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  • Internet Marketing is more than Organic SEO - Internet Marketing broadly refers to a range of activities performed with the objective of creating profitable customer relationships in the online medium.
  • Ensuring a HTML error free website - In layman terms, validating your web page for HTML errors simply implies ensuring the web page is free of any code errors using an online service or a program.
  • SMM Services for Business Promotion - Social Media marketing services also abbreviated as SMM are actually the integration of viral marketing
  • A Write up on Effective Link Building Techniques - After hearing and reading so much about link building techniques, it becomes impertinent to put in few more inputs and feelings towards it.

How to go about Building a good Link Profile

Penguin updates have brought link building into sharp focus, as it is clear that factors based on links are now part of search engine algorithm. However building a link profile does not only mean creating backlinks. This guide highlights the essential prerequisites of a good link profile.

Posted By- Media Search Group | May-14-2014 |  Comments: 6 | Views:  1058

How Social Media Influences the Purchasing Decisions

Shopping methodology has changed but the psychology behind shopping hasn’t changed over the years. This handy guide links how social media influences purchase decisions. From online reviews to interactive blogs and well-written product description, this post covers it all.

Posted By- Media Search Group | May-02-2014 |  Comments: 1 | Views:  904

2014: A year of reckoning for the SEO and Digital Marketing industry

This informative post traces the dynamics of the social media landscape and identifies trends that are likely to dominate 2014. A must read for marketers working on their content media strategy, here is an in depth write up.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Jan-20-2014 |  Comments: 46 | Views:  1421

The year 2013 was a milestone year for SEO and laid down a learning platform for companies

This post looks at the milestone year that 2013 was, in terms of the dynamics of search Engine Optimization. It traces various Google updates that were released in the year as well as other landmarks, be it Google’s high profile acquisitions or infamous controversy that erupted with the Snowden Leaks.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Dec-30-2013 |  Comments: 368 | Views:  2648

Guest Blogging will add feathers to your blogging career and help you to build a reputation

A complete guide to Guest Blogging, this post hand holds you through the process right from how to create a perfect pitch to maintaining consistency and measuring the performance of posts. A must read for all aspiring guest bloggers and an important checklist for existing ones!

Posted By- Media Search Group | Dec-23-2013 |  Comments: 8874 | Views:  35538

A few common mistakes to avoid while marketing on Facebook

There’s nothing quite like facebook marketing when it comes to reaching a large audience base at cost effective price points. However, there are a number of mistakes that reduce the efficacy of facebook marketing. Here’s a go to guide to ensure that the benefits of advertising on facebook are reaped.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Dec-04-2013 |  Comments: 7 | Views:  1169

Video marketing mark a paradigm change in branding. Embrace it

Video Marketing has become a buzzword with its short gestational period and ability to produce quick results. This informative post not only delineates the importance of video marketing but also the rules to create compelling videos.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Oct-28-2013 |  Comments: 8 | Views:  1104

Google: The search end here!

From tracing the genesis of Google when its seeds were laid in Stanford university to the the giant in search that it has become now this post celebrates Google’s fifteenth birthday and lays bare the vast growth canvas ahead.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Sep-27-2013 |  Comments: 26 | Views:  1162

Google Keyword Planner- A Potent Tool

The new Google Keyword Planner acts as a potent tool in building the AdWords campaign with a well-designed workflow. With improved geographic segmentation and the ability to display search volume by ad group, this could surely be a game changer.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Sep-02-2013 |  Comments: 726 | Views:  3180

Dealing with negative comments on social media

With social media’s ubiquitous presence come some difficulties- dealing with negative comments on social media is one of them. This post not only outlines ways to deal with these negative comments but also points out how these negative comments can be turned around to enhance the reputation of your brand.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Aug-22-2013 |  Comments: 296 | Views:  6833

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