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Each one running a business will agree that one can do anything but not everything. There is a point when you have to choose between turning the pages and closing the book. You have to stop wondering, worrying and doubting because can't let people lose their faith in you. The moment you realize that your work can be done better outside than it can be done inside, you should not be investing your energy into it. The global competitiveness and efficiency need demand expertise. Outsourcing your work to other people who are trained and educated to do it in a more appropriate manner is a smart choice.

Businesses where clients ask for SEO services additionally, either run into creating their own SEO department by hiring people who might not be competent enough to deliver results that the client wants or leave their other works to focus entirely on the SEO needs of their client. For example, a web development, web designing or digital marketing agency will certainly have clients asking for SEO but their business model doesn't have an SEO department or device. For them, the best way out is outsourcing the SEO jobs.

Reseller SEO Program and Services India

For the above-mentioned companies where SEO service and are provided additionally reseller SEO Services come to the rescue. They can get this job done by an external SEO agency and pay them for the SEO work. They can charge the client cumulatively for all services including SEO work, pay the agency for the job they do, and make their profit as well.

The best advantage that they get is saving their time by not struggling with the ropes of SEO and focusing on their core business. Even they get more business opportunities coming their way.


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Need for Reseller SEO Company

As you are well aware that Google keeps you on your toes when it comes to SEO for Google SERPS, it is extremely important to stay updated with the latest developments, algorithm changes, releases and refreshes done by Google.

Not just this, they must be competitively advanced in quality of work they do and must have a great trust rank since you trust them with your money, time, strategy, and efforts. Reliability is a must because your reputation goes into someone else's hands.

As a business whose core services are in development and designing, doing SEO will not only be time-consuming but also off track. The need for reseller SEO where you can outsource your work to trusted experts is thus highlighted.

Benefits Of Reseller SEO Services

The following advantages can be attributed to best SEO reseller service providers:

1. Cost Cutting : SEO consistently ranks among the most well-paying digital marketing specialties and hence, if you hire an in-house person to do the SEO, you will have a huge cost to bear. Alternatively, if you find freelancers and train them to do the job, you are again creating a backlog. You even don't have to buy SEO tools to check out the rankings and all.

2. Demand Fulfilling: Most of the business leaders need SEO from companies where they get their website developed or their marketing or advertising done. Reseller SEO helps you fulfill their additional demand. This makes your business more comprehensive and more alluring for opportunities.

3. Best Results: We know that SEO is becoming complicated day by day. If you sit to do the SEO by yourself, without any personal competency, you will certainly end up troubled. Reselling it to some other agency who does it for you under the white label assures that you provide your clients with the best results.

4. Focus On Core: As said earlier also, you should focus more and more on what you are good at. You should be striving every single day to become the best and unbeatable in your niche. Reseller SEO Services in India empower you to do that. You can specialize in what you are good at and transfer to others what they are good at.

5. Scalable Work: The reseller SEO agency has established processes to find link building opportunities, creating content and leveraging editorial relationships. They can deal with any amount of work at any point in time. They offer scalability as per your need or your client need.

6. Dedicated Team & Support : You are fully supported by a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced SEO Pros who will provide you with quality project-specific solutions. Besides, through Reseller SEO services, you can seamlessly present yourself as a reliable and trusted SEO provider in the eyes of your clients and stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Media Search Group SEO Reseller Services

We at Media Search Group, provide SEO reseller in Delhi, India to help you outsource the entire optimization process to trusted experts. You need not worry if you don't have SEO as a core competency, or already have a flourishing SEO division with less workforce.

You can transfer your pressure to us at very affordable prices. We in SEO and white label our services to others, usually design, development, and marketing agencies. Not only this, we even take up SEO work from sole owners who have a client base and want to make some profit for growth. With our reseller SEO work, we aim to continue exploring new things while working continuously on the projects. We never want to drop our specialist tag in the world of SEO.

A White Label Partnership

We prefer remaining invisible to the client and managing your backers SEO operations. The project management and deliverables are our responsibility but we don't forge or manipulate any information.

We believe in transparency and so we share the project reports with you, which you can share with the client if required. We will make sure that none of your clients view you as the middleman. You reserve the rights to boast about it as your work. We not only do beyond what we promise but also keep it close to the proposed deadlines. We make sure that none of our resources gets wasted and quality of work is never compromised.

About Our Best SEO Reseller Packages India

We offer SEO packages for a combination of services and even single services. The works of SEO that we do in Reseller SEO are as follows:

  • Keyword Research

  • SEO Audit

  • Local and Global SEO

  • Link Building

  • On Page Optimisation

  • Off Page Optimisation

  • Content Creation

  • Monitoring Campaigns

The price of the SEO reselling service depends upon the amount of work you transfer to us. The SEO packages are defined by the work that requires to be done.

If all steps are to be done, the package is costly but effective, and if any specific job is to be done, the package is cheap but only effective for the work we do. Other SEO activities need to be performed well to drive results.

All our packages are flexible with respect to your requirements. Whether its one job or two, we do it with a thumbs up and full dedication. Our work speaks for itself for what we say.

Pricing and Confidentiality

Reseller SEO work comes with double responsibility. Although all credits for the results and clients belong to you, we have to do it in a way that it belongs to us. As partners, we have to take care of each other. You need to trust us with the work we are ding for you and we need to trust you with the relationship we have.

The pricing is fixed at the time we sign the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) as per the package/service you order. You have to pay us that amount and we are not involved in the extra charges over the fixed price that you charge from the client. The profit is entirely yours.We shall never contact your clients directly or claim them as our own clients. We even expect you not to use the name of Media Search Group company anywhere on your website or testimonials. We never want that clients come to know that their work was resold by you

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Having partnered with so many people and companies, we know what we want in our partner and what others want from us. We combine all specialties to be the best reseller SEO partner that any company can have. What are you thinking now?

Contact us today to know in detail about the work process and unlock a whole new world of possibilities. It is the time that you meet your new White Label SEO partner. It is time you put your brand ahead of all your competitors in this niche.

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