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Social Media Marketing Services in India | Your Trusted Social Media Agency

Reach, Engage, and Convert Prospects into Your Customers and Brand Advocates  

Social Media Management Services Your Brand Needs for Business Growth

With over 1.2 billion internet users in India, an active social media presence is crucial to reach more customers and boost brand awareness. Our social media experts design highly strategic campaigns to increase your visibility, engagement, and sales. Our digital marketing agency in India offers customized social media marketing services in India across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Besides, we also offer SEO services, PPC advertising, content marketing, web design and development, ORM, CRO, and more.  

Create a Vibrant Online Presence with the Top Social Media Marketing Agency

Stand out online with our innovative social media marketing services in India! As India's leading digital marketing agency, our strategic social media campaigns create vibrant brand experiences that drive real growth for businesses. With robust analytics and content creation tailored for each platform, we engage highly qualified audiences that convert. Trust our experts to develop integrated strategies that increase website traffic, leads, and sales. For competitive social media marketing packages that create vibrant online visibility and help you thrive, partner with Media Search Group.   CTA: View Our Social Media Marketing Packages.  

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Services in India

Ever wondered why you need to invest in social media marketing services? Here is your answer:  

Reach a Wider Audience Organically

With over 755 million social media users, India has the second-highest social media adoption globally. Social media marketing in India helps you tap into this vast audience and increase brand awareness organically. Our SMM experts help you identify and target potential customers across social platforms.  

Create Brand Loyalty & Advocacy

Social media fosters meaningful engagement between brands and audiences. We help you tell your brand story and convey your values to connect emotionally with customers. This breeds loyalty and turns them into brand advocates who promote you via recommendations, reviews, and word-of-mouth.  

Generate More Qualified Leads

Our social media campaigns focus on lead generation. With strategic messaging and calls to action, we direct more traffic to your website and generate leads via lead-generation forms and social campaigns. Our social media marketing services nurture these leads into customers by building relationships.  

Enhance Brand Authority & Thought Leadership

Our social media content plan focuses on establishing you as a leader in your niche by sharing valuable and authoritative insights consistently. This strengthens brand trust and brand positioning. We also share your blogs on social media platforms to establish you as a subject matter expert in your field.  

Monitor Social Trends & Growth Opportunities

With built-in analytics across social platforms, our experts track important metrics like clicks, views, engagement rate, reach, and sales to optimize and unlock growth opportunities. We stay updated on the latest social media trends and create social media strategies for an evolving digital landscape.  

Deliver Measurable Business Impact

We define clear quarterly/annual goals for every brand we partner with when creating an integrated social media strategy. We believe that you can quantify success via data tracked through social media analytics tools. This includes impressions, views, followers, engagement rate, reach, shares, and more.  

Social Media Statistics You Must Know

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What Makes Media Search Group the Leading Social Media Marketing Agency in India

Here is how we set our social media marketing agency apart from other social media marketing companies in India:  

12+ Years of Experience

With over 12+ years of experience handling numerous clients, Media Search Group has unmatched expertise in strategic social media marketing. Our seasoned social media professionals stay on top of the latest platform algorithms, trends, and best practices to fuel growth for brands across diverse industries.  

Data-Driven Approach

Our social media campaigns are planned based on in-depth audience research and competitive analysis. We employ well-defined processes to set S.M.A.R.T. goals covering every aspect from reach to revenue, ensuring streamlined strategy execution. We capture granular campaign insights to optimize our efforts.  

Range of Social Media Services

We offer end-to-end social media services, right from Facebook marketing to LinkedIn marketing and social media advertising. This includes creative content development, paid promotions through advertising, reputation management, funnel optimization, conversion tracking, and more.  

Engaging Social Media Content

Our talented social media experts create engaging content customized for each platform and target group. We drive maximum engagement with a mix of informative, entertaining, and interactive posts, including infographics and images. We also leverage user-generated content for better visibility.  

In-House Social Media Team

Our social media team comprises of social media platform experts, graphic designers, and specialists who coordinate it all while directly interfacing with brands as the single point of contact. This streamlined approach ensures a 360-degree social media presence and a positive brand identity online.  

100% Customization

Whether you are a B2B or B2C brand, we conduct in-depth target profiling to understand your audience and goals before recommending a tailored strategy and content plan that aligns platforms, messaging, creatives, and metrics to your specific business objectives for maximum brand exposure and reach.  

What Social Media Marketing Services We Offer in India

Our social media marketing company offers quality social media marketing services for various platforms to cater to the unique needs of different businesses.   Facebook Marketing With over 360 million users in India, Facebook marketing is integral for brand engagement and lead generation. Our Facebook marketing services include:   Instagram Marketing Instagram has emerged as a key social media platform given India’s 350+ million user base. Our Our Instagram marketing solutions cover:   Twitter Marketing With over 27 million users in India, Twitter remains highly relevant for select niches and businesses regardless of their size. Our Twitter marketing services include:   YouTube Marketing YouTube has over 465 million active monthly users in India. Our YouTube marketing services leverage this immense potential for brands:   LinkedIn Marketing With over 101 million members in India, LinkedIn is unmatched for B2B lead generation and B2B marketing. Our LinkedIn marketing services include:   Social Media Advertising To amplify engagement and conversions, we offer fully-managed social media advertising across FB, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter:   CTA: Looking for something else in social media marketing? Get in touch to know how our social media agency can help you.  

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy and Approach

Here is how we approach your social media marketing project, from goal setting to results delivery:  

Social Media Marketing Goals

We focus on aligning your social media marketing to core business goals instead of vanity metrics. During the goal-setting phase, we dig deeper to understand your overall targets spanning reach, engagement, lead generation, branding, web traffic, conversions, and sales. Our platform-specific strategies are then crafted around contributing towards moving these top-level needles.  

Social Media Strategy Development

Our structured approach towards developing integrated social media strategies covers market research, competitor benchmarking, audience analysis, platform evaluation, channel mix optimization, messaging strategy, content mapping, resource planning, technology integration, and campaign budgeting. We develop a social media strategy tailored to your brand's unique objectives.  

Social Media Profile Setup and Optimization

As part of getting set up on relevant social platforms, our social media marketing experts handle activities spanning visual branding, bio reworking, channel links, lead capture integrations, design optimizations, and more. This sets up the foundation needed for executing high-performing campaigns optimized for the platform's interface and algorithms.  

Social Media Content Calendar Management

Our social media management team plans and organizes an editorial calendar that maps out content across platforms weeks and months in advance through a mix of technology and human insight. This includes finalizing daily schedules, allocating platform budgets, planning broad theme lines, and categorizing content types needed while tracking progress.  

Social Media Content Creation and Design

We have in-house creative teams of writers, designers, and multimedia content producers who ensure a steady stream of high-quality social media content customized across text, image, video, and other formats that align with platform best practices. Through tools like Canva, we create branded social media posts, graphics, promos, and more based on the content calendars.  

Social Media Analytics and Reporting

We have robust analytics dashboards and processes in place to track key metrics across the conversion funnel including impressions, reach, engagement rate, clicks, costs per lead, lead quality, and average order value and ROI spanning paid. Both unified cross-platform reporting provide insights that feed into optimization recommendations on frequency, targeting, budgets, and more.   Give Your Brand a Voice and Personality with Our Social Media Services Humanize your brand and foster authentic connections with audiences across social media platforms through our personalized social media management services in India for creating differentiated online experiences that tell your unique story.  

Our Social Media Advertising Services for Faster Results and Maximum Reach

Our social media marketing company in India offers a wide range of social media advertising services for businesses for quick reach and results:  

Facebook Advertising

Strategic Facebook ads amplify organic reach to engage more of your potential customers. Our Facebook advertising services include:  

Instagram Advertising

Instagram's visually impactful format lends itself well to innovative social commerce. Our IG advertising solutions focus on:  

Twitter Advertising

Twitter ads extend branded Tweet visibility to amplify relevant conversations. Our promoted Tweet best practices include:  

YouTube Advertising

YouTube dominates streaming in India and YouTube ads also perform very well. Our YouTube video advertising solutions include:  

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising engages premium B2B audiences as this is the social space where you can find decision-makers, stakeholders, and key executives. Our LinkedIn advertising solutions include:  

Social Ads Analytics

We analyze platform advertising data to derive insights that drive higher ROI across objectives like:   CTA: Do you want to run social media ads for your business that deliver results? Talk to our social media experts now.  

How to Start Get Started with Social Media Marketing in India

Wondering where to start marketing your business on social media? Here are the key steps to begin social media marketing:  

Set Goals to Achieve with Social Media Marketing

The first step is defining your social media marketing goals aligned to business objectives so efforts stay focused. This includes realistic yet ambitious targets for brand awareness, lead generation, engagement rates, sales, and revenues that become key performance metrics. We help quantify both short-term and long-term social media marketing goals for each platform.  

Identify Target Audience and the Right Social Media Platform

Not all platforms work for every brand. Based on your products/services, geographic focus, and other aspects, certain apps will better engage your target groups. E.g. B2B needs active LinkedIn marketing while retail brands see traction on Instagram and Facebook. Our 360-auditing and platform evaluation identifies the specific platforms your audience actively use.  

Competitor Analysis and Industry Research

We assess competitor social media activity spanning channels used, content formats/themes, engagement levels achieved, and best practices that worked. Additionally, researching wider industry trends, practices, and benchmarks helps in decision-making. The competitive intelligence helps us create effective and high-impact social media strategies for your brand.  

Social Media Content Planning and Strategy

With a deep understanding of your business and target audience, our social media experts design an integrated platform strategy and content plan focused on achieving your KPIs. This covers finalizing channel mix, posting frequency/times optimization, content pillar mapping, campaign budgeting, resource allocation, and setting up tracking/reporting dashboards.  

Social Media Strategy Execution

We execute multi-channel campaigns as per the platform-specific roadmap crafted while coordinating creation and approval workflows. Our teams handle activities like community moderation, paid promotions, organic content publishing, lead capturing, ad campaign management, and advanced analytics. Supported by automation tools, we ensure consistency.  

Social Media Performance Analysis

In-depth analytics allow real-time tracking of metrics vs goals defined across reach, engagement rate, share of voice, lead quality, clicks, costs, and more. We dig deeper into social media campaign performance by platform, ad sets, creatives, and more to unlock insights that further optimization. Our analytics combine social data and web analytics for deeper analysis.  

Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Businesses

Check out the most popular social media platforms in India that businesses use for brand awareness and brand building:  


Facebook has over 360 million users in India, making it the leading social media platform in the country due to its wide demographic appeal. FB marketing works for B2C brands looking to drive community engagement, social commerce, catalog sales, and lead generation leveraging detailed targeting options.  


As visual content consumption rises, Instagram and its shoppable posts have revolutionized how brands integrate social media with retail. Given Gen Z/millennials active here, the platform is a must for fashion, D2C brands, beauty products, luxury segments, and B2C startups focusing on mobile-first consumers.  


LinkedIn dominates the professional/B2B space. The platform's audience segmentation by industry, job role, and other filters makes LinkedIn advertising unrivaled for targeting decision-makers, generating leads, market research via Groups/polls, and building thought leadership through content.  


Although Twitter has a smaller user base in India, it remains highly influential given senior decision-makers, politicians, media personnel, celebrities, and common people active here. Twitter is a great choice for mass-reach goals during events/ breaking news, publicity, and crisis communication.  


YouTube has taken off in the past 2 years with over 465 million active users now. YouTube presence is non-negotiable whether for brand storytelling via videos, launching new products, and more. Leveraging YouTube search and Google Video ads guarantees reaching the right viewers.   CTA: Feeling confused about which social media platform is right for your business? Let us help you.  

How Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business

Here is how your business can benefit from social media marketing services in India:  

Gets You Where Your Potential Customers Are

With falling newspaper readership and TV viewership, social media marketing allows brands to reach customers digitally in a targeted, cost-effective manner. Given stats about India like millennials driving purchases and women driving spending, social media opens up access to newer segments in ways beyond traditional media.  

Allows Interest and Behavior-Based Targeting

Social media makes it possible to directly engage audiences exhibiting either past interest in your offerings or similar inclinations using platform analytics. Targeting options go deeper allowing segmentation by demographics, location, actions taken, price range and more for hyperpersonalization. This is only possible digitally.  

Improves SEO Rankings and Social Traffic to Website

An active presence on social platforms indirectly boosts search rankings by enhancing domain authority and supporting link-building as posts connect back to your site. Further, optimized profiles actively drive direct referral traffic or social visitors to your online domain by tapping platform audiences. A social presence improves your online visibility.  

Enhances Brand Trust and Reputation  

By creating and sharing engaging, relevant content on social platforms, brands establish thought leadership in their category. This nurtures prospects through the sales cycle via helpful, non-promotional education thereby building authority and trust. Further, social media allows real-time reputation management via monitoring brand mentions and reviews.  

Provides Deeper Insights into Your Target Audience

The wealth of social data from pixels, APIs, and analytics dashboards reveals rich customer insights around demographics, psychographics, behavior patterns, interests, motivations and pain points. These actionable inputs guide content strategy and product decisions. Audience analysis uncovers new opportunities and guides expansion into related segments.  

Creates a Loyal Community for Your Brand

Social platforms fosters meaningful conversations that emotionally engage users more than one-way advertising. Branded hashtags and user-generated content humanize brands allowing audiences to co-create experiences on channels they actively use for discovery/expression. This interactivity builds lasting affinity and a vibrant community that promotes the brand.   CTA: Are you ready to build a brand and maximize your customer reach? Connect with us today.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Social Media Marketing Services in India

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the strategy of creating content and promoting your brand across social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others to grow your business. It aims to increase brand awareness, website visitors, customers, and sales through social platforms which have millions of daily active users. Apart from content posting and community management, social media marketing includes social advertising, influencer partnerships, lead generation tactics, and analytics to derive insights.  

What is social media advertising?

Social media advertising involves using the self-serve ad platforms within each social network like Facebook Ads Manager to run paid campaigns aimed at getting your content in front of more of your target audience. Platforms allow advertisers to set audience targeting parameters, budgets, durations etc. to reach the desired profiles with your ads whether via their feeds, stories or between videos/posts. You only pay when users engage with your ads. Quantifiable objectives range from video views, followers, conversions or sales. The format of social ads includes photos, videos and text tailored for higher performance based on ongoing measurement.  

How is social media management different from social media advertising?

Social media management involves organic efforts to grow your following and engagement through regular posting of valuable branded content. This includes a content calendar with posts and interactions planned as per your brand story. Social media teams focus on content creation like blogs, videos, news updates etc. tailored not just for your products but the interests of your audience base determined through analytics.   On the other hand, social media advertising refers to running paid campaigns within the advertising platforms that each network provides e.g. Facebook Ads Manager. So, you amplify reach by putting budgets behind your existing content assets from posts to Stories. The platform targets audience segments you specify like past visitors or lookalikes. You also set campaign objectives based on what stage of the funnel users are at e.g. video views for awareness or lead forms for those down converting.  

What does a social media marketing company do? How does it work?

A social media marketing company in India like ours first helps identify your target audience and business objectives to shape an effective strategy. Our experts then research the right set of platforms where your personas are most active to set up and optimize company pages/profiles that represent the brand. High-quality platform-specific content across formats like blogs, images, videos, and stories is then created as per an editorial calendar to authentically engage communities.   Depending on goals, other services like social commerce integration, hashtag campaigns, lead ads, or contests are implemented. With historical data and real-time analytics, performance is continually optimized to derive ROI from social media through increased brand awareness, lower CAC, higher sales, and lower service costs.  

What are the 5 P’s of social media marketing?

The 5 P's of social media marketing refer to:

  Getting these 5 P’s right ensures building an impactful social media presence as each element complements the others for comprehensive strategy success.  

Which social media platform should I choose for my business?

The ideal platform mix depends on your target segments, value proposition, and objectives. For B2C brands focusing on visual storytelling and direct sales, Instagram and Facebook work very well. For B2B targeting corporates, the priority is cultivating an influential presence on LinkedIn to establish thought leadership. To tap local audiences and optimizations based on foot traffic data, tools from Google My Business are effective. For certain categories like hospitality/travel where opinions sway decisions, actively responding to reviews on Twitter/platforms builds credibility. Our proprietary auditing framework helps suggest the right platforms for your brand.  

Should I choose social media advertising or Google Ads services?

Both social media advertising (such as Facebook Ads services) and Google Ads services serve different purposes. Google Ads target audiences actively searching about related products/services and ready to explore solutions on the search engine i.e. lower funnel. Platforms work better for top-funnel needs of reach and awareness amongst loosely defined segments. Social media advertising also builds advocacy via engagement. Optimize Google Ads for conversions/sales when users indicate buying intent through keywords. Use social media for community-building and conversations that nurture prospects. Blend both for effective funnel management.  

How to know if I need social media advertising services in India?

If organic posts drive inadequate website traffic or sales, it signals the need for paid advertising to widen reach. When engagement rates decline despite quality content, ads help regain visibility. Another indicator is slowing follower growth on company pages or profiles. Competitor performance outpacing your organic presence also hints that paid promotions are starting to become crucial. Our audits assess if your brand can benefit from managed ad services.  

What is the cost of social media services in India?

For small businesses, social media management starts from $149 monthly covering any one platform and social media content posting. The average mid-sized brand invests around $249 monthly for 2 platforms, community management, and basic analytics. Comprehensive packages covering 4 to 5 social media platforms along with extensive content production and multi-channel ads cost between $449 and $599 monthly. For larger firms, custom project-based pricing applies based on the efforts required and resources.  

What budget should I set for social media advertising in India?

For an effective presence, brands should dedicate 10% to 30% of their digital marketing budget to social media advertising and promotions. If you spend $1000 monthly on Google Ads, then allocating $200 to $500 towards Facebook/Instagram ads ensures you also tap social networks along with search. For the launch phase, we recommend at least $300 monthly. As pages and campaign history build, this can be scaled up for 2X growth.    

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