How a Local SEO Company Can Help You with Your Branding

Branding is often perceived as something pertaining to big businesses with multi-location presence. But the fact is that even small businesses can hugely benefit from branding through local SEO, and a number of businesses have already proved this (they have grown their business to a greater horizon using local branding).

Be it small or large enterprises, building brand recognition will give you some valuable advantages. “Brands account for more than 30% of the stock market value of companies in the S&P 500 index,” according to “The Economist”.

Big companies are hugely investing on brand recognition, and they have the money for that.

But what about local small businesses that can hardly afford too much spending on buying brand recognition? 

How a Local SEO Company Can Help You with Your Branding Campaign

Yes, we as small business cannot afford that big spend, but there are alternatives such as branding through local SEO that is not only affordable but it is even much more effective than many other methods used for brand recognition.

SEO for Branding: More Than Just Code and Fixing  

Branding through SEO not only boosts sales but it also helps a business grow in many ways.

Just like other methods, in this case, you need to understand the buying behavior of customers. We know that people do not make their decision based on impersonal facts. But there are many factors such as their perspective, how they and interpret the circumstances. Also, they add “emotional spin” to the data based on their gut feeling and mood, which significantly alters and affects your SEO efforts.

It is why you need to do much more than just doing some code and fixing, and repairing website. You need to structure a plan mix of technical and strategic activities.

However, most SEO marketers focus on the technical nuances to get rankings for your website. They ignore the far more important elements of the branding and driving business growth.

How Branding Impacts Local Search

A marketing campaign is a cohesive strategy that includes a mix of work such as SEO, listings, reviews and social media which together help to build a brand. These are what play a vital role in boosting your online reputation. And a good online reputation is one of the ranking factors your web page is ranked on.

Search engines use different factors when it comes to bringing result to a search query. They try to pick up the most relevant and accurate information related to a user’ searched query. So it is important for businesses to enhance online profiles because Google considers the things that reflect your brand to present results.

According to a Moz survey, “50 percent of ranking factors were related to business profile listing information and the rest to what are called branding factors such as reviews, social media activity, backlinks and all those things that reflect third-party recognition and interaction with your brand.”

As a business profile includes your brand name, location, and contact number – the elements that form NAP for your web page and Google My Business, it helps in a way search engines to recognize and rank your business.

Other factor that is inevitable part of branding and affects local search results is matching business category and keywords from Google My Business profile.  Third parties references matching your business profile also helps search engines understand that your business your business is legitimate and caters to the needs of local customers.

Put simply, as branding impacts the local searches, leveraging the SEO techniques can help a business to build a better brand value in local market. And a local SEO company with the knowledge and some branding experience can help you out.

How a Local SEO Company Can Help You Build Brand for Your Business

To build a brand, consistency is crucial aspect to keep in mind. Images and graphics are what have a huge impact on your brand recognition by consumers.

According to a study by YP, Seventy-eight percent of consumers remember a brand through picture.  So you should ensure the consistent use of colors, logo, placement, format and other design aspects that make recognition quick and easy. It also maximizes the visibility of marketing so that brand value for customers looks apparent.

How people perceive a brand also depends on its reputation. This means it is crucial for a business to increase its reputation.

According to Moz, 50% of local search factors relate to online reputation such links on websites with high domain authority, clicks, clicks to call, and check-ins.

Building a brand is getting people talk about your business, good reviews, etc. While establishing an online reputation means the same for both national and local businesses, there is a quite difference in the way it is done.  Compared large conglomerations, small businesses have a smaller more targeted audience, a defined geographical reach and a unique presence in the community they serve.

And a good local SEO company with a track record of helping businesses achieve their goals, will help you get a your brand a stronger presence in the local community.

A local SEO company will help you by:

  • targeting local publications
  • getting your brand featured in hyper local sources
  • getting people talk about your brand in local community
  • creating interesting brand story and getting it to the right people in local community
  • creating content to show your brand value for local customers  in a more fascinating way
  • using co-op programs to get national level recognition that boosts your brand trust in local community

That is not all you get. There are many other benefits you will have working with a good SEO company for your branding campaign such as it is affordable, your website is optimized for local searches, etc.

To Sum Up

As brand is a material factor for search ranking, hiring local SEO services is a good idea to market your brand and improves its visibility in local community. A local SEO company gets people learn about your brand, using a mix of practices. If people know your brand, they will easily relate it your business as they found your brand while searching online.

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