How to Choose the Best SEO Package for Your Website

Recently updated: December 21st, 2020

With every other business getting their website and search engine ranking algorithms getting smarter every day, getting the lead position on the first SERP is becoming more and more difficult by just making some tweaks on a website here and there. These days, you need a more holistic SEO approach to rank higher organically and that requires professional-level SEO knowledge and expertise. 

So, if you want to achieve the best results, it also makes sense to choose the best SEO package for your website. Since what one SEO agency offers is usually different from what another agency provides, it will pay off to know how to find the best one. 

What an Ideal SEO Package Should Include

Remember that an ideal SEO Package varies based on your business’s and its website’s needs and goals. However, there are a few things that any SEO package must include:

  • Research Services: Involves understanding what industry your business belongs to, what products and services your business offers, what kind of approach will work for your business, what your target audience is, what search patterns your target audience follows. The most important part is researching keywords and topics that are more relevant and beneficial to your business. 
  • Competitor Analysis: To understand how your competitors are ranking in SERPs so that you can perform better and stay in the competition, not out of it.
  • Site’s Technical Analysis: To understand the current performance and identify issues with your site, such as slower page loading speed, redundant content & poor navigational structure, and come up with a better SEO plan and strategy on how to proceed .
  • On-Page Optimization: Involves optimizing each web page, its content, HTML source code, meta description, and title tags to improve position in search results.
  • Off-Page Optimization: Deals with tactics, such as Guest Posting and PR, to earn quality backlinks from authority sites, social media, and social bookmarking.
  • Content Development: To provide answers, solutions, insights, updates, and knowledge your target audiences seek to increase site traffic, engage them, and direct them to your business (and sometimes, with the pure intention of helping them instead of thinking about your benefit to build trust).
  • Consistent Monitoring and Reporting: To provide you with insights regularly on how your website is performing, what key performance metrics have been improved, and what areas still need improvement.

What an Ideal SEO Package Should Not Include

Many SEO agencies tend to make big promises that they are never going to fulfill but still do that just to attract businesses looking for quick fixes and instant results (that happen once in a blue moon in the SEO world). 

SEO is time-consuming and it can take months and sometimes even a couple of years to show significant leaps. 

So, an SEO package is not ideal for you if an SEO agency:

  • Promises to deliver instant results 
  • Does not ask questions to learn about your business 
  • Does not include regular reporting 
  • Does not emphasize the research and analysis part

Standard vs. Customized SEO Packages

There are Standard SEO Packages that are less expensive but inflexible and Customized SEO Packages that are too expensive but tailor-made to match your needs and expectations. 

Which is better?

To get the best SEO package that fits in your budget, choose the standard one, and ask for customization in only those parts where you need it the most.  

Monthly vs. One-Time SEO Packages

While looking for the best SEO packages for your site, you will come across: 

  • Monthly SEO plans 
  • One-time SEO plans 

While a monthly SEO plan means you will always have someone working on your site to create an effective SEO campaign and drive better results, a one-time SEO plan allows you to run your optimizations for a fixed time-frame regardless of whether you have achieved the desired result or not. 

Which is better?

In general, monthly SEO packages are more flexible. You will reap the benefits of having an ongoing SEO campaign. Plus, if you aren’t getting results, you can terminate the plan at the end of the month and save your money for a quality SEO package from a more reliable SEO agency. 

Can’t Find Affordable SEO Packages? Go Beyond Your Boundaries

Expand your search area. In some countries, SEO packages are too expensive. So if you are looking for a cost-effective SEO package, also look into SEO packages from agencies in other countries like India where you can find more affordable SEO packages with similar quality and satisfaction rates. 

On a Final Note

Professional SEO and SEO packages are worth your investment. They can help you use SEO as an indirect revenue-generating marketing tactic for your business. So, go ahead, buy the best SEO package that fits in your budget, and explore how SEO can help you establish a stronger digital presence and leave behind (or at least closer to) your competitors. 

Vijaya Tyagi

Vijaya Raj Laxmi Tyagi has been an avid content writer for over five years with a keen interest in writing SEO articles and blogs. She also finds great enthusiasm in writing about a vast variety of topics, including gardening, interior designing, health & wellness, and tourism. Her educational background in Computer Science and Engineering has given her an edge to write about technologies that tend to mark a great impression on daily lifestyle and behaviour, while her intrigue towards Mother Nature drives her to discuss green topics.