How the New keyword Planner is Different and Unique from the existing one?

In a business, it is very important to show up on the top of the search list so that people can incorporate the appropriate keywords that they were looking for. Incorporated keywords can range from simpler words to complex phrases that define the quality of the content. Keywords are often called head keywords or long-tail keywords that help in the evaluation of business performance. The performance of your keywords has a great impact on your business and search results. However, keyword planning is not that easy.

Google Ad words have designed the latest keyword planner to quench business demands through more human traffic. With a keyword planner, you can find new and relevant keywords to promote your online products and services. It’s a free research tool for SEO experts and business owners that help them in locating the perfect keywords and estimating the human traffic on a particular web. Google keyword planner 2019 was updated by Google recently as a paid search tool that controls the particular content of a URL by generating keyword suggestions.

Numerous updates and new features are added to existing keyword planner tools with an effective marketing strategy. Google keyword planner 2019 has replaced the previous version of keyword planner with interesting changes such as keyword ideas, grouped ideas, new competition column, budgeting suggestions, more Google ad, and whatnot that have not only to improve the competition value but also created a new approach of marketing for various business owners and SEO experts

Features of Google keyword planner 2019

Google keyword planner 2019 is not confined to a keyword search but it also performs another important task that can be utilized to improve the existing SEO strategies.

  • Introduces attractive keywords – Keywords play an important role in demonstrating the business graph on a particular site. The tool helps in incorporating simpler or complex keywords or phrases by discovering the trending search volume and historical data of different keywords. Users can experience the relevant keyword results by entering a keyword or a specific website URL link on the web.
  • Improves Google Ads campaigns – Online Ads helps a business in generating more online sale opportunities and bookings by driving the quality traffic on your website. Therefore, Google AdWords campaigns are crucial to promote online advertising to reach out the potential customers. By choosing the high-intent keywords you can easily get the desired audience for your business.
  • Absolutely free – The new Google keyword planner is designed absolutely free for the users so that they can be prevented from unnecessary expenses. It gives a way to the users to identify the landing pages with optimized keywords to generate human traffic.
  • Visualizing mobile trends – The research tool is convenient for mobile apps and websites operating mobile user audience. This helps in analyzing your keyword performances in mobile devices.
  • Estimates search volume and forecasting – With the easy forecasting, it becomes easy to evaluate the keywords’ performance. Forecasting will include all the usual numbers, devices and locations on a single page so that you don’t need to switch to different tabs. Using these tool users can get the keyword suggestions and volume estimates within a specific frame of time. The new keyword planner allows the user to see search volumes from the last 12 months.
  • Improves website navigation – The tool fulfills the intent of navigating a particular site based on geographic location, language and date ranges. It has now become easy to estimate the geographical location of the targeted audience also you can change your time views for your targeted location.
  • Optimizing the keywords– SEO is important to create brand awareness in the market. With the appropriate and high quality of keywords, business owners can locate the qualified traffic from the search engine list. Therefore, keyword search optimization is very crucial to generate new opportunities and expand the reach with better search results, sales opportunities, and business productivity.
  • Evaluates competitor’s keywords – This tool allows scanning your competitor’s site with the keywords that are using in their Google ads campaigns.
  • Budgeting suggestions – New keyword planner allows Google ads to help advertisers with regular budgeting suggestions that include forecasted cost and CPC bid. It helps in allocating the expenses incurred on campaigns by determining your initial Google Ads Budget. Marketers get ensured that their campaign won’t get limited because of budgeting activities and forecasted time period.

New Google Keyword Planner vs. Old Google Planner

The old version of the keyword planner was suggested with lots of updates because it failed to give the user a seamless experience. Earlier the download process was not so accurate. Google has added the ability to compare the keyword volume which earlier was missing. In the previous version, the keyword search volume was available from the drop-down menu. The forecasting option in the old version required users to set a bid and adjust the slider in the chart which affected the metric performance. While, the new version, reflects total estimated performance. The new Google keyword planner is widely used by SEO experts and many business owners for easy targeting the relevant audience by eliminating the vague keywords to build a strong foundation and PPC campaigns. Finding the appropriate keyword for SEO and PPC campaigns is so important to ensure that your site is on top search results and to generate more opportunities for web visibility.

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