Internet Marketing is more than Organic SEO

Internet Marketing broadly refers to a range of activities performed with the objective of creating profitable customer relationships in the online medium. In common parlance, Internet Marketing is loosely understood as Search Engine Optimization alone & is primarily construed to mean, developing a high ranking of oneís business page . There are however, a number of Internet Marketing tools, which can be used depending on the service offered & the marketing objective that one sets out to achieve. Some of the effective Internet Marketing Strategies are discussed below:

Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps every discussion on Internet Marketing begins with SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO primarily refers to Optimizing a website to ensure it is found easily by potential clients. It is an important inbound marketing tool which makes use of elements such as keywords, images, titles etc to index sites & thereby to increase their exposure

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Click or PPC, is an advertising process in which a business pays for the advertisement when a prospective customer clicks on it. Typically, websites display ads based on certain keywords. A big advantage of PPC is the ease of result tracking & measurement. Also through PPC advertisers can focus on a highly targeted audience with minimum spill over.

E-mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing is a tool used to build & enhance customer relationships. Once a customer signs up for an E mail publication, the business can effectively inform customers of any new offerings, special offers etc. It serves as a great reminder medium & a tool to attract repeat business. The one major disadvantage for email marketers, however is the constant evolution of spam filters . Marketers also need to ensure that they do not flout the anti spamming laws.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising primarily refers to creating a brand name for businesses by advertising on popular websites The most commonly used form of paid advertising on the internet are banner ads. There are, however many other forms of paid advertising such as Video Ads, Hover Ads, Interstitials etc which can be used basis the campaign objective. These days advertisers are also evolving newer methods of advertising that allows interactivity with consumers.

Social Media Marketing

With social media being the new buzzword, businesses are presented with a whole new method of marketing. The key advantage of social media marketing is the interactivity offered by them. These platforms, therefore, bring the brands much closer to consumers. While social media marketing would mean looking at the popular mediums such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, You Tube etc, it also includes any place where there is the possibility of an interaction with consumers. This could include forums, blogs etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Also called Performance Based Marketing, Affiliate Marketing refers to someone else selling the product for the business. The affiliates in turn can use a whole lot of Internet Marketing tools to sell the products. Many affiliates add their unique content in addition to the affiliate product in order to add value.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing refers to creating valuable & interesting content that leads to the target audience performing the following actions:

  • Like the content
  • Share the content
  • Generate Leads
  • And finally, convert into sales

Location Based Marketing

New Internet Marketing Tools are developing as we speak. A new & fast emerging tool is Location Based Marketing. This involves the marketers rewarding a customer for checking in to a companyís physical location.

There are a host of Internet Marketing Tools, which if used judiciously can help bring visitors on the business website. The key lies in a) Segmenting the audience profile b) targeting the populace who would be interested in the business offering & c) finally, positioning the product using the many marketing tools.

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