Top 16 SEO Tips to Rank Your Cleaning Company Higher

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SEO Tips for Cleaning Companies

As a residential or commercial cleaning company owner, you know how to provide the best cleaning services to your clients. You know how to make homes and offices sparkling clean and ensure a hygienic environment. However, you need to get familiar with digital marketing, especially search engine optimization (SEO) to expand your cleaning business or find new clients with minimal investment.

While most cleaning businesses hire SEO company to promote their cleaning services, it is a good idea to have a good understanding of SEO. It will help you understand what exactly your SEO partner is doing for you and also come in handy if you are thinking about DIY SEO for your cleaning company.

Your Comprehensive Guide to SEO for Cleaning Companies

Before you get to know effective SEO tips for Cleaning Companies, let us help you understand why you are doing what you are doing.

Why SEO Is Crucial for Cleaning Companies

Getting new clients and building a great rapport in the cleaning industry can be difficult, especially when you are competing with well-known cleaning firms in your area. If you ever wonder how to land new cleaning projects with minimal investment, the answer is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization is a proven and effective digital marketing technique that involves optimizing a website for its target audience (for better experience) and search engines (for better search engine rankings). With the right SEO strategy, you can appear on the first page in SERPs of major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Latest SEO Statistics that Explain Why SEO is Must for Your Cleaning Business

1. The #1 Position in Google captures 27.6% of total clicks that organic search results get.

As per the Backlinko survey, only a few Google users visit the second page and beyond, making it extremely crucial for businesses to rank on Google’s #1 Page.

Optimize Meta Descriptions and Headings of All Your Cleaning Services

2. The #1 Result is found to have 10 times higher CTR compared to the #10 Result in Google organic search results.

This graph data reveals that not only do you need to appear on the first page, but you also need to strive to reach within the top three or top five search engine results.

Optimize Meta Descriptions and Headings of All Your Cleaning Services

3. SEO ROI Is Also Higher

In traditional marketing, the upfront cost is too high and, in many cases, you also don’t know how much returns you are getting. Why? That’s because it is not easy to track leads generated by traditional marketing.
On the contrary, with digital marketing, you can track not only leads but also traffic, organic clicks, impressions, and so much more. On average, the ROI of SEO is 22:1, which means, as a cleaning company, you can boost your revenue by investing in SEO services without hurting your bank account.
Now that you know what you can achieve from seo services for cleaning businesses, let’s check out the best 16 SEO tips to rank cleaning businesses higher on Google and other major search engines.

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Best SEO Tips to Rank Cleaning Companies on Google’s #1 Page

1. Choose a Simple and Intuitive Domain Name that Reflects What You Do

This tip applies to cleaning businesses that are planning to buy new domain names. Since this is the point where you can start optimizing, the below insights can contribute to the SEO success of your website.
When choosing a domain name for your cleaning business, select a unique name that is simple and intuitive and that communicates what you do.
For example, "" and "" include both location and services in domain names.

Other domain name options could be more general like "" or "". Though these domain names don’t contain location, they still convey that the business offers cleaning services.

Whatever domain name you choose, make sure that:

  • Customers can easily pronounce and remember your domain name.
  • The domain name reflects what type of business you do
  • The domain name is unique and contains the main location if possible

2. Find the Right Keywords That Your Target Audiences Use

Choosing the right keywords is crucial for SEO and your cleaning company website. Focus on long-tail keywords like "professional house cleaning services" rather than just "cleaning services".
Use multiple variations of keywords such as "office cleaning company", "apartment cleaners", "move-out cleaning", “one-time seasonal cleaning”, “home cleaning services in [location]”, etc.
Use low-competition long-tail keywords of your core terms. You can do keyword research for your cleaning business using free keyword research
tools such as Google's Keyword Planner , SEMrush , or Moz's Keyword Explorer.
One thing that you must do is never keyword stuff. You should use keywords in quality content naturally while focusing on helping users.
Include local keywords that include city and neighborhood names. For instance, “cleaning services in San Diego”, “cleaning companies near me”, and “best move-in cleaning services in New York” are all keywords that users write with local search intent.

Besides, you can use related keywords and synonym phrases known as LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords. For example "tidy", "spotless", and "immaculate" are LSI keywords for "clean".
Optimizing websites for local search helps cleaning companies reach customers in their service area.

3. Write a Meaningful Yet Short Page Title that Tells What a Page Is About

In the above image, the highlighted text is a page title.
Page titles are crucial for both SEO and user experience. Titles should be descriptive to communicate a page's focus, but also concise. The ideal length of a page title is under 60 characters.

Optimize Meta Descriptions and Headings of All Your Cleaning Services

Good page titles tell both users and search engines what the page is about. For example "Professional House Cleaning Services in Atlanta, GA" or "Move-Out Cleaning in Boston, Massachusetts".
Bad titles are vague like "Cleaning" or overly long. Here, the term “cleaning” does not reveal whether the page is about a cleaning service, cleaning product, or a cleaning blog.
Meaningful Page Titles with keywords help pages rank for those terms. Avoid over-optimization with multiple keywords. Titles should make sense to users first.
For a cleaning service, page titles by service like "Post-Construction Cleaning" and locations like "Boston Commercial Office Cleaning" accurately describe the page's purpose.

4. Optimize Meta Descriptions and Headings of All Your Cleaning Services and Products Pages

A meta description is a short paragraph that summarizes a page's content and appears under the title in search results.
The highlighted area in the above image that you see is a meta description. Here, you can see how the company has explained its services, locations, and cleaning frequency naturally.

Optimize Meta Descriptions and Headings of All Your Cleaning Services

You need to optimize meta descriptions and headings of all service pages, product pages, and even blogs to improve click-through rates. They should be compelling descriptions to motivate users to click on the website. However, you need to include keywords naturally instead of stuffing them.
A good meta description example for a cleaning company that provides post-construction service: "We provide professional post-construction clean up services for commercial sites and residential homes in the Austin, TX area. We also offer deep cleaning and hauling services."
An example of non-optimized or poor quality meta description would be "Cleaning services Austin TX" as it is not descriptive enough and doesn’t tell whether the company offers services to homes, offices, or both and what type of cleaning it offers.
Make sure you craft unique descriptions for each page that entice users to click. Meta descriptions can further optimize pages for target keywords.

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5. Cross-Link to Reputable and Trusted Cleaning or Relevant Websites

Cross-linking or using reference links to other high-quality sites can benefit SEO. It shows search engines you have reputable connections and your content can be trusted.
It is considered a good practice to link to recognized industry associations like ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) and AHCA (American House Cleaning Association) or relevant government sites about cleaning business licenses and regulations.
Reference links should improve user experience by providing additional resources. For cleaning websites, you can link to cleaning service vendors and cleaning product suppliers. Besides, you can also link to high authority sites like Consumer Reports for brand mentions.
Choose sites for reference that make sense for your content and industry. However, don’t overdo it; use links moderately where relevant, such as when referencing statistics or recommendations. Also, don't over-optimize anchor text and ensure it varies naturally. Always keep in mind that quality sites appreciate reciprocal links

6. Earn Quality Links from High DA and PA Websites in the Cleaning Industry

Earning backlinks from authoritative sites is tremendously impactful for SEO for businesses, including cleaning companies. Your focus should be on getting links from high-quality sites rather than quantity.
Domain authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) help determine the authority of your website. DA measures a website's authority, while PA measures the authority of a specific page. The higher the scores of DA and PA, the greater the authority!
You can use Moz to check the domain authority of your website.
To improve your brand authority, you can reach out to local cleaning associations, chambers of commerce, home advisor sites like Angie's List, and local news outlets. To raise your DA and PA score, you should provide useful knowledge and data to be included in their content and share guest posts on reputable cleaning blogs.
Take your time to build a diverse link profile through genuine contributions and connections. Never buy links or use manipulative tactics because Google penalizes sites that use black-hat SEO.
Remember, the best links are earned, not bought.

7. List Your Cleaning Business in Trusted Local Business Directories

Many businesses underestimate the power of listing businesses in local directories and popular platforms.
Listing your cleaning business in trusted local directories like Yelp, BBB, Google My Business, and niche websites like Houzz (for home cleaning services) can greatly help people find your cleaning company.
Having your business listed in local directories and appearing in their searches helps improve local SEO rankings and authority. It demonstrates that your cleaning business is established and trustworthy. Keep your profiles updated because active profiles with photos, services, and positive reviews help attract more qualified leads and customers.

8. Use Social Media to Expand Your Cleaning Business’s Digital Presence

Having an active social media presence complements SEO efforts greatly. For enhanced reach and brand recognition, set up a business account or business page on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.
Having a great social presence allows you to:

  • Increase website traffic by sharing content and linking to your site. Insert calls-to-action to drive site visits.
  • Build trust and reputation by engaging with customers online. Be responsive to comments, queries, and reviews.
  • Share photos and videos of your cleaning services, cleaning team, and cleaning projects to make your cleaning business relatable and provide value-driven content.
  • Run targeted ads to reach local demographics and retarget previous site visitors.
  • Can opt to partner with local micro-influencers and bloggers as well to expand reach.
  • Offer giveaways and promotions to attract more homeowners and commercial property owners who need cleaning services.
  • Join local community Facebook groups to connect with neighbors and Offer helpful tips and advice without heavy self-promotion regularly.
  • Share company news, awards, and certifications to highlight achievements.

A strong multi-channel social media presence strengthens brand awareness, online reputation, and SEO efforts. So, you must leverage each platform's strengths to drive website traffic and conversions.

9. Write Unique, Informative, and Engaging Blogs with Cleaning Tips and Advice

Having a cleaning company blog is essential for cleaning businesses to attract more customers. Instead of writing long blocks of text, break up your content into smaller paragraphs that are easy to read. A regular blog that offers helpful tips, advice, and solutions is beneficial for your business in numerous ways, such as:

  • Optimize blog posts with target keywords to increase organic traffic to your site. When using keywords, you should focus on keywords that people search for like "home cleaning tips", and “how to remove rust stains”.
  • Establish expertise and trust by providing value-driven content that helps your target audience actually solve their cleaning-related issues related to stain removal, product recommendations, and cleaning difficult things such as fans, ovens, etc.
  • Promote your posts on social media to increase reach and links. Share photos of services being rendered, customer feedback, and reviews to humanize your brand and make people believe that they can trust you for their cleaning needs.
  • Answer FAQs from customers like “how to clean difficult stains”, “how to remove ink stain on my shirt”, “how to clean hard water marks on bathroom walls”, etc.
  • Share before and after photos/videos of cleaning projects. This particular approach in online marketing is very effective as it gives your potential customers a clear idea of what they can expect if they contact you for cleaning services.
  • Make your cleaning service pages and packages more informational. Heavily promote your services and products and you risk your customers turning away. Have you ever noticed how quickly people change TV channels as soon as they see a commercial ad? Yes, that’s why you must never heavily market your offerings. Make your content fun, visually appealing, and engaging so that people notice your content and become willing to see/read your content.
  • As a cleaning expert, it is always a good idea to offer seasonal cleaning tips for spring, summer, holidays, etc. to attract more traffic to your website.
  • Provide cleaning checklists, guides, and product recommendations. This type of content is considered linkable asset content and attracts more links to your website, which improves your domain authority, brand recognition, website traffic, and organic ranking as well.
  • Share expertise in specialized services such as air duct cleaning. It establishes you as a trusted authority and also convinces more people to believe in your brand and content.

Cleaning Blog Topics That You Can Cover in Your Cleaning Business Website:
  • Cleaning tips for kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc.
  • Seasonal cleaning guides
  • Stain removal techniques
  • Green cleaning products/methods
  • Cleaning for health and allergies
  • Deep cleaning vs. regular cleaning
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning tips
  • Office/commercial cleaning tips
  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning with pets
  • Cleaning supplies and tools
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Home organization tips

Optimize Meta Descriptions and Headings of All Your Cleaning Services

10. Create Location-Based Cleaning Service Pages to Increase Your Local Reach

Having location-specific pages and localized SEO content for each service helps cleaning companies improve their local SEO and reach the right nearby customers.

For example, create service pages like:

  • House Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA
  • Office Cleaning in Austin, TX
  • Apartment Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY
Hyper-local pages showcase your availability in different neighborhoods and cities. So, optimize titles and content for those geographical locations
Local service pages help local searchers find your cleaning services in their area and also rank higher in Google Local Pack results. By showing relevance for broader and narrower geo-targets, you can expand your cleaning service digital footprint.

11. Create a Google My Business Profile for Your Cleaning Business

Having a Google My Business (GMB) profile is essential for local SEO. It helps your cleaning business appear prominently in Google's local search results and Google Maps.
GMB listings prominently display key business info, photos, services, reviews, and contact details in the Local 3-Pack and Maps results. This visibility helps drive calls, direction requests, walk-ins, and website visits.
Cleaning Blog Topics That You Can Cover in Your Cleaning Business Website: To set up your free GMB profile, follow the below steps:

  • Go to
  • Enter your cleaning company name, address, and phone number.
  • Verify your cleaning business.
  • Fill out details like opening hours, services, photos, etc.
  • Use targeted keywords to optimize your Google My Business profile.
  • Encourage customer reviews and respond publicly.
  • Keep the information about your cleaning business updated.

Optimize Meta Descriptions and Headings of All Your Cleaning Services

12. Fix Broken Link Issues on Your Cleaning Company Website

Broken links must be immediately removed because they can impact user experience and SEO negatively. Therefore, you must check periodically for links that don’t work and produce 404 errors.
For example, an outdated link to a specific cleaning service page that no longer exists would be considered broken. Users get error messages when trying to visit such pages.
How to Know Your Website Has Broken Links?
Use tools like Dead Link Checker or Xenu Link Sleuth to crawl your site and flag broken links. You should redirect or remove broken links to improve site health. These tools give you an easy way to ensure you don't give crawlers dead ends.

13. Create Individual Pages for All Cleaning Services You Offer

Create pages targeting specific services such as "post-construction clean up". High-quality content optimized for relevant keyword phrases to add to your service pages is the key to achieving SEO success.

Having dedicated pages for each cleaning service you provide is important for SEO and lead generation. Here is how individual service pages can help your business and SEO:

  • You can optimize each page for keywords related to that service. For example, optimize a page for "upholstery cleaning" rather than targeting all services on your home page. This helps that page rank for its specific focus keyword.
  • You can go into more detail about the process, techniques, products used, and benefits of that particular service. For example, highlight your eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods.
  • It allows you to include compelling before-and-after photos of projects relevant to that service. For instance, stained tile cleaning projects on your grout cleaning services page
  • List the different options and price points available for that cleaning service. For example, detail move-in and move-out cleaning package options and prices.
  • Insert calls-to-action to contact your cleaning business for pricing cleaning service quotes or appointments specific to that service.
Some examples of dedicated service pages:
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
The increased visibility, optimization, and conversions from tailored cleaning service pages make them well worth creating. Plus, these individual service pages offer website visitors the details they need for each cleaning service.

14. Remove Duplicate Content to Avoid Being Penalized by Google

Duplicate content destroys SEO efforts. Having duplicate content on your cleaning website can negatively impact SEO and risk Google penalties. Duplicate content refers to identical or near-identical content that appears across multiple URLs on a site.
Google wants to provide users with unique, original content for each search query. Duplicate content makes it unclear to search engines which page should rank for a topic.

Cons of Having Duplicate Content on Your Website:

  • Lower rankings due to diffused page authority and none of the duplicated versions of a page stand out in search results.
  • Indexing issues since search engines may choose to ignore duplicate pages.
  • Diluted link juice makes pages less authoritative as inbound links power multiple duplicate versions rather than strengthen one page. [Here, Link Juice refers to a search engine ranking factor that defines the authority passed between one website/page to another.]
  • Potential manual action by Google if excessive scraped/copied content exists without adding unique value.
  • Check your site for duplicate title tags, meta descriptions, H1s, text blocks, etc. To find duplicate content, you can use tools like Copyscape or Siteliner to detect duplicates.
How to Eliminate Duplicate Content?

You can eliminate duplications by 301-redirecting to a single authoritative version, adding fresh content to pages, or removing superfluous versions. Make sure you produce original text for each page.

15. Improve Website Loading Speed to Avoid Users Drive Away to Your Competitors

Fast website loading speed is critical for SEO and user experience. Research shows even 1 second of delay in page loads results in large drops in conversions. Users expect pages to load quickly and abandon slow sites.
Optimize images, enable compression, minimize redirects, and leverage browser caching to improve speed.
How to Determine Your Website Speed?
You can test site speed with various website speed test tools, such as:

  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Analytics Site Speed
  • WebPage Test
Faster load times enhance user experience and search rankings. Don't let slow page speeds drive customers to competing cleaning companies with quicker websites. Site speed plays a key role in improving your bottom line.

16. Track SEO Efforts and SEO Metrics to Improve Your SEO Campaigns

Consistently tracking SEO results is crucial to gauge the success of your efforts and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Use advanced SEO tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush to monitor key metrics of your website.

Important SEO Metrics to Track for Cleaning Businesses Include:

  • Organic traffic: Set goals and monitor monthly organic visits driven through search engines to track progress and measure SEO visibility. Analyze landing pages, keywords, and traffic sources.
  • Ranking positions: Track important keyword rankings in Google to see your progress for target terms. Use tools like SEMrush to monitor ranking changes.
  • Backlinks: Keep an eye on new backlinks pointing to your site to ensure you don't acquire bad links. Monitor authoritative domains linking to you.
  • Local rankings: Check your local pack ranking and GMB impressions. Improve visibility for service area-related searches.
  • Site crawl errors: Diagnose issues like duplicate content or broken links that impact SEO.
  • Page speed: Faster load time improves rankings and user experience. Page speed impacts conversions.
  • Conversions: This metric allows you to identify how much of your site traffic is converted into leads.
  • Revenue: This metric gives you an idea of how much money you earn through search traffic.
Use tracking insights to identify weaknesses and strengths across your site. Double down on what works. Optimize or eliminate what doesn't. Keep updating content to align with prominent keywords that drive traffic and establish relevance. Identify link-building opportunities in referral traffic sources.

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