SEO for Roofing Company: The Ultimate Guide to Roofing SEO

Attracting more potential customers and getting calls is not easy for roofing businesses. Why? When people decide to spend on their roofing, they are not just looking for any roofing company but the one that they can rely on and trust with their homes’ structural safety and integrity. Thus, people typically hire a service provider that they have heard about from their neighbors, relatives, friends, or someone they believe in.

While words of mouth are indeed a good source to get potential clients, you need something more than words – Roofing SEO Services – to make your roofing business more successful.

Today, we will discuss the following topics:

  • What does roofing SEO mean?
  • What type of SEO can a roofing business benefit from?
  • Why do you need SEO for roofing business?
  • How to do SEO for Roofing Company?

SEO For Roofing Company

What do we mean by SEO for a roofing company?

SEO for roofing companies is the pathway that brings exposure to the online audience consisting of more potential customers and clients who are difficult to find with traditional marketing means.

The main goal of roofing SEO is to improve the ranking of your roofing business website on search engines like Google and Bing for relevant queries. By increasing the awareness of your roofing business among online searchers looking for roofing services, you can generate more site visits, leads, and conversions.

What type of SEO can a roofing business benefit from?

A roofing company can benefit from both traditional SEO services and local SEO services. While traditional SEO services encompass all aspects, such as technical audit, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and fresh content posting, local SEO services are all about bringing local high-quality leads that include custom content, optimizing Google My Business profile, citation management, creation of web pages based on service areas, and more. 

Why does your roofing business need SEO?

We understand that, as a roofing business, you must be confident when paying for any kind of service. SEO is no exception. So, to help you learn why Roofing SEO is important for your business, we are sharing the latest trends and statistics below. Please take a look to contemplate why your roofing business needs SEO.

  • 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphones visit a related business within a day and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. (Source: Think with Google)
  • Google holds a 92.05 percent market share as of February 2021. (Source: Statista)
  • More than 60% of consumers start by visiting a search engine, then research on retailer’s websites, and ultimately over 85% made their final purchase in-store. (Source: GE News)
  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, compared to 1.7% for outbound marketing leads. (Source: Impact Plus)
  • 57% of B2B marketers admit that SEO makes the biggest impact on lead generation. (Source: Impact Plus)
  • 75.1% of clicks go to the top three organic search results on Google. (Source: Backlinko)

Not harnessing the power of SEO in this digital era means leaving an entire virtual market full of possibilities unexplored. If you want to boost your sales, improve your online presence, and increase the number of queries, you will need to appear among the top results of a search engine.

Now when you know the importance of SEO for roofing businesses, let’s delve deeper to see what to expect from Roofing SEO Services.    

How to Do SEO for Roofing Company

SEO professionals perform a wide range of tasks and continue to improve a roofing business website over time. However, for the sake of simplicity and better understanding, here, we will focus only on the main steps that one should take when doing SEO for roofing company.

  • Prepare SEO Strategy Specific to Roofing Business
  • Find out Keywords Relevant to Your Roofing Business
  • Optimize Your Roofing Website
    • Tips to Optimize Your Roofing Website
    • Tips to Ensure that Your Roofing Website Looks Trustworthy
  • Create Quality Content
  • Benefits of Using Quality and Informative Content on a Business Website
  • Popular Topics That Roofing Businesses Should Cover Through Content
  • Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Profile
  • How to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Let’s discuss these steps in detail.

  • Prepare SEO Strategy Specific to Roofing Business

First of all, you should create a clearly defined goal that you want to achieve through roofing SEO, such as improving the ranking, increasing brand awareness, online reputation management, improving appearance in local searches, and so on.

Most SEO strategies revolve around the relevant keywords and your SEO goal. Your roofing website is going to appear on search engines for those keywords that are closely related to your business. Thus, you will need to work on the right set of keywords. The next thing you must focus on is the structure of your website and its content.

  • Find out Keywords Relevant to Your Roofing Business

If you have been in this business for some time, it is most likely for you to know certain keywords already. You deal with customers regularly and know what terms or words they use when asking for your roofing services. So, use your knowledge to find the most relevant keywords. Remember that these are not the only keywords you need to target while doing SEO.

You will need to use keyword research tools, such as, Ahref, or Google Keyword Planner, to get acquainted with new and different keywords that people use while searching for roofing businesses and their services online. Besides, you can find various unique keywords also by entering the main term of your business in the Google Search box as shown in the image below.

roofing Search

Here, you can easily see those terms that people frequently search for.

When you use roofing keywords along with service areas, they are going to be more profitable keywords for your local business. They will not only cover the relevant keywords but also the locations where you serve. This means location-based keywords will increase the chances for your website to appear in local searches.

When doing roofing SEO, you will be targeting:

  • General Roofing Keywords – the terms that most online searchers use (such as roofing, the best roofer, roofing service, cheap roofing service)
  • Specific Roofing Service Keywords – the terms that people use when looking for a particular service (such as roof repair, roof waterproofing, shingle replacement, emergency roof repair, residential roof repair, etc.)
  • Specific Roofing Structure Keywords – the terms that represent what kind of roofs you repair or service (such as flat roof repair, slate roof repair, metal roof repair, etc.)

While these keywords are standalone, you can also combine them with locations at starting or end of the keywords and phrases like “near me”, “near you”, “certified”, and “licensed” if applicable.

  • Optimize Your Roofing Website

Bringing traffic to your website through researched keywords would mean nothing if your website is not updated, easy on the eyes, fast, and simple to use. Another reason to focus on your website is that even when you make your customers happy and satisfied with high-quality roofing services, it will take a long time for them to come and use your services again. This means your business will run successfully usually by finding new customers regularly.

So, improve and optimize your website and get the attention of more people who are looking for businesses like yours online. Since more and more people are turning to Google and other search engines to find businesses near them and research for information, you can build their interest in your website by making it compelling, fast, and more visible.

a) Tips to Optimize Your Roofing Website

  • Ensure that your website uses the mobile-first approach
  • Make sure that your website loads faster
  • Check for status code errors and fix them
  • Optimize title tags, meta descriptions, and content
  • Remove duplicate content from everywhere you have used
  • Fix all the broken links
  • Submit your XML sitemap to Google
  • Add schema markup to web pages for creating rich snippets
  • Observe your site indexing through Google Search Console and fix issues if any
  • Test if your website delivers a rich user experience
  • Analyze your Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons and add them at places where they can be easily seen.
  • See if keywords are used properly in the website content
  • Check if main keywords are used in URLs of your website pages appropriately

While it is crucial to optimize your website to increase traffic, making your website look reliable and trustworthy is equally important.

b) Tips to Ensure that Your Roofing Website Looks Trustworthy

  • Ditch the ads on your site that look spammy and distract your site visitors
  • Ensure that your website name doesn’t make it look like an infomercial
  • Secure your website with an SSL certificate
  • Make yourself (or your staff) available when customers contact you through your site
  • Make it easy for site visitors to navigate your site with ease
  • Display your trust seals, like the certificate of excellence, five-star ratings, and other associations proudly
  • Add reviews and testimonials from Google, Facebook, and Yelp to make sure that people see them
  • Mention if your business is locally operated, licensed, insured, and/or bonded
  • Mention the number of customers you have served (if you have been in this business for quite some time)
  • Create Quality Content

By using high-quality informative content, you can benefit in various ways.

a) Benefits of Using Quality and Informative Content on a Business Website

  • It improves your ranking on the search engine.
  • It makes your website look authentic.
  • It will help people enhance their knowledge and encourage them to convert later.
  • It helps people in making their decisions with ease.
  • It amplifies the trust of people, as well as Google, in you.
  • It has the power of doubling your website’s conversation rates.
  • It increases the chances that other website owners and content creators want to link to your website, which will further build credibility.

b) Popular Topics That Roofing Businesses Should Cover Through Content

  • How to find the right roofing service provider?
  • Signs that tell it’s time to replace your roof
  • How to know whether your roof needs repair, patch, or replacement
  • Pros and Cons of DIYs Roof Replacement (Repair) and Professional Roofing Replacement (Repair)
  • List of environment-friendly roofing solutions
  • Comparative study of different roofing materials
  • How hurricanes impact your roof
  • How snow and ice affect your roof
  • Benefits of professional roof inspection
  • How to remove mold from your roof
  • How to protect your roof from water damage

These are just a few basic ideas. There is a lot to cover when you start writing for your roofing business website. You can also cover topics related to other services like gutter cleaning and landscaping that most roofing businesses typically offer. This way, people may come to your web page and learn about your business while searching for other but related services.

When creating content, also focus on link building and subtle use of the right keywords. Stay away from black hat practices to build thousands of links in a short time. For search engines, the quality of links matters more than the number of links. Besides, people (your potential customers) will value the content that is helpful and informative.

  • Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

46% of searches on Google are made with local intent while 86% of people check the location of a business on Google Maps. So, creating a profile on Google My Business is the best thing you can do to boost your local conversions.

a) How to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

  • Add as much information as possible to rank in the top 3 of the local map pack.
  • Add high-quality photos of your business and owners, and videos of projects-in-action
  • Add complete address along with complete business name and valid contact number.
  • Add call-to-action buttons like “Call Now”.
  • Show your operation hours.
  • Encourage your customers to provide reviews on Google as Google uses them to influence the appearance of a business.

Hire a Reputable Roofing SEO Company to Improve Your Ranking and Boost Sales

If you also want to benefit from your digital presence and attract queries and sales from people who search for roofing businesses online, it’s time that you choose to work with a reputable SEO company that offers high-quality Roofing SEO services. Experienced SEO professionals will take all the necessary and additional steps to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of Roofing SEO.

Remember that not all SEO companies are equal. Some use unethical ways to bring results in much less time at cheap rates only to degrade your site’s ranking and performance later. Search engines like Google don’t go easy on sites that have been optimized with black hat SEO. So, be aware and choose only after proper research.

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