Google’s Top 7 Link Building Tips For SEO In 2019

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Confirmed that Links are the Life & Soul of A Website!

said links are the 1st factor of ranking high in search engine
result pages along with great content. Ranking without links is really very
hard. Google
cares about high quality links more than anything and so should you.

Can A Website Rank Without Backlinks?

The one word answer is ‘No’; a website can never rank high without quality links, not at least in 2019. You might ask why link building is important.

  • Because links are the #1 ranking factor of Google
  • Because links point to great content
  • Because links are the WEB
  • Because links pass trust
  • Because links pass power
  • Because via links Google discovers your website
  • Because Google confirmed that it is unnatural to find a website without backlinks

The list can go on and on…

Penguin Changed The Way We Use Links In SEO Forever!

The time is long gone when one
could easily buy the ranking position by just adding more and more links. A bit
of these backlinks and a bit of those backlinks, and you are ranking on the
first page of Google.
After April 2012, this easy tactic is no longer in practice.  Now, we need to have triumphant link building
techniques to rank high in Google.

What Defines Google’s High-Quality Links In
2019 & How to Get Them?

Since not all links are the same,
you need to be very cautious when you start your link building campaign. Create
good backlinks for your business, associate them with great contents and your
users will be happy. Google
will keep you on top in the search results and your business will thrive by
leaps and bounds.

Here I have thrown a little light
on the top 7 POWERFUL Link Building Strategies for SEO in 2019 so that you may
have a clear picture of how to stay away from building bad links and how to build
high-quality links because it is all about quality, relevancy, and users’

I am not going to make any fake
promise here, I will be honest with you. Google’s
link building strategies in 2019 are pretty daunting. You have to come up with
triumphant link buiding techniques as competition is turning higher and higher
with each passing day. So, hate it or love it, you need to make high-quality
backlinks in 2019.

Why? Because a while back Google
itself has confirmed that quality backlinks is one of its top 3 ranking factors.
Content and RankBrain are the other two ranking signals in Google’s
search algorithm. 

Now, the question is how to build
high quality backlinks, which can turn your website to be Google’s
Penguin food.

Scroll down to uncover the strategies…..

Let’s unveil the top 7 link
building strategies for SEO that may make boom in 2019.

Tip #1 –
Choose A Timeless Topic!

Frankly telling, choosing a topic
is the key to unlock Google’s
first page door. Unfortunately, people often turn a blind eye to this crucial
aspect. So, if you truly need to build quality backlinks for your website, you
should first select the evergreen or timeless keyword that may hook people to
link to.

What is An Evergreen Topic or Keyword?

An evergreen keyword is typically a search term that will be fresh forever. For instance, if you are a fitness trainer or run a gym, “WEIGHT LOSS” can be an evergreen keyword for your link building strategy. When you chose an evergreen keyword to write a blog for your website, your content will gain ground to secure high ranking in Google as well as get traffic for a longer period of time.


Tip #2 –
Turn Your Timeless Topic into A Timeless Content!

Right after choosing the timeless
topic, your next step should be to turn that topic into a captivating content.
How will you make sure your content is captivating and useful to the audience.

To be sure on this point ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your content visually more stunning than your
  • Is your content longer than the top 10 ranking
  • Is your content relevant, informative and
  • Does your content have actionable tips?
  • Is your content easy to read?
  • Is your content better and different?
  • Is your content able to satisfy users’ intent?

If you are nodding in ‘YES’,
smile J and
move ahead. You have a great content in hand for building high quality links.

Remember, most of the people
often assume that if their content is better than their competitors, quality
backlinks will automatically come to it and they sit back and relax. It is
absolutely WRONG! You must promote your content to build the links, it will
help you get the faster and better result.

Understand it in this way, If you
don’t promote your content, how your audience will come to know about it and if
they don’t know about your timeless content, how will they link to it?

Make sense? Agree?

Good! Go on!

Tip #3 –
Steal the Quality Backlinks of Your Competitors

First, search for your timeless keyword on Google. Next, you have to list down which are the top 10 ranking pages and who link to these top ranking pages.

Add each URL into a backlink
analysis tool and find out how many backlinks does it have. A top ranking content
may have THOUSANDS of backlinks and these backlinks are your next step to
success. Reap this opportunity smartly. Now, you need to build these links (the
more you do, the better it is) to your timeless content.

Want to know how? Reach via an Email….

Send customized email to each of them
to let them know about your evergreen content.

Not sure how, here I have drafted an E-mail script for your help….

Hi James,

I was browsing the net to get
some information about (your timeless keyword) and landed to this page (insert
here the URL of the page). I found that you have mentioned (the title of your
rival’s content) in your content. While the content is fairly good, it misses
some information.

I have written an up-to-date
content (URL of your timeless content), which may make a nice addition to your

Keep up the great work!

Thanks & Regards

(Your Name)

Tip #4 –
Link Roundup!

It is a super easy link building
strategy for SEO in 2019.

Link roundups are actually daily,
weekly or monthly blog posts that link to your evergreen content. Your job is to
find link roundup blogs in your niche and drop them an email to advise using your
content for their next roundup.

Here is an email script for your

Not sure how? Here is the exact process to get the Links Roundup Blogs:

Hi Sam,

I have reached out you because I
recently published a well-researched content on (the URL of your timeless
topic) that might be a good fit for your next roundup.

Keep posting incredible roundups!

Best Regards

Use the following search strings.

  • “Keyword” + roundup
  • “Keyword” + “link roundup”
  • “Keyword” + “this week”
  • “Keyword” + “weekly roundup”
  • “Keyword” + “monthly roundup”

Tip #5 –
Resource Page Link Building!

It is one of the most powerful ways
to generate quality backlinks to your blog post.

A resource page is simply a
webpage or blog that lists the links of useful resources for a particular
topic. So, the resource page link building is simply a process of getting your content
or website added in the page as one of the useful resources for the particular
searched term.

Now, your next step should be to
find the resource pages. So, how will you find it?

Simple Google
search can drop you to the right source.

Use the following search strings in Google.

  • “Keyword” + “helpful resources”
  • “Keyword” + “useful links”
  • “Keyword” + “useful resources”
  • “Keyword” + inurl:useful links
  • “Keyword” + inurl:links

For instance if you run a travel website,
put the following search string in Google.

Travel Inurl

These links can be helpful for
the travelers looking to gather some useful information for their next trip.
Clicking on these URLs, they may get pages like this

Weather Report

Now, create such contents on your
website that can be a good fit for such resource pages. It is indeed a SUPER
SIGNIFICANT step to get good backlinks.

Here, is another E-mail script that you can help you for Resource Page Link Building.

Hi Mervyn,

While browsing the web, I came
across your resource page (URL of the page), your page helped me a lot. I just
wanted to tell you that I also run a travel website where I keep posting the
high-quality contents all the time. These blogs can be a nice addition to your
resource page.

Here is the
link (URL of your website or your timeless content)

Thanks for the awesome resource

Best Regards

(Your Name)

Tip # 6
– Broken Link Building Strategy!

Frankly telling, broken link
building is one of the most effectual and easiest link building strategies in

To begin with this process, you
first need to install a FREE extension in the Google
Chrome i.e. CHECK MY LINKS.

Check My Link

Now, your next step is to find a few
relevant pages with lots of links as they may have more broken link


Resource pages should be the great
start for this process. However, you can use some other tactics to find out
more broken link opportunities. For instance, if you run a Health website, you
can use the following search term…

Health “top articles”

Health Top Article

Now, check all the pages if they
have any broken link.

Smile, if you find one or more! J

Once you find a page with a
broken link, your ultimate step should be to send a friendly email to the

Here is an E-mail script for your help….

Hi Robert,

While surfing the internet today,
I found the following page (the URL) and then noticed that your page links to a
BROKEN LINK (URL of broken link)

I have recently published an
article on the same topic (URL of your timeless content). This content can be
the good replacement for the dead link.

Best Regards,

(Your Name)

TIP #7 –
Guest Posting!

Guest posting is indeed the best link building strategy for SEO in 2019? The process is easy and effective. Remember, you can’t do guest posting on random blogs. You have to be very attentive and selective while building backlinks through guest posting. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the guest blog has decent Domain Authority and it provides no-follow or do-follow link etc?

Let’s start with the process now!

First find out the guest post
opportunities in Google.
If you have a travel blog, use the following search strings…

  • “Guest post by” travel
  • Write for us + travel
  • Travel + “guest post”
  • Travel + submit a guest post

Travel Guest Post

Once you have a list of relevant guest
blog posting sources, it’s time for email outreach.

Here is an email script for your help……

Hello Brian,

I am (your name) an SEO executive
for last 6 years. I would love to contribute a guest post (title of your blog)
on your blog. I have added some very good ideas in this blog that I think will
really resonate with your readers.

I will be highly honored if you
consider my blog relevant for the guest posting.

No worries, if not, I will keep
reading your posts.

Best Regards


Thinking about how to incorporate all these tips in your link building strategy? Bother not! Get in contact with an elite SEO Company in India to do the favor for you!

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