Impacts of an Effective Website Design on Online Businesses

The dream of having a website is becoming more common as even the small shop owner by the corner of the street today dream of taking their business online. For small businesses, cracking the online potential is more than a necessity. Under such circumstances, not just the competition is widespread but also there is a stress on the website designers to create different websites.

Need for An Effective Website

First of all, the need for an effective website design is driven by the overall success rates in terms of both profit and public image. As the trends and tools of website design evolve, along with the incorporation that digital marketing has been doing to its domain, the need becomes much more sought after.

Effective Website Design for Business

As a person who is investing time and money into getting a website constructed for your business, it can sometimes get confusing as to which web design tactics will be the most effective one to help your business grow. In this article, we shall see the factors that affect the success story and how an effective website design contributes to them.

Effective Website Design on Online Businesses


The first priority that businesses have is to gain the attention of the potential customers. A good website design has colorful, interesting photos or graphics that represent your company and creates its brand presence. An effective website design, therefore, plays a vital role in grabbing the visitor’s attention and converting them into potential clients. Since most of the SEO and SMO strategies focus on promoting the landing pages, it is essential that the site’s landing pages have the most effective website design, along with proper cues and clues for navigation.


This comes in as a factor that lays emphasis on a user-friendly website design. If a user has easy and smooth experience while viewing your website, the user is half convinced by your business. An effective website design always incorporates impressive features such as a loading time of less than 5 seconds, a font size that makes the text large enough to read, a sitemap for visitors to use for navigation, clear cues and clues for finding what the user is searching, proper spacing so that the pages are uncluttered. Also, a responsive website, that changes its size and layout with the size of the screen of the device on which it is being viewed, makes a good impression on the user.


The first and foremost aim of any business that presents it’s product or services before the customers are conversion. An effective website design fosters conversion by encouraging the visitor to engage with your business by a call to action activity. The reach of conversion can be estimated by the call to action activities which include filling out a form, making a purchase, or signing up for the company e-newsletter. The factor of conversion is cumulatively achieved by your marketing strategy and by the ease with which the visitors are able to engage with your website.

Impact of Effective Website Design on Business

Once you have an effective website design, you shall notice the following impacts on your business.

  • Higher site ranking in the search engines.
  • Increased visibility of your site’s landing pages.
  • Reduced bounce back time of your users.
  • More engagement with the call to action buttons.
  • Improved conversion rate (sales and revenue).

Mobile Friendly Site

Yet again, this doesn’t restrict the scope of an effective design. The year 2014 saw a huge change in the internet usage statistics as almost 60 % of the total internet users accessed the internet through mobile devices. Today, we are in 2017 and you can easily find examples in support of this. If you look around, you would rarely find anyone accessing the web through a desktop or personal computer. Mobile devices (smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, laptops, etc.) are the new cool and so, it needs the site to be mobile friendly along with being responsive.

If your website design incorporates the responsiveness feature, with which it is able to adjust its contents as per the screen size and perform at considerably flexible rates on mobile devices, you are sure to benefit a lot from online business. The mobile-friendly test is an easy way to find out if your website design is performing as per the new mobile-friendly rules or not.

Time to Update Your Website Design

If you have been an old online business, it might be the time for you to update your website, for new businesses, have already realized the impacts of incorporating these features into their website design and have entered the market, increasing the competition.

Effective Website Design on Online Businesses

You would better understand the widespread competition with the following stats:

  • 77% of B2B companies believe that a poor website design reflects the weakness of their partner.
  • 48% of people cited that a website’s design is the first factor that speaks for its authenticity.
  • 38% of people refrain from engaging with a website if they find the design unattractive.
  • 79% of internet traffic comes from users accessing the websites through mobile.
  • 5 seconds is the time that a user takes to form an opinion about your website’s appearance.
  • 5 seconds is the time that an average user takes to wait while your website is loading.

So, it is better late than never. All these factors are undoubtedly going to contribute largely to your business. Get your web development and web design company troubled again to evaluate the flaws that are there on your website and improve on them.

And not just old business, even new ones should keep in mind that the website stays up to the mark as per the latest trends and techniques of web design. When you can’t let the front entrance of your office or store look poor, then you even can’t let the face of your online presence look poor. This is simply not an option in the world of business who wants to leave behind success stories in today’s digitalized world.

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