Cascading Style Sheets abbreviation form is CSS. CSS file is read in .css format and it is called the style sheets used in a code language apt for HTML pages. It is the code which informs the browsers how a website page should be display. The designer element of the webpage is controlled by given specifically values on the sheet regarding the font's size and images.

Many think that CSS is like a word processing tool used for the web. It helps in giving style to the web page and one CSS file can be used for many web pages but the style of font and the images needs to be replaced. Many properties such as font size, features like bold, fonts and color has been complied in a common file.

Embedded or inline style sheets is being used for the HTML pages or can be attached as a separate file also. The HTML document which has an internal style sheet it will only affects that page only. Whereas an external style sheet, can be called an independent style which can be attached to any linked of HTML documents. The entire appearance of the website can be changed with an external style sheet.

CSS format is the approved format by W3C standards. CSS1 and CSS2 have been used in the world of web. The first version had come with 50 applications and later had come with 70 different applications used for developing a website.

Advantages of CSS:

  • Crisp and precise format
  • Separates HTML content from design element
  • Time saver
  • Site Maintenance easier
  • Increase web accessibility

Mediasearchgroup.com designs have been using CSS format as it gives them the freedom to design an appealing page which can be loaded quickly on the web browser. Quick uploading along with a prefect appearance is possible only with CSS codes.

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