Grow Your Online Store: Ecommerce SEO Services in India

As India's leading ecommerce SEO agency, Media Search Group offers specialized ecommerce SEO services in India to help online stores rank higher, drive more traffic, and boost sales. Our experienced ecommerce SEO company implements proven SEO strategies tailored for your ecommerce website's success. Partner with us for exceptional ecommerce SEO services in India!

Expand Your Market Reach with Specialized Ecommerce SEO

Our specialized ecommerce SEO services help you effectively expand beyond your current customer base to tap into new markets and consumer segments. By optimizing your online store to rank higher both locally and internationally, our ecommerce SEO company enables you to cost-effectively attract qualified visitors that may not have found your website otherwise. Our localization strategies coupled with our worldwide SEO experience facilitates engaging and converting new demographics, fueling your ecommerce growth. Partner with us to expand your market reach through proven ecommerce SEO.

Why Ecommerce SEO is Crucial for Your Online Business Success

Ecommerce SEO is a foundational strategy for online business success, yet is often overlooked. By optimizing your ecommerce site to rank higher in search engines through our proven SEO services, you can substantially increase qualified traffic, brand visibility, and conversions. This leads to lower customer acquisition costs, higher revenues, and greater profits over the long-term. The ROI from SEO far exceeds other paid channels. In today's digital marketplace, leveraging our ecommerce SEO services gives your online store a vital competitive advantage.

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How Ecommerce SEO Benefits Your Online Store

Implementing our comprehensive ecommerce SEO services delivers transformative benefits for your online store’s growth and success in both the short and long-term.

There are several key ways our ecommerce SEO helps your business:

Increased Organic Traffic and Revenue

Our core focus is driving qualified organic traffic that converts, leading to higher revenues and lower customer acquisition costs versus other paid channels.

Improved Website Visibility

Ecommerce SEO elevates your website visibility for relevant searches, so more potential customers can discover your online store and engage with your brand.

Greater Brand Credibility and Trust

Higher rankings lend your ecommerce site more credibility while optimized content highlights your brand’s expertise, improving consumer trust and purchase confidence.

Expanded Local and Global Reach

Our local and international ecommerce SEO helps you effectively tap into new geographic markets and buyer demographics to fuel business growth.

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

The incremental visitors driven through organic search results in a lower customer acquisition cost compared to paid ads and other online sales channels.

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

SEO-driven shoppers have higher purchase intent and customer lifetime value, making them more likely to become repeat, loyal customers over time.

What Services We Offer as an Ecommerce SEO Company

As a dedicated ecommerce SEO agency, Media Search Group provides an expansive array of solutions to maximize the organic visibility, traffic, and sales growth for online stores. Leveraging proven search optimization strategies tailored for ecommerce sites, our comprehensive services are designed to deliver tangible ROI to your business.

From technical audits to content creation and global expansion, we help your ecommerce website leverage SEO’s full potential. Our offerings include:

Ecommerce SEO Consulting and Auditing

Ecommerce SEO Consulting and Auditing

Our expert SEO consultants craft detailed strategies tailored to your ecommerce business goals. We also perform in-depth audits of your site's current ecommerce SEO health, identifying improvement opportunities.

Competitor Benchmarking and Intelligence

Competitor Benchmarking and Intelligence

We conduct thorough analysis of your top competitors across critical technical and rankings metrics to identify winning SEO approaches we can implement for your site.

Ecommerce Design and Platform Optimization

Ecommerce Design and Platform Optimization

We guide your website's architecture, design and migration to a new ecommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce to maximize SEO capability. Our developers optimize platform enhancements for site speed and crawling.

Targeted Content Strategy and Creation

Targeted Content Strategy and Creation

Our talented in-house content team builds link worthy assets like guides, blogs, videos and more that get results. We also leverage visual content and localization for global markets.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Sales Funnel Optimization

Combining conversion rate optimization with our ecommerce SEO generates higher ROI through lower bounce rates, more pages-per-session and increased transactions.

Ongoing Performance Optimization

Ongoing Performance Optimization

Using advanced analytics, we track rankings, traffic, leads, sales and metrics to optimize ongoing efforts, spot issues early and continue improving results from the SEO program. Reporting provides full transparency.

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How We Optimize Your Ecommerce Website for Higher Rankings and More Traffic

Our experienced team of ecommerce SEO experts focuses on comprehensively optimizing your site's on-page and technical factors to help dramatically improve rankings, increase organic traffic, and boost conversions.

On-Page Optimization - Structured Data, Meta Tags, URL Structure

On-Page Optimization - Structured Data, Meta Tags, URL Structure

Thorough on-page optimization is the foundation of effective ecommerce SEO services in India. Our ecommerce SEO company implements schema markup and structured data like product schema, breadcrumbs, etc. to highlight rich product information to search engines. We optimize page titles to include important keywords, write targeted meta descriptions to generate more clicks, and structure headings using keywords. Our SEO services also include optimizing your site's URL structure for better user experience and SEO benefits.

Technical SEO - Site Speed, Mobile Optimization, Indexation

Technical SEO - Site Speed, Mobile Optimization, Indexation

Our comprehensive ecommerce SEO services address key technical optimization areas. We evaluate and improve your site speed using various performance optimizations to reduce load times. Ensuring a fast, mobile responsive site is vital for ecommerce SEO success. Our technical SEO also includes proper SSL encryption implementation, effective robots.txt and XML sitemaps creation for proper indexation, and fixing any crawl errors. We identify and fix all other technical SEO issues on your site to provide the best user experience.

Content Optimization - Keyword Research, Blog, Product Descriptions

Content Optimization - Keyword Research, Blog, Product Descriptions

Optimized, engaging content has become extremely important for ranking with ecommerce SEO in India. Our expert SEO agency conducts in-depth keyword research to identify relevant keywords and phrases for your products and categories. We create natural, keyword-optimized product descriptions, category pages, blogs, articles and other content assets that both search engines and shoppers love. Our content helps establish your brand's authority in your niche while driving more qualified traffic.

Our Proven SEO Strategies for Ecommerce Websites

As a leading ecommerce SEO agency in India, we utilize proven SEO strategies tailored to help ecommerce businesses like yours rank higher locally and globally, drive more relevant organic traffic, and maximize conversions.

Local SEO to Rank Higher in Indian Search Results

Our local SEO services help you rank better for searches in India. We optimize your site for Indian audiences by implementing local business schema, optimizing location pages for major Indian cities, using .in domains, creating content tailored for Indian consumers, and building locally-relevant links. These strategies help you rank higher in Google India and other Indian search engines.

Voice Search Optimization for Smart Speakers

Voice search is growing exponentially and we ensure your ecommerce site is fully optimized to attract voice traffic. Our ecommerce SEO company optimizes your site to rank for featured snippets so you can appear prominently in voice search results. We also optimize for long-tail conversational keywords that customers use in voice queries. Fast page load times are also implemented to provide the best voice search experience.

International SEO to Target Customers Abroad

Our ecommerce SEO services also specialize in helping you optimize your site to rank higher globally and target customers worldwide. We implement international SEO best practices including creating localized pages for different countries, displaying prices in local currencies, using top-level domains like .com, translating content, and localizing the site experience for international audiences.

Additional Digital Marketing Services for Your Ecommerce Business

In addition to our core expertise in ecommerce SEO services, our full-service digital marketing agency provides integrated services to help maximize your online store's visibility, traffic, and sales.

PPC Advertising Campaign Management

Our ecommerce SEO company offers end-to-end PPC advertising management across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, and other advertising platforms. We create highly optimized PPC campaigns with targeted keywords, compelling ads, split testing, and bidding strategies tailored for your ecommerce business. Our PPC marketing drives qualified traffic and conversions for your online store.

Social Media Marketing and Influencer Partnerships

We provide specialized social media marketing services for ecommerce brands, including daily content creation, influencer collaborations, social media contests, Facebook and Instagram advertising. Leveraging social media strengthens your brand awareness, engagement, and sales. Our influencer partnerships also help showcase your products to relevant audiences.

Email Marketing and Retargeting to Increase Engagement

Our digital marketing agency builds sophisticated email marketing funnels with welcome sequences, promotions, newsletters, and other campaigns. We also leverage retargeting ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google to re-engage visitors who left your site without purchasing. Our email and retargeting services help boost engagement and conversions.

Actionable Ecommerce SEO Reports and Analytics

At Media Search Group, accurate reporting and analytics inform our ongoing ecommerce SEO strategies to continually drive better results. Clients have complete visibility through customized monthly reporting highlighting key metrics. We also leverage advanced analytics for real-time optimization opportunities.

We deliver detailed monthly reports to clients showcasing the progress and ROI of SEO campaigns across core metrics like:

  • Keyword rankings improvement
  • Increase in organic site traffic
  • Growth trends over time
  • Lead generation and sales attributed to SEO
This empowers brands with visibility into what’s working so we double down on the highest impact areas. Tracking ROI spotlights the true value delivered.

Complementing monthly reporting, we implement advanced site analytics for real-time tracking. Monitoring daily visitors, source trends and custom dashboards enables rapid response. If an issue emerges, we catch it early. If content goes viral, we capitalize faster.

Analyzing user on-site activity, funnel metrics and search data provides a wealth of actionable insights. We synthesize learnings to continually refine page messaging, site navigation, content formats and other elements to align with visitor intent for improved conversions.

We deliver detailed monthly reports to clients showcasing the progress and ROI of SEO campaigns across core metrics like:

  • Keyword rankings improvement
  • Increase in organic site traffic
  • Growth trends over time
  • Lead generation and sales attributed to SEO
This empowers brands with visibility into what’s working so we double down on the highest impact areas. Tracking ROI spotlights the true value delivered.

Complementing monthly reporting, we implement advanced site analytics for real-time tracking. Monitoring daily visitors, source trends and custom dashboards enables rapid response. If an issue emerges, we catch it early. If content goes viral, we capitalize faster.

Analyzing user on-site activity, funnel metrics and search data provides a wealth of actionable insights. We synthesize learnings to continually refine page messaging, site navigation, content formats and other elements to align with visitor intent for improved conversions.

Industries We Provide Ecommerce SEO Services For

As a leading ecommerce SEO agency, Media Search Group delivers optimized solutions to online stores across diverse industries and niches. Our experts help businesses of all sizes boost their visibility and uncover new opportunities through search engine optimization.

  • Fashion and Apparel - Drive more sales for your fashion ecommerce site through our SEO strategies tailored to engage shoppers and elevate your brand.
  • Electronics and Technology - Connect with more buyers searching for gadgets, devices and tech accessories by partnering with us to improve rankings.
  • Automotive - Accelerate ahead of the competition and drive more qualified traffic to your aftermarket parts, accessories or services ecommerce site through our targeted SEO solutions.
  • Jewelry and Diamonds - Captivate shoppers and boost engagement for your jewelry ecommerce store with our optimization strategies aimed at maximizing conversions.
  • Retail - Tap into intent-driven searches and increase organic visibility for your general retail ecommerce business with our proven SEO expertise.
  • Lifestyle - Build awareness and drive sales for your health, wellness, beauty, travel, or other lifestyle ecommerce site through our SEO services.
  • Home and Furniture - Attract high-intent visitors searching for home goods, decor and furniture with our conversion-focused ecommerce SEO solutions.
  • Food and Beverage - Whet shoppers' appetites and capture intent-driven traffic by optimizing your ecommerce store's content for food and drink niches.

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Our Specialization in Ecommerce SEO

With over a decade strictly focused on ecommerce SEO, our agency has cultivated in-depth expertise optimizing online stores across every major platform and custom-developed sites. We deliver high-impact solutions tailored to your technology setup.

Shopify SEO agency

Shopify SEO

As a Shopify SEO agency, we implement proven SEO best practices to boost conversions for stores on Shopify platforms. This includes properly optimizing page titles and descriptions, enhancing site speed, leveraging alt text for images, building backlinks and more. We also customize solutions using advanced Shopify apps.

On-Page Optimization

Amazon SEO

Enhancing discoverability on Amazon requires nuanced marketplace SEO tactics. From optimizing listings with relevant keywords to improving conversions through compelling product copy and assets - our Amazon marketing services help you stand out. We also advise leveraging Amazon advertising and building branded stores.

WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce SEO

For WooCommerce stores, we focus heavily on site speed and performance enhancements to bolster SEO capability. Installing caching plugins, image compression, and optimizing pages for mobile and local SEO establishes a conversion-focused foundation. Our developers also address technical bugs affecting organic visibility.

Magento SEO

Magento SEO

As a Magento ecommerce SEO company, our ecommerce SEO experts optimize Magento stores through XML sitemaps, strong metadata, CDN usage for faster page loads and more. We also create SEO-friendly content that targets your priority keywords while delivering an engaging user experience.

Custom Ecommerce SEO

Custom Ecommerce SEO

For custom developed online stores, we provide SEO guidance during initial architecture planning through post-launch optimization. Following SEO best practices from the start prevents major issues. Our technical audits also uncover fixes to improve organic rankings for custom ecommerce sites.

Conversion rate Optimization

Conversion rate Optimization

Using principles of conversion rate optimization, we identify opportunities to optimize user experience and journeys across your ecommerce site. This enables us to redesign page layouts, placement of calls-to-action and streamline funnels. Aligning UX with SEO significantly lifts sales.

Get a Free SEO Audit and Custom Plan for Your Ecommerce Site

Want to unlock more organic traffic, boost rankings, and maximize conversions for your online store? Start with a detailed evaluation of your ecommerce website's current SEO health and strategy.

Our team of expert SEO consultants will comprehensively audit your site's technical factors, on-page elements, content, and more. We’ll benchmark your key metrics like rankings, traffic volumes and analyze competitor performance to identify areas for improvement.

Leveraging our audit findings and your business goals, we custom-craft an ecommerce SEO strategy focused on measurable ROI through higher revenues, more exposure and lower lead costs in your niche. This proposal outlines the tailored solutions we would implement monthly to impact outcomes for your online store.

From informational blogs to voice search optimization and beyond - our data-driven approach means we pursue the highest value SEO opportunities tailored to your ecommerce site. There are no generic one-size-fits-all tactics.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ecommerce SEO is crucial for increasing visibility and driving qualified traffic to your online store. Our ecommerce SEO services help you rank higher in search engines for relevant keywords so more of your ideal customers can find and buy from your site. SEO results in lower acquisition costs and higher ROIs versus other paid channels.

Our 10+ years of expertise in ecommerce SEO, highly customized strategies tailored to each client’s business, and relentless focus on delivering strong ROI through increased conversions set us apart. Our decade of experience optimizing ecommerce sites gives us unrivaled SEO insights.

Yes, as a leading ecommerce SEO company in India, we specialize in local SEO strategies to help online stores effectively target and rank higher for Indian searchers. This includes optimizing for Indian domains, keywords, local business schema markup and more.

Our comprehensive ecommerce SEO services include detailed keyword research, on-page optimization, site speed enhancements, local SEO, voice search optimization, content creation, link building and more based on your needs. We also provide integrated services like PPC, email marketing and social media.

We offer budget-friendly SEO solutions so that startups and smaller ecommerce businesses can benefit from our expertise. Our flexible and competitive pricing makes ecommerce SEO services accessible for stores with any budget, without compromising on quality.

Ecommerce SEO generates more qualified organic traffic to your online store, increases brand visibility and authority, and provides a strong ROI by boosting conversions and revenue. Our ecommerce SEO company implements strategies tailored to your business goals, whether that is driving more sales, capturing new markets or generating leads.

It takes 2-4 months of focused ecommerce SEO efforts for initial results like improved rankings and organic traffic, though it takes 6-12 months for full momentum. We provide monthly reporting so you can track your ongoing progress. Competing factors like site age also impact how quickly you can rank.

Yes, our expert ecommerce SEO services include critical technical SEO to improve site speed, mobile optimization, proper indexing, security and more. Technical SEO establishes the right site foundation for ranking success. We identify and fix any issues that impact performance.

In addition to core ecommerce SEO, we also provide integrated digital marketing including PPC ads, email marketing, SMS marketing, social media management, influencer partnerships, and more. Our comprehensive strategies maximize your online visibility and sales.

Absolutely, we do a comprehensive audit of your current site and create a customized proposal outlining the SEO strategies tailored to your specific ecommerce business and goals. Contact us for a free ecommerce SEO audit and proposal.

Our ecommerce SEO company has optimized all types of ecommerce sites - shopping cart platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, custom development, small businesses to large enterprises selling products/services across all verticals including fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, furniture, auto parts, B2B and more.

Ecommerce SEO in India requires localization like using .in domains, optimizing for Indian languages, creating India-specific content, building local links and reviewing profiles. Our agency tailors ecommerce SEO strategies to target Indian audiences and rank higher locally.

We offer transparent pricing models including monthly retainers tailored to your needs and budgets. There are no hidden fees. Our affordable rates make ecommerce SEO services accessible for small businesses yet are results-driven for larger brands.

Absolutely, we have optimized hundreds of Shopify stores by leveraging built-in SEO enhancements, apps, optimizing product pages/categories, technical SEO and content optimization. We know how to maximize Shopify SEO effectively.

Through extensive keyword research, we identify a mix of high-volume and long-tail, low competition keywords aligned with your products and categories. This enables us to target both high-traffic and highly converting keywords that are relevant for your ecommerce site and goals.

Our dedicated team of SEO experts consistently implements the latest white hat strategies proven to deliver results. We stay updated on Google’s best practices and algorithms to ensure your website benefits from ethical, sustainable SEO.

Yes, our ecommerce SEO services include creation of optimized content like product descriptions, category pages, blogs, videos, visual assets, and more to boost rankings and traffic. We produce keyword-focused content that also engages customers.

With over a decade exclusively focused on ecommerce SEO, we have unmatched experience successfully ranking ecommerce sites across diverse verticals and markets. Our case studies highlight the results we have driven for clients globally.

We provide comprehensive reporting on key metrics like rankings, organic traffic, conversions, revenue and more through Google Analytics, Search Console and other tools. This enables you to track SEO results monthly. We course-correct strategies if needed to further improve ROI.

Check out our ecommerce SEO case studies and portfolio showing examples of sites we have optimized in different verticals along with the results delivered. Our decade of expertise and proven track record of success speaks for itself.

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