Why is Responsive Website Design important for mobile SEO?

With the rapid increase in the use of Smartphones and tablets these days, it becomes increasingly important that your website is mobile-friendly. In case, your digital marketing strategy is dependent on SEO, it is essential to have a mobile-friendly website. At present time, mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales and also the desktop usage is less than mobile internet usage. Apparently, mobile search will be exceeding desktop search sometime in coming days.

It is a fact that the main component of any marketing strategy is SEO and those companies that rely on SEO techniques to drive sales on their website; Responsive Web Design is an effective way to optimize their sites for mobile users since it allows users to access one site across any mobile device. It is the practice that many companies are transitioning with the intention of boosting the functionality of their websites on mobile platforms. Responsive Design is crucial for the companies as 67% of users are found to prefer using those websites that are mobile-friendly.

There are some reasons that you need to consider for Responsive Web Design if you are taking into consideration SEO. Let’s go for a quick dive into the details and find out the important reasons from the ocean that explains well about why Web Design is important for “Mobile SEO“.

Google considers Responsive Design

The first and the foremost reasons are that Google recommends Responsive Design and the reason for Google recommendation is that Responsive Design sites only use one URL and HTML for all phone devices. This way, it makes easier and more efficient for users to crawl and index, and for content organization. A separate URL and HTML is required for other sites for desktop versions and for their mobile device version. This makes Google crawl and index all of the different versions of the same site.

With Responsive Design, users can share, interact and link to content easily across all of their different devices as all the content is available on one website and URL and Google consider user-experience as a significant ranking factor.

Single Website and many devices

Responsive Website can provide a great user experience across many devices and screen sizes which make it one of the most appealing aspects of Responsive Design. With the increasing amount of different devices and screen sizes make it impossible to access your site, thus users can find it easily using any device. By using Responsive Design, a more consistent user-experience can be achieved for each specific device and screen size.

For instance, if someone searches for a particular product on his Smartphone and the site opens and he can see the product right in front even if he is out of the reach of his desktop but if he decided to continue researching this product when he will be close to his desktop, you won’t believe, he can continue researching the same site on his desktop.

Easy to manage

SEO campaigns are much simpler with responsive websites as there is no need for separate SEO campaigns for each desktop and mobile site. Separate SEO campaigns are required for a separate desktop and mobile site and managing one site and one SEO campaign is far easier than managing two sites and two SEO campaigns. This is a key advantage for site management as it saves time.

For instance, if a person is searching for a particular place on his Smartphone, then the word “nearby” might be used more frequently in the mobile search engines. There are many specific keywords that might be used for mobile devices which can also be used in the Responsive Design site and eliminate the need for separate sites for different devices and separate SEO strategies.


There are many Web Design Companies which provide you the best solution for Responsive Design that is recommended by Google. It allows on the website to provide a great user-experience over many different devices and screen sizes. Above mentioned are some of the reasons which prove that Web Design is important for mobile SEO strategies.

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