How Frontend And Backend Website Development Are Important?

Recently updated: November 10th, 2020

In the previous article, we had discussed how an effective website design impacts an online business. We shall extend the discussion by analyzing how frontend and backend development jointly contribute to a good operational website. Both of these play important roles in making a website popular. We shall consider them one by one.

Frontend And Backend Website Development

Website Development

You clicked on the URL of this post and easily navigated to this page, to read this article on the MSG blog. You are scrolling down to read more and more, but have you ever wondered how much efforts are involved in creating this incredible website?

It takes an appreciable span of time for a web developer to prepare a website thoroughly. Website development companies involve rigorous coding and implementations to present the website in the form you see and also maintain that it loads as fast as possible. The former is a part of Frontend development while the latter is a part of Backend development. These two segments jointly comprise of the website development.

Backend Development

If you are not a person well versed with website development, the term ‘backend’ would be unknown to you. The toughest part of any website design is contained in its backend development. It forms half of the equation that describes website development, yet it remains hidden from the users.

  • The quantity of coding that is required depends on the size and requirements of the project. This is the non-user interface code that forms the logical framework behind the working of any website.
  • It establishes the codes that would perform the necessary functions on the website by fetching the right data from the database.
  • Storage and retrieving of data, calculation of results, matching searches etc. are a part of the largest segment of the website development that remains undercover.
  • Writing APIs, creating libraries, or working with components of systems that don’t have user interfaces also lies in the elusive and mystical ‘backend’ segment.
  • A clean site architecture and minimum page loading time is also a result of a good backend segment.

Backend developers are experts in playing with codes, to make the functioning and responsiveness much smoother. It needs great command over coding for doing the backend work. PHP web frameworks, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC, etc. are most widely used backend frameworks.

Frontend Development

In all articles that talk about website development, the main emphasis is laid on frontend development. It is the visible part of the website, forming the other half of the equation that governs website development.

  • The frontend development is basically concerned with the establishment of the user-interface code that enables easy navigation, attractive viewing of pictures, filling of forms, playing of videos, etc.
  • It refers to the process involved in implementing the design that was conceptualized for the website by the client.
  • It is done once the backend development is complete and requires the developer to wholly understand the backend.
  • Making the site responsive, interactive and navigable is the works involved in frontend development.

It forms the smaller part of the website development that is concerned with user interaction and engagement. CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are the most widely used frameworks for frontend development. But it has evolved to a considerable extent over the past 15 years.

Backend Development Versus Frontend Development

Having seen that both of them are three sixty degrees apart from each other in origin, execution, and purpose, the differences between the two segments are clearly visible.

If the two segments are to be compared, the backend involves more knowledge and precision, for it has to form the base of the entire website design. And the frontend involves creativity and imagination, for it has to create the visible user interface on the pages. But backend is tough out of the two, for it is multi-dimensional.

Putting It Simple

A website can be imagined as a house under construction. It requires a civil engineer to prepare its structure and connection with all supplies and an interior designer to provide it an appealing look. The backend is the rigid framework that makes the whole website withstand the loads while the frontend is finishing work that is performed on the website to make it look attractive and charming.

Frontend development is also known as the client-side programming because it involves work based upon the clients’ choice of layout and buttons for the website. While the backend development is server-side programming, totally depending upon the credibility of the backend developer.

Yet, without a convincing and functioning frontend, the efforts contained in the backend will be of little or no use. The converse is also true. So, both the processes must go hand in hand. While choosing for a website development team, make sure you have proficient professionals for both frontend and backend website development.

Full Stack Development

Many website developers are well versed with all the layers of website development, including the frontend and backend. These are known as full stack developers, the jack of all trades, not necessarily masters of each aspect of web development.

They have sufficient knowledge to convert the project into a finished website and are hired for small budget projects. However, for a good website design, different professional for frontend and backend should be hired.


Several coding languages have been recently developed to create stunning websites. There is a slew of frameworks like AngularJS, React, Bootstrap, and jQuery available to developers to streamline front-end development while backend development has gone to a next level with JavaScript (Node JS), ActionScript (Flash Media Server), CoffeeScript, C (CGI), Erlang, etc.

We shall deal with the latest coding languages in detail the next article. But website development is not an easy task. It often devoid people o their night’s sleep when a bug in the program code is constantly troubling them. So, you shouldn’t be doing the mistake of trying to code the backed and frontend all by yourself, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it. Hire professionals who can do it for you and get your website attract huge eyeballs.

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