and current events happening in the world.  You can check this by seeing the table of top keywords for YouTube in India in which  Aaj Tak Live is on the top. This includes local news, events, and business. 


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Emerging Trends of YouTube in 2024

  •  The trend that is going on nowadays is short-form video. The popularity of short-form video content has grown rapidly because of its shorter duration. This includes content related to music, dance, crafting, and reviews. 
  • Live Streaming is also increasingly popular, with different creators using it for real-time engagement, Q&A sessions, gaming sessions, and events.
  • Some creators only make specialized content for specific audiences like bike racing videos, wildlife videos, science experiment videos, and many more. Many also include AI (artificial intelligence) videos for immersive experiences that are becoming more relevant. 
  • People use YouTube for educational purposes as well which covers a wide range of topics, from science, politics, history, self-improving, career guidance, and finance-related content, that have seen massive growth. This also includes eco-friendly and sustainability content that helps increase environmental awareness among people. 
  • Youtubers, who have huge popularity are collaborating with other YouTuber creators to gain more market share on the platforms and reach out to the bigger audiences. This will help effectively in building up the trust with subscribers for your channel. 

It is very important to keep updated with current trends that help in creating the most engaging and amazing content possible for the audiences. You will be giving exactly what your audience wants from your content. So, keep track of trending keywords, events, and most viewed content and come up with the latest development to become more engaged with target audiences. 


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Some YouTube Statistics of 2024 

YouTube is the world’s second most-visited website after Google with  2.70 billion active users worldwide.  The most popular categories on YouTube are songs, gaming, entertainment, educational, and news. The top 50 most searched terms on YouTube of different countries are a mix of popular songs, music artists, YouTubers, gaming channels, and general interests.

Let’s look at some statistics about YouTube: 

  • According to Statista, here are the top 20 countries by the number of YouTube users
  • 92% of people use video streaming platforms to gather information and knowledge. 
  • Nearly $35 million of YouTube revenue comes from the United States of America. 
  • T-Series is the most popular Indian YouTube channel with 273 million subscribers.  


There is no doubt that YouTube is growing very rapidly and after Google, YouTube has become the most website popular easily in the world. With this information, you can easily understand the evolving nature of YouTube. Marketers can easily get their hands on current trends that influence global audiences by analyzing real-user YouTube search data.

From looking at the top 50 YouTube keyword searches worldwide here, we have witnessed what type of videos people usually watch on YouTube. These lists provide us with vast data on people’s different search behaviors. 

Through this keyword data, one thing is clear: emotionally led, authentic content is the key to building genuine and long-lasting connections with a target audience. 

Also, keep in mind that YouTube trends are changing year by year, so content creators and marketers must stay updated with the latest developments. By this, they can easily get engaged with their target audience. 

Hopefully, this blog helps you to find out the most searched keywords for video marketing in the year 2024.  


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