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  • Internet Marketing is more than Organic SEO - Internet Marketing broadly refers to a range of activities performed with the objective of creating profitable customer relationships in the online medium.
  • Ensuring a HTML error free website - In layman terms, validating your web page for HTML errors simply implies ensuring the web page is free of any code errors using an online service or a program.
  • SMM Services for Business Promotion - Social Media marketing services also abbreviated as SMM are actually the integration of viral marketing
  • A Write up on Effective Link Building Techniques - After hearing and reading so much about link building techniques, it becomes impertinent to put in few more inputs and feelings towards it.

How Can Fewer Backlinks Give The Highest Results?

There is no defined set of rules and regulation for channelizing traffic to a website. It is not like the usual traffic we find on the road that is traveling on the road to reach their destination as soon as possible because any one who is surfing the internet is looking for a result to his query. Here come the needs for backlinks.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Aug-16-2017 |  Comments: 0 | Views:  206

9 Things That You Must Ask While You Are Selecting An SEO Company

With these 9 points on your checklist, you are sure to find a good SEO company, capable of catering to your needs of improved search engine visibility for the targeted keywords and good incoming site traffic.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Aug-14-2017 |  Comments: 0 | Views:  224

How Can You Gain the Maximum out of Affiliate Marketing?

The people who have been in the digital marketing industry for a long time are aware about the wonders that affiliate marketing does in terms of fetching revenues.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Aug-12-2017 |  Comments: 0 | Views:  272

What Are The Attributes Of A Good Content?

Contents make up the majority of the digital world. In fact, we can’t switch from one page to another without stumbling on digital content. Typically, it refers to music, videos, texts, and images that are available for viewing or for downloading or for distribution on the internet.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Aug-11-2017 |  Comments: 0 | Views:  265

Check Out the Ad Experience Report for Your Website

Google Search Console has recently added the ‘Ad Experience Report’ feature to the web master tool in order to help the websites understand which type of advertisements are being disliked by their visitors for providing poor ad experiences.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Aug-08-2017 |  Comments: 0 | Views:  247

Preventing Negative Brand Publicity for Your Brand on Facebook

The internet is rich with audience. It is the ideal starting point for any business that wants to be recognized globally. However, the many and highly-effective brand marketing and awareness strategies must be utilized cautiously in order to thrive, create a loyal following and above all, brand authority.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Aug-04-2017 |  Comments: 0 | Views:  278

Why Have Video Contents Acquired the Future of Digital Marketing?

It drives brand awareness when social issues are highlighted by the brand. It creates engagement as the viewers can participate in the story as it unfolds. It diverts attention, communicating in a more emotional tone that text alone can’t do. Under such lucrative facts, who would not you try the video content marketing!

Posted By- Media Search Group | Aug-02-2017 |  Comments: 32 | Views:  337

Google Penalizes Websites That Use Pop Ups For Better User Experience

This is good news for us as it would enhance the mobile browsing experience by several times. However, the websites would be suffering as their right to trap users in their lucrative offers shall be curbed. The changes are already in effect now, and it’s time the websites must look out for alternatives.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Jul-28-2017 |  Comments: 5 | Views:  310

Uninformed Google Algorithm Updates Devalue The Websites With Bad Links

Yet, in certain span of time, these new techniques will become obsolete. Unable to figure out why? Perhaps because Google Algorithms shall again get updates with their vision. It is very important to keep yourself educated about what Google looks for in a website.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Jul-15-2017 |  Comments: 34 | Views:  442

Boost Content Success by Making Enemies

Creating threats to your enemies’ means creating something special for your supporters. You will receive all sorts of hate and condemnation, but your supporters will stand by you and encourage you. The hate and condemnation will earn you more views, likes, and shares as enemies try to garner more hate for you. This would be a perfect sign that you are on the right path and you are building something special by discussing topics that address people from different walks of life.

Posted By- Media Search Group | Jul-11-2017 |  Comments: 0 | Views:  351

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