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Local SEO Packages in India| Local SEO Plans

Increase Local Search Rankings, Get Found by Local Customers, and Boost Sales with Local Business SEO Packages     CTA: Request FREE local SEO audit.  

H2: Be Visible to Potential Local Customers with Local SEO Packages in India

Are you a business owner in India? Do you want more customers to find you locally? Local SEO packages can help. They optimize your website and online listings for your city or area. When people search for your products or services near them, your business will show up first. This gets you more visibility, website visitors, and footfall at your local stores. With the right local SEO package, qualified leads who are ready to buy will discover your business easily. Invest in our local SEO packages to attract nearby customers and grow your sales today.  

H2: Get Custom Local SEO Packages to Grow Sales, Store Footfall, and Revenue

Every business has different local SEO needs based on their industry, location, and goals. That's why we offer custom local SEO packages in India. Our experts will analyze your current online presence and market landscape. Then, they'll create a tailored strategy to boost your local rankings and visibility. From optimizing Google My Business to building local citations, we'll cover all local SEO aspects. With our local SEO services in India, you can expect more walk-in customers, higher revenue, and a strong local market presence. Get started now for proven results.

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H2: What is Local Search Optimization (Local SEO)?

Local Search Optimization or Local SEO is the process of optimizing your online presence to rank higher in location-based searches. When someone searches for a product or service near them, Google shows the most relevant local businesses first.   Local SEO helps your business get found in these "near me" searches through techniques like Google Business Profile optimization, local website SEO, citation building, and local link building. A strong local SEO strategy puts your business in front of motivated buyers looking for what you offer in their city or area.  

H2: How Does Google Maps SEO Ranking Help Your Business?

Get a Spot in Google's 3-Pack

When someone searches for a business on Google Maps, only the top 3 listings (called 3-Pack) show up first. Getting your business in this premium spot can bring you a ton of new customers. With our Google Maps SEO, we optimize your listing to rank in this coveted 3-pack. More people will discover your business address, timings, website, and contact details instantly.  

Lower Spend on Paid Ads

Paid ads on Google can get very expensive, especially for competitive keywords. Plus, many local businesses don’t have that much budget. However, when you rank high on Google Maps, you get free exposure and visibility. Our Google Maps SEO experts ensure your business listing is fully optimized. This organic visibility can reduce your dependence on paid ads.  

Amplified Visibility Online

These days, most people search for local businesses online before visiting a store or office. If your Google Maps listing is not optimized, you miss out on this massive online visibility. Our Google Maps optimization services enhance your listing with optimal data, photos, and information. This amplifies your visibility manifold when locals search for relevant services.  

Improve Local Reach

Google Maps makes it easy for people to find businesses near them through proximity searches. However, if your Google listing is not properly optimized, it may not show up in these "near me" searches. Our Google Maps SEO tactics improve your local reach dramatically. More people in your city or neighborhood will discover your conveniently located business.  

Better Conversion Rates

An optimized Google listing with updated business info, high ratings, great photos, and positive reviews enhances trust and credibility with local customers. This translates to higher conversion rates. Customers are more likely to visit a business that looks professional, established, and well-reviewed online. Our Google Maps SEO services directly boost your sales and conversions.  

Reach Potential Local Customers

At the end of the day, local businesses in India and beyond need a steady stream of nearby customers to survive and grow. Google Maps SEO helps you reach out to this targeted audience of potential local customers. By ranking high for localized keywords and near-me search terms, you instantly connect with people already looking for businesses like yours in that specific area.  

H2: View Local SEO Pricing Packages in India

  Local SEO Package table   CTA: Didn’t find the local SEO package you need? Contact us to get a fully custom Local SEO Package.  

H2: Why Invest in Local SEO Packages in India?


Hyper-relevant traffic

When you invest in local SEO packages, you attract people who are already looking for businesses like yours nearby. This hyper-relevant traffic is valuable as these people have high purchase intent. Unlike general SEO which brings broad traffic, local SEO drives highly targeted prospects right when they are searching for your products or services locally. This increases conversions and foot traffic to your outlets.  

High-quality Leads

Local customers make for quality leads as they are more likely to convert into paying customers. They have an inherent need for businesses operating in their city or neighborhood. Our local SEO packages in India ensure your business listing shows up prominently in localized "near me" searches. This puts you in front of quality leads who are ready to buy from a conveniently located store or service provider.  

More Cost Effective

Paid digital advertising costs for popular keywords can burn a hole in your pocket, especially for competitive industries. Local SEO is a much more cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic. Once your website and listings are optimized for local searches, you keep getting a steady stream of high-intent customers without recurring ad spends. This organic visibility provides higher ROI in the long run.  

H2: Why Choose Local SEO Packages from Media Search Group?


12+ Years of Experience in SEO

Media Search Group has over 12 years of extensive experience in the SEO industry. When it comes to local SEO, we have in-depth expertise in optimizing Google Business listings, building citations, managing reviews, and much more. With our seasoned local SEO professionals, you can trust that your business will get the utmost online visibility in local areas.  

In-house Local SEO Team

At Media Search Group, we have a dedicated in-house team of local SEO experts based right here in India. Our local SEO professionals deeply understand the cultural nuances, languages, and online behavior of Indian audiences. They craft high-impact local SEO strategies that effectively reach and convert your target customers in a localized manner.  

Affordable Local SEO Packages

We understand that businesses, especially smaller ones, have limited marketing budgets. That's why we offer highly affordable local SEO packages that deliver incredible value for money. Our transparent, no-hidden-cost pricing models empower businesses of all sizes to access professional local SEO services in India without burning a hole in their pockets.  

Transparent Communication

We believe in building strong, transparent relationships with our clients based on open and clear communication. You'll never be left in the dark about our SEO processes, local SEO package pricing, or timelines. Our team keeps you updated through detailed reports highlighting all our local SEO efforts. We are always available to address any queries you may have.  

Timely Report and Complete Support

Along with transparent communication, you also get timely reporting and complete support from our local SEO experts. We provide detailed monthly local SEO reports analyzing your local presence, search visibility, rankings, and other key metrics. Our friendly support team is just a call or email away to assist you with any questions or issues related to local SEO campaigns.  

Dedicated Account Manager

Every client at Media Search Group is assigned a dedicated account manager. This is your personal point of contact who understands your business and local SEO goals in depth. Your account manager proactively guides you through the whole process, keeping you updated on progress, seeking feedback, and ensuring you get maximum ROI from your local SEO investment.  

H2: What Our Local SEO Packages Include


Website SEO Audit

Before we begin optimizing your online presence for local SEO, our team conducts a comprehensive website SEO audit. We analyze your website's structure, content, loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and other factors that impact local rankings. This audit helps us identify areas of improvement and create an effective local SEO strategy tailored for your business.  

Local Keyword Research

Identifying the right local keywords is crucial for your local business to show up in relevant local searches on Google and other search engines. Our local SEO packages include local keyword research specific to your products/services and target locations. We find low-competition, high-intent keywords that locals are using to search for businesses like yours nearby.  

Local Market Research

To ensure your local search engine optimization efforts are properly targeted, we conduct detailed research into your local market landscape. We study your local competitors, their local search visibility, audience demographics, and search behavior in your city/area. These insights guide our localized SEO strategies for maximum impact on your website and business.  

On-page SEO

Optimizing your website's content and website structure is vital for better local rankings in major search engines. As part of our local SEO packages, we incorporate relevant local keywords throughout your website and optimize title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and more. These on-page optimizations signal search engines that your business is locally relevant and helpful.  

Off-page SEO

While on-page factors are important, high local rankings also depend on a strong off-page SEO profile. Our local SEO experts build quality local backlinks, business listings, and brand signals for your business. These off-page optimizations improve your local authority, credibility, and search engine trust. Consequently, your website becomes more likely to rank for local searches.  

Google Maps SEO

These days, most local searches happen directly on Google Maps. Our local SEO packages ensure your Google Maps Profile listing is fully optimized with the right business categories, location details, opening hours, photos, and other critical information that boosts your visibility on Google Maps for local search terms. With Google Maps SEO, We help you show up in local 3-pack.  

Local Content Marketing

Creating locally relevant, engaging content is essential to improving your business's online presence and reputation in a specific area. Our local SEO packages include producing localized blog posts, articles, press releases, infographics, and other content assets that appeal to your target local audience. We also optimize your web pages based on the targeted locations.  

Local Citation Building

Citations are references to your business name, address, and phone number on online directories and data aggregators. Our team builds high-quality, consistent local citations across relevant local platforms to strengthen your business's local online presence and authority. Strong local citations also send a positive signal about the local presence of your business.  

Google Business Profile Optimization

Your Google Business Profile acts as a virtual storefront. We optimize this crucial listing with your correct name, address, phone number, business hours, categories, photos, videos, and other details search engines use to determine local ranking when people look for businesses like yours. Regular posting and review management also improve local presence.  

Keyword Rank Tracking

As part of our local SEO packages, we closely monitor how your website is ranking for important local keywords on search engines like Google. Our team uses professional rank-tracking tools to check your ranking positions regularly. This data helps us analyze the impact of our local SEO efforts and further optimize your campaign for even better visibility.  

Google Analytics & Monitoring

Understanding your website's traffic data is crucial to measuring the success of your local SEO strategies. Our local SEO packages include setting up Google Analytics properly and monitoring key metrics like sessions, bounce rate, conversions, and more. We study this data to gain valuable insights into user behavior and optimize your online presence.  

Monthly Local SEO Reporting

You will receive detailed monthly reports highlighting all the local SEO work done, your website's ranking progress, search visibility improvements, and more. These transparent reports, coupled with our expert analysis and recommendations, ensure you stay updated on your campaign's impact. We are always available to discuss the reports and provide further guidance.  

H2: Our Local SEO Process to Make Your Business Profitable


Geographic Keyword Research

We identify the specific cities, areas, and neighborhoods your target local customers are searching for. We also find the relevant keywords and search terms they use when looking for businesses like yours nearby. This localized keyword research ensures we optimize your online presence for the right geographic locations and search phrases. Your business shows up prominently when potential customers in your area search for related products or services.  

Google Maps Competitive Analysis

After the geographic keyword research, our local SEO team conducts a comprehensive analysis of your competitors' presence on Google Maps. We study factors like their rankings, reviews, categories, photos, and other listing optimizations. This competitive Maps analysis helps us understand what's working well for other local businesses. We can then implement and improve upon those successful strategies to help your business outrank the competition locally.  

Google Business Profile Optimization

An optimized Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) listing is vital for local business visibility. Our experts claim and verify your official listing, ensuring all your business details like name, address, phone number, hours and categories are correct and consistent. We then optimize your listing with engaging descriptions, photos, videos, posts, and other elements that improve your local ranking signals to improve your local online presence.  

Citation Audit and Citation Building

Citations are references to your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on various online directories, apps, and data aggregators. Our process includes a thorough citation audit to identify any existing inconsistent NAP listings that can negatively impact local rankings. Then, we implement smart citation-building tactics, getting your business listed properly across relevant high-authority local citation sources to strengthen your online authority.  

Local On-page Optimization

On-page optimization is crucial for both your website and Google Business Profile to rank better locally. Our team incorporates location-based keywords throughout your website's content, meta tags, title tags, URLs and more in a natural way. We also optimize your locally relevant website pages like service area pages, location-based landing pages, local microsites, and more. This on-page local SEO enhances relevance signals for your targeted geographic areas.  

Technical Optimization

Along with on-page factors, technical optimizations also play a role in improved local rankings. As part of the process, we ensure your website follows best practices like optimal site structure, fast loading speed, mobile-friendliness, secure browsing, and more. These technical optimizations provide a better user experience to local searchers. They also improve the crawlability and indexability of your locally-optimized content for search engines like Google.  

Schema Markup

Schema markup is code that helps search engines better understand the context and entities on your web pages. Our local SEO experts implement the relevant structured data markups on your locally optimized website and content. This includes markups for local business details, services offered, contact information, reviews, events, and more. Proper schema implementation enhances your local presence in search results through rich snippets and knowledge panels.  

Local Content Creation and Optimization

Engaging, informative localized content is important to boost your online authority and reputation for specific geographic areas. As part of our process, we create hyperlocal content assets like blog posts, graphics, and more tailored for your target locations. This locally-relevant content is optimized with geographic keywords, business data, and location-specific signals to improve its visibility in local searches. Quality local content earns more links and social shares.  

Local Link Building

Our proven local link-building tactics help build high-quality backlink portfolios from relevant local sources. This includes earning links from locally trusted sites like news websites, blogs, directories, organizations, and communities in your city or area. These local backlinks act as strong relevance and authority signals to search engines that you are locally relevant. They improve local search visibility and boost rankings for your business in its targeted service areas.  

H2: SEO Tools We Use for Local SEO

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H2: What Our Clients Say: Testimonials

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H2: What Is Local SEO Package Pricing in India?

The cost of local SEO packages in India can vary depending on the services included and the scope of work. On average, basic local SEO packages start from around ₹11,000 per month. More comprehensive packages with additional services like content creation and link building can cost up to ₹30,000 per month.   For businesses that need a fully customized local SEO campaign with advanced services and dedicated resources, the local SEO package pricing can go up to ₹50,000 to ₹70,000 per month or higher. Most local SEO agencies provide different local SEO package options to suit varied business requirements and budgets in India.  

H2: Factors That Impact the Cost of a Local SEO Service Package


Number of Targeted Locations

The more locations you want to target with local SEO, the higher the cost. If you have a single business location, optimizing for that one area will be cheaper. However, if you have multiple outlets or serve customers in different cities and neighborhoods, the local SEO efforts and pricing increase accordingly.  

Competition Level in the Industry

Highly competitive industries require more aggressive local SEO strategies to outrank other businesses. This amplified SEO effort results in higher package costs compared to less competitive spaces. Factors like market saturation, established competitors, and high commercial value influence local SEO pricing.  

Type of Ecommerce Business 

The type of business also impacts local SEO package costs. Service-based businesses like contractors, lawyers, and doctors tend to have higher pricing due to the extensive location-specific optimizations needed. Product businesses with physical selling outlets may have different local SEO needs that factor into costs.  

Website Structure and Optimization

If your existing website requires significant technical improvements and structural changes for proper on-page local optimization, it can increase local SEO package pricing. Well-optimized websites aligned with best local SEO practices need less effort, resulting in lower costs for foundational on-page work.  

Number & Quality of Local Directory Submissions

The number of high-quality local directory listings and citations required for your business directly correlates to local SEO costs. More comprehensive citation building involving a large number of authoritative local directories naturally increases the resource requirements and local SEO pricing.  

Current State of Local SEO

An analysis of your current local online presence and visibility reveals strengths and gaps. This determines the level of effort needed to optimize your local SEO from the ground up. The poorer the current state, the more work involved, leading to higher package costs to get you properly locally optimized.   Compare Our Local SEO Plans and Local SEO Package Pricing Get Free Local SEO Proposal and Discover How We Will Help Your Business Grow  

H2: Frequently Asked Questions on Local SEO Packages


What is local SEO and Google Maps listing?

Local SEO refers to optimizing your online presence to rank higher in location-based searches on Google. When someone looks for a product or service "near me", Google displays the most relevant nearby businesses. Local SEO ensures your business is optimized to show up in these local search results. A key part of local SEO is optimizing your Google Maps listing, also called the Google Business Profile. This free listing showcases your business name, address, phone number, website, photos, reviews, and other important details for local customers.  

What is the difference between local SEO and standard SEO?

Standard SEO focuses on improving your website's visibility across all searches globally or nationally. Local SEO, on the other hand, specifically aims to boost your online presence for geographic-specific searches in a particular city, town, or neighborhood. With local SEO, your optimization efforts are concentrated on ranking better in "near me" searches by local customers looking for businesses like yours close by.  

Does Google Maps marketing improve local business and its image?

Yes, an optimized Google Maps listing can significantly benefit your local business image and visibility. Over 46% of consumers use online search to find local businesses. A well-optimized Google Maps listing with updated business information, high ratings, great photos, and positive reviews enhances trust and credibility. This improved local online presence translates to more store visits, calls, website traffic, and revenue for your business. A strong profile on Google Maps is essential for building a strong, reputable local business image.  

Which businesses should invest in local SEO service packages?

Any business that caters to or depends on a local customer base should invest in professional local SEO packages. This includes restaurants, retail stores, home services, healthcare providers, legal firms, salons, contractors and more. Even e-commerce businesses can leverage local SEO to improve visibility in specific markets and areas. Fundamentally, if local consumers are part of your target audience, local search optimization is an essential digital marketing investment.  

Do you customize local SEO service packages?

Yes, we offer fully customized local SEO packages tailored to meet the unique business requirements and goals of each client. Our team takes a consultative approach, first understanding your current online presence, target locations, competitive landscape, and overall objectives. Based on this analysis, we create a personalized local SEO strategy and scope of work. The customized package can include services like local listing management, on-page optimization, local link building, local content creation, and more as per your specific needs. This bespoke approach ensures maximum ROI from your local SEO investment.  

What approach do you use for content creation when doing local SEO?

Creating high-quality, locally relevant content is a crucial part of our local SEO approach. We follow a strategic process for content creation tailored for local optimization. Our team conducts thorough local keyword research to identify the search terms and phrases people use when looking for businesses like yours in a specific area. We plan different content pieces like blogs, press releases, guides, etc. incorporating these localized keywords naturally. The content is further optimized with location-specific information such as your business address, areas served, names of nearby localities, and local imagery. We also earn local backlinks and social signals to boost the online authority of this localized content.  

Do you manually build local citations for websites?

Yes, we follow a manual local citation-building process as part of our local SEO packages. Our team researches and identifies the most relevant, authoritative online directories, listings, and data aggregators for your business's industry and location. We then properly submit and update your business name, address, phone number (NAP), and other core details across these high-quality local citation sources. This ensures consistent NAP information everywhere, eliminating any conflicts that can negatively impact local rankings.  

How long does it take to see local SEO results?

The time it takes to see measurable results from local SEO can vary depending on multiple factors like your current online presence, competition level in your area, and the scope of work involved. On average, you can expect to see initial positive movements in your business's local rankings and visibility within 3-6 months of beginning a professional local SEO campaign. However, more significant ranking improvements and increased website traffic may take 6-12 months. Consistent local SEO is an ongoing process, so the results compound over time as your local authority and optimizations solidify further.  

Will you optimize my presence on Google Business Profile?

Yes! Optimizing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) listing is a vital component of our local SEO packages and process. Our team will claim and verify ownership of your official Google Business Profile if not already done. We then optimize every aspect of the listing including business name, address, phone number, categories, service areas, opening hours, photos, videos, posts, and other details. Regular maintenance is performed through activities like Google Posts publishing and review response management to further boost your local presence and rankings.  

How can I verify my local business on Google Business Profile?

Verifying your business on Google Business Profile is essential to get the most out of this Google service. Google requires verification to prove you're the real owner. The verification process typically involves either a postcard being mailed to your business address with a unique code, or a phone call/text with the verification code. Some businesses can also get instantly verified online. Once verified as the owner, you'll be able to fully manage your Google Business Profile listing for local optimization, posting updates, responding to reviews, and more. Proper verification significantly enhances your local SEO presence.
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