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Hiring an Affordable SEO Company for Digital Marketing: A Boon or Bane?

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The natural tendency
of human being is that: expensive is always better. But this is not true. And
this has been backed by several studies.

According to a new
Cornell study, “higher prices may generate a more positive view of products, but
this does mean that consumers will necessarily buy them”. In fact, there are
many other factors but for the quality of a product that determine the cost.

And the same is when
it comes to top SEO services. They think that cheap SEO is not that affective
and so it will not yield the result needed.

Let take this SEO Company that is relatively affordable but its SEO packages are widely acclaimed. If you are a small business struggling with finances, cheap SEO might be a good choice provided you choose the right SEO Company for your digital marketing campaign.

As Pedro Mouta – a Entrepreneur
and Management Consultan –rightly explain the reasons for higher price.  He suggests these as reasons for an SEO
company charging higher fees.

  • There
    might exist different cost structures and even though a product is worse, its
    producer needs to price it higher because they cannot do it cheaper.
  • The higher
    price is used on purpose to perceive more quality for the product.
  • The price
    is placed higher because the company has no idea what they’re doing.
  • The price
    is higher because it has some additional features the company considers
    relevant but the market actually don’t.

Hiring an Affordable SEO Company for Digital Marketing : A Boon or Bane?

Why Sub-Standard SEO Services Should Be Avoided?

Just search for top
SEO companies in Google, you will be inundated with a sea of options.

There are many
agencies as well as freelancers providing SEO services at a price much lower
than the average. Such agencies don’t want long term relationship; they are
more of interested in making quick bucks. So you should keep this in mind when
looking for SEO services.

Remember, cheap does
not the compromise with the quality. It means the best price for the best
result you can get.

You should say no to
substandard SEO, not the cheap SEO that yields results.  These are the reasons you should avoid low
quality SEO services even they cost you significantly.

  •  Google websites with poor quality links
  • Bland
    content just fills space; it does not give you any real benefit
  • The lack
    of transparency, so you don’t see the progress of your project
  •  You work with SEO professionals who lack the
    knowledge of  your  brand, service or product

How to Cut Cost and Get Traffic

Many businesses
themselves do SEO for their business. If you want to go on your own, these are
some ways you can get traffic to your website.

  • Publish
    high-quality, long form content that adds value to your customer life
  • Rank for
    keywords that highly relate to your business
  • Use
    long-tail keywords because more than half the all searches are performed using
    long-form phrases
  • Increase
    your on-page SEO, focusing on areas such as title, descriptions, URL which
    should be simple, user-friendly, keyword frequency, etc.
  • incorporate
    internal linking to your page content as this 
    increase the visibility of other pages
  • Make your
    website responsive and mobile-friendly as Google loves such websites
  • Improve
    site speed, one of the most important ranking factors that Google use to rank a

 But this is not as easy as it sounds; in fact,
one needs some certain skills and knowledge which most business lacks.  

After all it is not
what you do and what makes wealth for your business. So why should you waste
your precious time doing things not your job? Why not hire an SEO company
providing Best SEO at affordable cost?

Hiring an SEO Company for Your Business

You want to hire an SEO company because you need:

  • help
    growing your business
  • a more
    robust web presence and lack the in-house resources
  • a good SEO
    company to fix all the mistakes their previous SEO agency made

But can you choose a company that meets your needs?

Well, though it may
sound not easy for many, also you, but you can choose a good SEO company with
the greatest of ease. And all you need to do is just avoid a few simple

  • Falling for shiny packaging: There are
    many companies offering SEO packages that look lucrative. But you need the one
    that best suits your need. So instead of getting lured by the lucrative such as
    lowest price or #1 position, talk about genuine benefits that help your
    business grow.
  • Choosing below standard SEO package:
    Sometimes, businesses with low budget get trapped with low priced SEO packages.
    They are poor quality services. Cheap SEO means best price for the best result
    you can get.
  • Choosing a local company specifically
    because they’re local: Local agencies are not always reliable. So even when you
    are looking for local SEO, it is not you should go with a local company. There
    are many SEO companies in India that are cheap and offer quality services.
  • Not doing your research: Even when you
    are pressed for time, never hire a company without doing sufficient research.
    Look for all the options, considering everything they promise you because this
    way, you will find the best within your budget.

With what we talked
about it is pretty evident, cheap SEO services are a good option provided the
SEO Company you hire is a reputed and has successfully helped many businesses
like yours to maximizing their digital marketing company and grow.

How a Local SEO Company Can Help You with Your Branding

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Branding is often perceived as something pertaining to big businesses with multi-location presence. But the fact is that even small businesses can hugely benefit from branding through local SEO, and a number of businesses have already proved this (they have grown their business to a greater horizon using local branding).

Be it small or large enterprises,
building brand recognition will give you some valuable advantages. “Brands
account for more than 30% of the stock market value of companies in the S&P
500 index,” according to “The Economist”.

Big companies are hugely investing
on brand recognition, and they have the money for that.

But what about local small
businesses that can hardly afford too much spending on buying brand

How a Local SEO Company Can Help You with Your Branding Campaign

Yes, we as small business cannot afford that big spend, but there are alternatives such as branding through local SEO that is not only affordable but it is even much more effective than many other methods used for brand recognition.

SEO for Branding: More Than Just Code and

Branding through SEO not only
boosts sales but it also helps a business grow in many ways.

Just like other methods, in this
case, you need to understand the buying behavior of customers. We know that
people do not make their decision based on impersonal facts. But there are many
factors such as their perspective, how they and interpret the circumstances.
Also, they add “emotional spin” to the data based on their gut feeling and
mood, which significantly alters and affects your SEO efforts.

It is why you need to do much more
than just doing some code and fixing, and repairing website. You need to
structure a plan mix of technical and strategic activities.

However, most SEO marketers focus
on the technical nuances to get rankings for your website. They ignore the far
more important elements of the branding and driving business growth.

How Branding Impacts Local Search

A marketing campaign is a cohesive
strategy that includes a mix of work such as SEO, listings, reviews and social media
which together help to build a brand. These are what play a vital role in
boosting your online reputation. And a good online reputation is one of the
ranking factors your web page is ranked on.

Search engines use different
factors when it comes to bringing result to a search query. They try to pick up
the most relevant and accurate information related to a user’ searched query.
So it is important for businesses to enhance online profiles because Google
considers the things that reflect your brand to present results.

According to a Moz survey, “50
percent of ranking factors were related to business profile listing information
and the rest to what are called branding factors such as reviews, social media
activity, backlinks and all those things that reflect third-party recognition
and interaction with your brand.”

As a business profile includes
your brand name, location, and contact number – the elements that form NAP for
your web page and Google My Business, it helps in a way search engines to
recognize and rank your business.

Other factor that is inevitable
part of branding and affects local search results is matching business category
and keywords from Google My Business profile. 
Third parties references matching your business profile also helps
search engines understand that your business your business is legitimate and
caters to the needs of local customers.

Put simply, as branding impacts
the local searches, leveraging the SEO techniques can help a business to build
a better brand value in local market. And a local SEO company with the
knowledge and some branding experience can help you out.

How a Local SEO Company Can Help You Build Brand
for Your Business

To build a brand, consistency is
crucial aspect to keep in mind. Images and graphics are what have a huge impact
on your brand recognition by consumers.

According to a study by YP, Seventy-eight
percent of consumers remember a brand through picture.  So you should ensure the consistent use of colors,
logo, placement, format and other design aspects that make recognition
quick and easy. It also maximizes the visibility of marketing so that brand
value for customers looks apparent.

How people perceive a brand also
depends on its reputation. This means it is crucial for a business to increase
its reputation.

According to Moz, 50% of local search factors relate to online reputation such links on websites with high domain authority, clicks, clicks to call, and check-ins.

Building a brand is getting people
talk about your business, good reviews, etc. While establishing an online
reputation means the same for both national and local businesses, there is a
quite difference in the way it is done. 
Compared large conglomerations, small businesses have a smaller more
targeted audience, a defined geographical reach and a unique presence in the
community they serve.

And a good local SEO company with
a track record of helping businesses achieve their goals, will help you get a
your brand a stronger presence in the local community.

A local SEO company will help you by:

  • targeting local
  • getting your brand featured
    in hyper local sources
  • getting people talk
    about your brand in local community
  • creating interesting
    brand story and getting it to the right people in local community
  • creating content to
    show your brand value for local customers 
    in a more fascinating way
  • using co-op programs
    to get national level recognition that boosts your brand trust in local

That is not all you get. There are
many other benefits you will have working with a good SEO company for your
branding campaign such as it is affordable, your website is optimized for local
searches, etc.

To Sum Up

As brand is a material factor for
search ranking, hiring local SEO services is a good idea to market your brand
and improves its visibility in local community. A local SEO company gets people
learn about your brand, using a mix of practices. If people know your brand,
they will easily relate it your business as they found your brand while
searching online.

Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

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People are
searching online more than before even when they are doing a store purchase.
And so whether you sell in store or online, getting a better online presence is
a must. Or you will lag behind your competitors, losing out on some great opportunities
for your business.

explicitly understand this, and so you want to invest in SEO for your business.
And you also know SEO is must for your digital properties and perhaps also its
benefits for your business.

SEO will
certainly improve a website visibility by improving its searchability, but what
other values does it offer? Why SEO is so important for a business these days?

Well, let us
make it more explicit by having a look at some of the most impressive benefits.
We will also look at why you should choose affordable SEO packages rather than
making an in-house team, and many other things that you need to know.

But let us
get started here with the benefits or reasons why your business needs to invest
in SEO.

Organic Search, Crucial to Website

A website gets most of its traffic from organic search results. People heavily depend on those searches for information they use to make their purchase decision. This means organic search is also a critical component of buyer funnel and plays an important role in conversion and engagement.

So it is
important for your business’s website to appear in the search engines’ top
results if you want searchers to visit your website. But make sure to have a
great landing page with valuable content for users so the users not only visit
your site but also spend a good amount of time there. The more time people
spend on your site, the better it is for your website rankings in search

But it is not easy to get a site in the top organic result pages. Even if you hire top SEO companies, it will take time for the result that is tangible to come out.

Trust &Credibility, a Crucial
Factor of the Growth

How great
products or services, people will not work with you if they do not trust
you.  Earning their trust is very
important. Once you build that trust it will become easy for you to boost and
increase revenue.

The same is
with Search Engines like Google. It shows up the websites that are reliable
when brining results to user queries.

So it is
important to improve a website’s reliability in the eyes of search engines. But
if you are business who does not have the SEO skills for improving a website’s
credibility, you do not need to worry. These SEO packages are designed to
deliver great results. And the best thing is that they are affordable.

Best SEO Packages: Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

elements go into building an authority regarding search engines like Google.
These are some of what plays a great role when it comes to establishing a
website authority.

  • Quality backlink profiles
  • Positive user behavior
  • Machine-learning signals
  • Optimized on-page elements and

However, establishing
a brand as an authority takes patience, effort, and commitment along with a
valuable, quality product or service that allows customers to trust a brand.

Better User Experience, a Crucial
Factor for Better Ranking

 For a user to revisit your website and stay
there for a longer time, you ensure a better experience to the users. User
experience is what can build or destroy your credibility.

 If users have a bad first experience with a
website, it is just that they won’t visit that website again but also it will
have a negative impact the image of your brand.

Google has
learned how to define a user experience as bad or good, and a positive user
experience has become a pivotal element to a website’s success.

Customers know
what they need, and if they do not find, this will have a negative impact on
your brand image. And eventually, performance will suffer, which might result
in loss of revenue.

A good way
of building a strong user experience is to learn how Google has become more and
more of an answer engine to users’ queries.

More Traffic and Conversion for Local

With mobile
searches growing fast, local search has become a crucial part of small and
local business’s success.

Local SEO
will help you optimize your digital properties for a particular location where
your business is.  A good SEO company
with expertise in local search engine optimization will build a medium for a
brand’s messaging on a local level using different local SEO techniques such as
local citations, backlinks, etc.

More Opportunities for a Business to

An Investment in high quality SEO pays in many
ways apart from improving site visibility in search results and driving more
traffic. In fact, good quality SEO will help you discover new opportunities and
leverage them for your business.

Top SEO companies use the strategy that focuses
not only more views and traffic but also on exploring everything they can for
the growth of a business. A good quality SEO is the only way to truly market a
brand with the passion and understanding that the brand earns the trust of its

Relatively Cheap, Best Option for Small

If you are a small business with no so big
budget for marketing your brand, there is no way better than SEO. It is far
cheaper than any other means or methods you can have for marketing your
products or services.

And the best thing is that it works wonders, in
fact, it has become an inevitable part of all your marketing efforts. Thanks to
affordable SEO packages that will make a big difference in the way small
businesses work.

Hire a SEO Company for Your Business

Many big companies have an in-house team of
digital marketers. But the trend is fast changing. Even big companies are
shifting to outsourcing to SEO companies. Because. This is not only because
outsourcing SEO is cheap but because there are many other benefits associated
with it.

  • It is relative affordable
  • You save time on managing a team that is not
    part of your core business
  • No expenses on employees such as gratuities,
    EPF, etc
  • No need to have a hiring team, and thus you
    save here also
  • And many more


SEO is
crucial for your digital properties to work effectively. It increases your
brand’s visibility, drive more traffic, and improve conversion rates. But that
is not all. In fact, a good SEO will also help you discover new business

It is a boon
for local businesses as more and more people are performing local search to get
information on a product or service. They do it even when they make a store

So we can
say SEO is crucial to every business these days – no matter what they do.

How Local SEO Helps Increase Store Footfall – Eventually Sales?

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Online shopping is fast soaring, but shopping at stores still remains the preferred choice for quite a large number of people. But rather than directly visiting a store to buy, they prefer to do research online before making a purchase locally. This means their decision to purchase is shaped by what they find online. BIA and research firm ConStat also found in a survey they conducted in 2010 that 97% of consumers research future purchases using online media. Of which 90 percent use search engines such as Google, 48 percent depends on Yellow Page, and 24 and 42 percent go with vertical sites and comparison shopping sites respectively. With that, it is pretty obvious having the right local SEO strategy will help target to that 97 percent of consumers and make them visit your store.

Brick ‘n mortars are aggressively expanding their online channels to increase footfalls and sales. If you are not doing it, you are making a big mistake. Even big brands are seriously investing in local SEO marketing effort. According to Google, more than 1 out of 3 mobile searches are related to location alone. In simple terms, more than 1 out of every 3 three people who search using mobile are looking for local businesses. This is good news for local businesses who want to enhance their ability to compete with big brands.

An Overview of What Stats Say:

People are getting smart particularly when it comes to shopping. They now make more informed decision. SO rather going with brands, they want to get to know about all the options available locally. And the ‘near me’ search option of Google has changed the way people search a product or service online. More and more people are using ‘near me’ whether it is finding a grocery shop or a doctor or an eating station. The local searches including the ‘near me’ has increased by 40 percent, which seems to fast go up in the days to come.

According to studies, 20% of searches across all Google properties are local. And that is 40% on mobile. This means local searches happen mostly on mobile devices.  According to Performics / ROI survey, 32 percent of respondents said they used mobile search “more than use search engines on their computer.” And 78% of all local mobile searches result in offline purchase.

A report from IDC and YP also reveals the opportunity of local search for businesses.  According to the report, 36% of respondents use search engines for local queries such as where to buy branded shoes for discounted price while 48% go straight to the verticals such as for hotel related queries, it is trip adviser, for restaurants and eating options, it is zomato, etc. But when it comes to products and services, people turn to search engine.

Those who use verticals also end up on the search engine as their second step. So local search is what plays a vital role in how people are doing offline purchases.

Below are some more local stats that provide a crucial insight into how important local search marketing is for businesses, particularly small and startups.

  • 61% of mobile searches can contact a local business if they have a mobile friendly site
  • 78% of mobile searches result in offline purchase
  • 72% of those who do local search are likely to visit a store within 5 minute
  • 18% of mobile searches end up in a sale within one day
  • 88% of consumers making a local search trust online reviews
  • And 86% of people use Google Map to find the location of a business

Looking at above stats it is quite evident that local search plays a vital role in shaping the buying decision of consumers. It can be one of the most powerful tools for local businesses who want to increase their store traffic and boost sales.

Tips for How To Local SEO to Increase Footfall and Sales:-

There is not a thumb rule for increasing footfall to a physical store. Instead, you should make a strategy comprising of a few activities that work to increase your brand visibility in local search results. So here are some of ways you can make the best use of local SEO to boost offline store traffic, ultimately sales.

how to do local seo ?

Use Local Terms People Use in Their Search Queries:

If someone who is looking for a restaurant in Manchester, they will use the phrases like ‘restaurants in Manchester’. Other terms they can include eating places in Manchester, Dinging options in Manchester, etc. Or they can use more specific terms such as ‘restaurants in city center, seaside, etc. So you need to find out those terms people are using in their local searches. And include them in your content.

Google My Business:

It is one of the most effective ways you can use to get found in the local search results. All you need to do is just create a profile on GMB. Google show top three results from its GMP page that are relevant to a query. To get your business show in those top three results, you should optimize your GMP profile that should include following information.

  • Correct address as on your website if you have any
  • Phone number that is in use
  • The opening time of your business
  • Use a link that redirect to your website
  • Use the right category for your business

Use the Same NAP across All Platforms:

Where your business is listed, make sure there is the same name, address, phone across all channels. Google My Business performs cross reference your business details available different platforms such as your website, social media profiles, and local citations.

Inconsistence NAP confuses Google and those who do local searches as well. Google also penalizes the businesses who have incorrect information on their Google My Business profile. Use the same NAP everywhere, from your website, social profiles, to local citations.

Implement Structured Data:

This is a snippet of code used in your website code. The structured data contains details such as business name, phone number, brand logo, website address, nature of business, price, etc, which help Google business decide if a search query is relevant to your business. So check if there is structured data added to your website code. If not, add it now.

You can create structured data markup, using Google markup helper where you need to simply enter your URL and add the information you want to include.

Add Local Citations:

A website that uses your business information such as brand name, address, phone number, etc is called local citation.  Below are some examples of local citations:

  • Yell
  • Thompson Local
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yelp
  • Four Square
  • Facebook
  • Local chambers
  • Local newspaper websites
  • Niche specific website

Keep NAP consistent across all local citations. This helps Google to ensure the importation it gives to searchers is correct.

Get More Highly Rated Google Reviews:

Studies show that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as they do personal recommendations. With that, it seems that online reviews are very crucial for local SEO.

Those businesses that appear in the top three results of a local search have ratings under their name. Those that have higher ratings are likely to be trust by searcher more than those with poor ratings. So it is also important that your business have more 5 star ratings.

So for a customer to leave a review should not difficult. You can ask them to find your GMP profile in Google or create a personalized link that you can send them to it super easy for customers to leave a review.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly:

40% of all local searches happen on mobile devices. This means if you are planning to dominate local searches, you need to have a mobile friendly website.  So check how well your website performs on a mobile. Does it take more time to load?  Does the content on your website fit perfectly on any screen size of mobile devices?

If your website does not load fast or the content on it does not fit perfectly to any screen size, you need to revamp your website and make it mobile search friendly.

So before you embark on optimizing your local SEO, make sure your website is mobile friendly and does well across all devices.

Start Blogging about the Local Area:

A blog section on your website is not just a way to keep your website fresh and update, but also it gives you an opportunity to connect with local customers by providing them information on locally happening events and activities.

So start blogging about local events, and make sure you use the keyword phrases that include the name of location wherein your business is. Creating blogs covering local topics provides your business an anchor in your area, and this will help you boost your local search visibility.

To Conclude:-

People are increasingly doing a local search to find an answer to their query. And the percentage of the people who are making purchase after a local search is also significantly high, which means having an effective local SEO strategy can help a business to increase not only footfall but also sales. And those tips that will extremely help you in achieving goals: to increase the store footfall and sales with local SEO.


A Guide to Resources to Follow as to Learn Latest in Local SEO

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Change is the only constant, and this is more true of Local SEO one of the most popular ways for local businesses to market their products or services. Whether you are internet marketing agency or individual consultant or head of digital marketing at a leading organization, you must keep up with the continuous industry developments in order to make agile contributions to team strategy. If you are new to the Local SEO, you can save time on training by knowing what to follow for the best news and analysis. To make it easy for you, this guide to resources to follow for latest in Local SEO will prove to be very helpful.

Local SEO

Whether to Get the Best of Local SEO News

There are many sources that provide news and information on local SEO. But who reports fastest on Google updates, panel tweaks, and industry business? Below are some of the most reputed publications that have lead the industry and have been setting benchmark for accurate and swift updates on the best in the industry.

Though the list is pretty long, I will discuss briefly only those who make to the top of the list.

And the first one is Search Engine Roundtable, leading publication by Barry Schwartz that has a proven track record of reporting news that affects both local and digital businesses.

Sterling Sky’s Timeline of Local SEO Changes is known to be premier source for news and updates on Local SEO that hugely impact local businesses, thanks to the team lead by Joy Hawkins that demonstrate a high of dedication and commitment to bring in all crucial news and updates in the easiest to understand way.

Search Engine Land’s local category is quick to update news and trends of the industry. It has a large pool of authors who have years of experience in the industry and passion for reporting from the industry first.

To become the first to get local developments, there is no place better than the SEMPost’s local tab managed by Jennifer Slegg, a leading name in the industry.

Search Engine Journal’s local column also makes to the list of best sources for local SEO news and speedy delivery of breaking local stories.

Google also provides a bevy of information on the latest developments on search engines. Follow Google’s main blog and the Think With Google, one of the best sources to get information and updates that may impact your marketing strategy.

Other sources that are also worth following and offer very useful news and stories on Local businesses include Street Fight , LocalU’s Last Week in Local video and podcast series, and TechCrunch.

To Find Local Search Marketing Analysis

Whether you are marketing agency or a business startup, analyzing the present trends and the best practices to be used in the future is what plays a great role in the success. You can trust the following names to analyze the present and predict the future.

LocalU’s Deep Dive video series is the best source for insightful analysis of a variety of local marketing topics that leading faculty and influencers in the field are constantly talking about.

The Moz Blog’s local category is a kind of platform that features a host of gifted bloggers and professional editorial standards that heed to a wide range of local topics that make a greater sense for local businesses. The Moz blog was voted the #2 local SEO blog by BrightLocal’s survey respondents.

Another great source that has long been authority on local search marketing analysis is the Local Search Association’s Insider blog. The blog is best known for its excellent studies and quotable statistics.

Free forum Local Search Forum is perhaps the best online platform to take your local mysteries and musings to. Founded by Linda Buquet local search forum is user friendly and presents things in the most approachable manner, putting on more emphasis on high-level local SEO topics.

In addition to them, you can also follow:

  • Mike Blumenthal’s blog
  • BrightLocal’s surveys and studies
  • Whitespark’s blog
  • Sterling Sky’s blog
  • Local Visibility System’s blog

Note: The Atlantic, Forbes, and Business Insider are great sources you can trust. They are known for publishing pieces of a high journalistic quality with relevance to our industry.

Best Sources for Different Aspects of Local Marketing

Here I will discuss the best to follow for different aspects that are crucial for a business and marketer.

You can follow for:


  • GatherUp which was earlier called GetFiveStars can be compared for insight into online reputation management. Aaron Weiche and the team go extra mile to provide you with amazing case studies and memorable statistics
  • us is an incredible source for bright and lively coverage from authors like Garrett Sussman and Andrew McDermott.

Email Marketing

  • Tidings’ vault is known as incredible source for useful information on email marketing.  David Mihm the founder of the platform has spent many years in the field of Local SEO, which gives make one of the top names to follow for everything regarding email marketing.

Automotive Marketing

  • DealerOn’s blog has match when it comes to automotive local SEO. And  Greg Giffor founder of the blog is simply most loved name for his interesting style of presenting even complex data simply.

Link Building

  • For local link building ideas and case studies, simply trust Nifty Marketing’s blog, a great source to follow to have an edge in quality link building.
  • ZipSprout is tool hailed as a great platform for local building ideas and tips. It focuses on local sponsorships, which are a favorite local link building methodology

Best Local Search Industry Newsletters

Newsletters is a great way to get update and industry news. And signing up the following newsletters, you can have an edge by getting the best practices and news that may play a vital role for your marketing strategy.

  • Streetfight newsletter
  • Moz Local Top 7
  • Tidings Minutive
  • Local Search Association newsletter
  • SterlingSky newsletter
  • Phil Rozek’s newsletter
  • Whitespark Local Pulse newsletter

The sources I have discussed above in this post have been pioneer in the industry. They are must to follow sources for marketers and businesses who want to get the most of local market and ahead of competitors locally.

Local SEO: A Buzzword for Businesses

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Ever since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, Local SEO is increasingly becoming a challenge for businesses. While they need to target location-based keywords, it needs to be done without over stuffing of local search phrases. Similarly, it is no longer enough to have a multitude of links, without an emphasis on their relevance. However, Local SEO, if successfully implemented, can help small and medium sized businesses develop qualified traffic that has a high conversion rate and a high ROI(Return On Investment). Below are some Local SEO Strategies that can help boost a site’s rankings:

Keyword Research

To optimize local search, the first & foremost step, would be to research keywords, which are relevant to both the industry and location. Sophisticated tools like ubersuggest can aid in relevant key word generation. Adding a reference to the city or town, where the business is located, makes the keywords locally relevant and helps improve search engine ranking. Once keywords have been researched, it is imperative to determine if the chosen keywords along with the location, trigger a local algorithm. In case the keywords do not trigger a 7 pack, a traditional SEO strategy needs to be adopted in favour of a Local SEO strategy.



An important determinant in Local search is the location of the business in the city. The Google algorithm gives preference to businesses located in the centre of the city. However, if the business is located far away from the city centre, it could still outrank competitors, if the business scores highly on other areas such as content, quality links etc.

Identification of Business

It is crucial, that the business name, verified business address and phone number (NAP), are well defined. All the NAPs across directories should be consistent & identical to ensure optimization. The phone number should ideally be listed with the city code. In order to ensure that Google knows where the business is located, it will also help to embed a Geo Sitemap. A well written description of the business with the relevant keywords, is another helpful SEO tool.

Identification of Competitors

Besides identifying one’s own business, it is also important to identify competitors. To achieve this, the Google query- related: yoursite.com, can throw up relevant results. Alternately, it can also be of relevance, to determine how many Google results show up against the NAP of the highest ranking business in the search results & the lowest ranked business in the 7 pack. This will help the business determine, the number of results the site would have to exceed, in order to be included in the 7 pack.

On-Site Optimization

In order to optimize the site, geo-specific information and keywords should be added in the title and meta descriptions. The title tag should include the keywords and location, while the meta description should also include the business address and phone number. The location and keywords, should also be included in the url of the website landing pages

Local Citations

To ensure effective local SEO, it is extremely important to claim & optimize local business listings. This not only means being listed on Google Places, but also being listed on local directories that cater to the geographical area as well as the line of business.

Building High Quality Links

Finally, building high quality links from websites that are relevant in terms of niche and location, will lend a degree of credibility. Overall, follow links are a critical focus for building Page Rank as well as for the success of local SEO strategies.

The above Local SEO strategies will go a long way in ensuring that the website features in the coveted first page of the local search results.