SEO Outsourcing vs. In-House: Which One Should You Choose in 2021?

Digital marketing covers a wide range of services, activities, and efforts to optimize a business website and its reach on various platforms. Out of all your efforts and online presence, the ranking of your business in different search engine results gives long-lasting results and performance. It is where your SEO efforts and strategies count that boost your search engine ranking through various practices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the potential to improve the ROI of your online marketing efforts. It is becoming a major part of every business that uses digital marketing strategies to boost their online presence and sales. In fact, SEO is something that helps you target an audience that is searching for your services and products on the internet.

When it comes to implementing SEO practices, you can follow different approaches to get things going. But, to start with your SEO works, the very first thing that comes to mind is that whether you want to outsource SEO to a third-party agency or want to develop an in-house marketing and SEO team to keep things in your control. With the competition getting fiercer every day, you should determine the readiness of your business for the kinds of efforts and expertise you will need during your SEO project.

Outsourcing vs. In house

Outsource SEO services means partnering with a third-party SEO company to provide SEO services and implement all the necessary practices to rank your business in search engines. It has become a common practice in SEO where businesses hire an SEO outsourcing company for their growth. It is an appealing option for all kinds of businesses who don’t want to allocate resources somewhere other than their core business activities.

In-house is the way to keep SEO in house by hiring and building a dedicated team within your organization without any outside assistance. That means you will train your own people to implement, manage, and monitor SEO and other digital marketing practices from your ecosystem.

The way you want to go with depends on many factors and where your business stands at present. Both ways have their benefits that you need to understand before choosing the right approach to start your SEO campaigns.

Benefits of Outsourcing your SEO

Hiring an SEO Outsourcing Company in India can be the better option of the two. It can benefit your business in many ways as mentioned below:

Full-range of services with a broad scope of specialty: It is the key benefit of working with a dedicated SEO company to plan and execute your SEO campaigns. You will receive a full range of services in all aspects during your SEO project from keyword research to content management and reporting from experts in that particular work. You don’t need to go anywhere else as your SEO partner will take care of everything to rank your business in search results.

Access to SEO experts and tools: Working with a professional SEO partner means you have access to SEO experts in various fields to plan and implement strategies as per your requirements. You will have more hands at work with specific knowledge and expertise for faster progress. You will work with someone who specializes in SEO and can help you identify and implement best practices based on your business type and size to get the best results.

Another advantage of working with an SEO partner is that you don’t need to purchase necessary SEO tools and resources that can be costly for a company whose core business activities don’t belong here. A professional SEO company offers its services to different businesses so they already have licenses of necessary tools and planners to research and implement best practices as per the client’s requirements.

Time and cost-effectiveness: When you outsource SEO services, it means you will get better a ROI on the time and money you have invested in your SEO project. Sometimes it seems that SEO packages that these companies offer are costly but, when you look at results and time spent to achieve those results, you will find that it actually cost less than spending on an in-house team and resources. A dedicated SEO company performs all day long to achieve your targets in a time-bound manner to make a profit from their efforts in quick time.

Accountability: A third-party SEO team will be accountable to get the results that you are expecting after paying them for the job. These companies also focus on building a reputation from their performance and services to attract more clients that make a win-win situation for both of you.

Focus on your core business: This is something that most of us don’t count but it impacts your business. When a thirds-part SEO company is dedicatedly working on your SEO project, you can focus on your core business with all the resources you have without thinking too much about what’s going on that part. You can ask them for daily or weekly reports to track the progress and results to ensure that things are under control.

Benefits of In-house SEO

Quality control: The key benefit of hiring an in-house team to handle SEO is that you can ensure the quality that your team will deliver. An in-house team better understands your business and your target audience and hence can plan the right strategy to get quality results. You will have complete control over your content, keywords, website design, and links to build authority and rank your business. You can expect better management and engagement from your team while maintaining the quality of the work.

Better control over your SEO campaigns: While working with a third-party agency, you can’t change your strategy and pre-defined goals in the middle of your project, and if you want to do so, it can cost you more money. But, with an in-house team, you can make changes at any time as per your requirements and delivery of services. You can set your priorities with your SEO team to target specific goals first in order to achieve early results on some fronts.

So, which is better for you?

It is not so simple to answer this question and as a business one can go with either of the options as per the business plans and resource availability. You should also better understanding of all the SEO practices that you will need during your SEO campaigns. Your decision will depend on what and where you want to focus on and what are your capabilities.

What should you expect during an SEO project?

Search Engine Optimization comprises a wide range of practices that requires a different level of effort and expertise depending on your business type and size. Full-fledged SEO service includes on-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies to make an impact on the internet.

A complete SEO project includes works like keyword research, title and Meta tag optimization, content audit, content optimization, content management, link building, social media outreach, forum engagement, and Google My Business Profile optimization. Some parts of technical SEO also include practices like site speed optimization and website designing to get the most out of your core SEO strategies.

To practice all these services and implementations, you will need a professional and expert team with specialized skills in different fields to build a better SEO strategy and execute your campaigns as per your business goals. It is where you have to determine whether your company is ready to hire an in-house SEO team or want to partner with an SEO outsourcing agency for the job.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your budget for online marketing including SEO?
  • Do you have a web and digital marketing team with SEO skills?
  • Do you have the resources and time to recruit and manage an SEO team?
  • How competitive and complex your business niche is?
  • Do you have SEO tools?
  • Can you track and update your SEO strategies?
  • Can you keep up with upcoming changes and trends?

Depending on the kinds of SEO services you want to implement during your SEO campaigns and what is your business readiness, you can get your answer. You can sit with your business and marketing team to analyze your business and competition on the internet to determine the best approach between SEO outsourcing or an in-house SEO team for your business. With a professional SEO partner, you don’t need to worry about expertise and resources but, with an in-house team, you can control everything within your ecosystem. At the end of the day, it’s your choice.

Doing SEO in-house can have some benefits but, it has its downfalls if you are into a completely different business. But, hiring SEO outsourcing services in India can often be the better option on any day for any kind of business.

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