5 Ways To Use Google Trends For Digital Marketing In 2018

Using Google Trends for keyword research, comparing search volumes, predicting seasonal or recurring trends, preparing marketing strategy and crafting content is accelerating the process of online marketing. If you know how to tap the desires of the audience at any given instant into generating sales, you are always drenched in profits.

Posted By- Media Search Group | May-18-2018 |  Comments: 37 | Views:  1813

How a Facebook Marketing Company Can Help Your Business?

The small businesses also focus on Facebook to build their online presence in the first place. Facebook is easy to use and unparalleled in terms of targeting options it provides. A substantial marketing budget, if invested on Facebook in the right manner can take businesses to another level.

Posted By- Media Search Group | May-11-2018 |  Comments: 0 | Views:  675

Video Marketing Is Too Big To Be Ignored by Smart Businesses

For the best video advertising results, hire a video marketing agency and invest in video production. For your information, video advertisements have acquired the maximum portion of investments made by companies on their marketing strategies. It is no longer new. It is no longer old.

Posted By- Media Search Group | May-04-2018 |  Comments: 0 | Views:  777

Economical Digital Marketing Campaign: Big Fight for Digital Marketing Companies

In this tech driven era, digital marketing companies are paying great attention to create marketing campaigns that are economical in nature. This is because many companies are looking for cost-effective and excellent digital marketing services in India. Thus, companies are vesting their resources in promotion of their brand through facebook, instra and other forms of Digital Marketing.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Apr-23-2018 |  Comments: 1 | Views:  813

Fuel the Growth of your Business with SEO Marketing

Seeing the prominence of SEO marketing every company is allocating their resources to this form of marketing. But, blindly running behind SEO without improving the quality of content published on the website doesn’t serve the purpose of brand building. In the words of Nashville's Organic SEO Consultant Jeremy Rivera “The less you chase SEO, the more it seems to be effective.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Apr-21-2018 |  Comments: 5 | Views:  824

Social Media or Email Marketing: Where to allocate your Resources?

This is true that email marketing is better than social media marketing. But, before reaching to any conclusion let’s evaluate both the marketing strategies on different parameters.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Apr-19-2018 |  Comments: 2 | Views:  751

SEO Marketing in Healthcare: Essential in the Era of Tech-Savvy Physicians and Patients

In this current era of go digital, Search Engine Marketing in India is a popular trend irrespective of the business. But, its role in the healthcare sector cannot be rejected.  The trend of hospitals providing digital services brings stability to the Indian healthcare sector which is falling short on infrastructure and other resources.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Apr-16-2018 |  Comments: 2 | Views:  1221

PPC or CRO: Which One will Yield Higher Customer Conversion Rate

PPC or CRO , In the current phase, digital marketing is an important strategy under which business is building their brand name. However, digital marketing is not a sprint it is a marathon. It is one of the toughest marathons that the marketing team has to face especially in the current era of extreme competition.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Apr-13-2018 |  Comments: 7 | Views:  1043

Current Content Marketing Trends That Won’t Fade Away Any Time Soon

Content marketing is a highly dynamic phenomenon and it should come as no surprise to anyone that content marketing trends often go out of vogue quicker than they gain following. Take some time out to read a few blog posts or watch some videos about any particular topic.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Apr-06-2018 |  Comments: 24 | Views:  1216

How Will  #DeleteFacebook Campaign Impact on Social Media Marketing?

How Will  #DeleteFacebook Campaign Impact on Social Media Marketing? , The fear of 50 million profiles being harvested for Cambridge Analytica in the major data breach, and #deletefacebook campaign on Twitter, they did so.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Mar-30-2018 |  Comments: 2 | Views:  1192

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