Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is the technique to examine keywords in a single document. LSI has been used by search engines to check the density of keywords in single document. Each document is evaluated individually. LSI has given a new direction to SEO. This technology helps in indexing each document.

Latent semantic indexing keeps an account of keyword in a document which helps in analyzing the text. This model has gives search engine a bird's eye view to view how closely the document is related with each other. The documents which are semantically close to each other show the search engine the relevance of a website for a particular topic or keywords.

Mediasearchgroup is also followed LSI SEO system for the promotion of its client's website. Our team has been updating itself with the latest development in this technique as it gives an edge over our competitors. We have been successful in apply LSI based SEO with many existing sites of our clients which has resulted in good profits for them. Though this technique is complex but we at are confident to implement LSI based SEO for better ranking of the website.

What is LSI based SEO Services

  • Implementing complex semantic algorithms
  • Applying text mining
  • Using latent semantic indexing tools
  • LSI research for learning latent semantic indexing model for keywords
  • LSI based documents are created on bases of categories to create website theme
  • SEO techniques used for similar indexing documents

Mediasearchgroup has been using LSI based SEO techniques which increases search engine rankings of websites. It can give a website higher search engine ranking on popular search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing

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