How to Get Your Brand New Website Popular Easily?

Recently updated: January 5th, 2019

As a startup or a new business idea, there are plenty of things that keep on raising a lot of thoughts in our mind. From management to accounts, from human resources to execute, a lot of things keep on revolving in the mind. With all this, there is an insecurity – if or not the business idea will be successful.


This insecurity can be eased out with the following 10 steps, the guide to getting the brand-new website popular easily.


How to Get Your Brand New Website Popular

The very first thing that businesses should have in mind when they choose to start is getting their website constructed. Just as an office is important to establish the offline presence of the business, a website is important to establish the online presence of the business.

In a digital era, you really can’t afford to miss on not having a website and starting your business. It has acquired importance as an identification of something really authentic and genuine.

So, to all the budding startup ideas and emerging businesses, hire a professional website development team and get your website constructed.

  • Get Your Website Ranked

Once the website gets constructed, the second thing that the businesses must focus is on is getting the website ranked. The major challenge is to get your brand-new website ranked on Google. The reason for such a need is very clear as people tend to Google for everything these days. If you are not there on Google, you are not there before your customers.

Also, if you have got yourself ranked on Google, you must then focus on getting yourself ranked on other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. So, to all the brand-new website owners, hire an expert for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and get your website ranked easily.

  • Target Long Tail Keywords

There is a popular confusion in the online world that the work of SEO stops once the website gets ranked. The third very important thing to get footsteps moving to your brick and mortar store or office is perhaps the maintenance of the ranking for the most relevant keywords.

Keyword targeting is very important but short ta keywords have become very competitive and hence people no longer rely on them for their searches.

For maintaining your ranking, the brand-new websites must target long that keywords that are more specific to the products or services that they provide.

You can understand it better with the following example. A person who searches for ‘SEO services’ gets a variety of results and is unable to make a choice.

(This is a short tail keyword, hence very competitive.) If the person refines the search terms to ‘SEO services in India’, he gets a more oriented search result and is able to make a quick decision. (This is a long tail keyword, hence very specific.)

So, ask your SEO experts to focus on more specific (long tail) keywords and increase your impressions.

  • Boost Your CTR

Once you start getting impressions in the search results, the next major challenge is increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR). The more your website gets visitors, the more likely it is to help you gain business. CTR is defined as the number of clicks earned divided by the number of impressions earned in the search results.

A high CTR is characterized by a good search result description, a keyword oriented title and a promising website.

Associated with this are the terms user engagement and bouncing rate. If your website is able to make the user stay on the website for a longer period of time, your website ranking also goes up.

This is because Google considers the sites with higher CTR as trustworthy sites. So, you must aim to boost your CTR at all possible costs and increase your trust value in the eyes of Google.

  • Prevent Bouncing Back Of Visitors

Having a good CTR brings along the responsibility of preventing the visitors from bouncing back. Bouncing back means the user clicks the back button or closes the website due a poor user experience.

This can happen due to a wide variety of reasons which include long page loading time, the irrelevancy of the content, 404 error page, broken links, etc.

Your website should not only be responsive and mobile friendly but also it must have convenient navigation options, especially those including the process for orders and payments, subscriptions, contacting etc.

The easier user interfaces you provide, the lower bouncing rate you have. So, ask your website managers to maintain an easy going and interactive website.

  • Publish Testimonials On Website

As a brand-new website, you would be least focused on connecting testimonials. To your amazement, Google considers websites with testimonials, client reviews and product reviews, more trustworthy than other websites in the same niche.

The latest algorithm update of Google has incorporated this feature.So, by publishing the testimonials on the website, you bifurcate a lot of competition.

  • Establish Social Media Presence

Once all this is done, you must go for building your social media presence. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Twitter etc. have become powerful mediums of fetching customers to the businesses. Since you are a new business, you can’t afford to miss this.

Instead of investing in traditional methods of advertising, you can invest in social media promotions and take your business growth to another level.

If you see it all together, each social media profile becomes an online address to your business.

You now just don’t have a website but 10 other ways to get customers and also to go for advertising. Also, social media sharing can bring untargeted customers. So, hire good social media managers to lessen your workload.

  • Run A Blog

One of the least thought about things by a brand-new website owner is running a blog. The popularity of the blog, which gets updated on a sequential basis, indirectly improves the popularity of your website. Also, it acts as a great source of fetching visitors to your website.

After reading the blogs, there are great chances that the visitor might go through the rest of the information on the website and make a call to action.

In fact, if you promote your blog, you can indirectly promote your brand. The better your blog’s relevance to your website, the more the popularity soars.

You can team up with influential bloggers of your niche and run a very successful blog.

  • Manage Offline Services Efficiently

Last but not the least, the service that a person gets in return of making a call to action on a particular website is the most crucial thing. It is the deciding factor that earns you user satisfaction and hence, mouth to mouth publicity.

You seriously can’t pay anyone for the mouth to mouth promotion that they do, but you actually can’t survive without that, It is the way that spreads your brand name just like fire.

Offline services such as product delivery, maintenance, servicing, etc. should be done on time and in an efficient manner. If any of these things lack, you lose a permanent customer. And don’t forget the industry is full of competition.

Somebody is always there to steal your customers. So, render a good service to your customers offline and take off to new levels.

  • Center Your Campaign Around Virality

When you are done with all this, begin your marketing campaigns. Take sufficient time to create your digital marketing campaigns after discussing it with your digital marketing managers and try to make your brand name go viral.

You can try using video contents that are preferred by 60% people rather than using texts for your digital marketing strategies.

So, you must have an efficient marketing team to get yourself viral and popular. The more customers you have, the more business you have.


The website and web pages may very well be critical to your newly set up business and its online recognition, but it’s the long tail (specific) keywords and more importantly, the ranking which make you sign in your niche.

In order to maintain your brand name in the industry, your website must be relevant to the user’s search criteria. There should be no flaws in the operations and also in earning user satisfaction.

While this no less than science, you should have a close monitoring and evaluation of the statistics. Then only you can take decisions about your future strategies and revise the existing ones. The work of website development, Social media optimization, and search engine optimization is not a single day task.

Your brand-new website will take its genuine time to become a well to do a website. But, you should not miss on anything. Especially the incorporation of the new things into your business strategies.

Hope you can now easily get your brand-new website popular and you need not thank us for helping you with it.And if you think we missed anything, please mention it in the comment section.

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