What Are The Attributes Of A Good Content?

Contents make up the majority of the digital world. In fact, we can’t switch from one page to another without stumbling on digital content. Typically, it refers to music, videos, texts, and images that are available for viewing or for downloading or for distribution on the internet.

Contents in Daily Life

Every day, whenever we begin a new search in the search engine, we come across various forms of contents. These are crafted to cater to the needs of different queries and are presented in a sorted manner, with the most relevant ones displayed on the top.


The user can quickly go through the results and gain the information that he or she intends to.

Large Pool of Contents

With the internet becoming more easily accessible to people all over the world, the pool of contents available on the internet is growing day by day. Articles, blogs, videos, graphics, images, etc. are being posted freshly every day. ‘211 million’ is the number of contents that are produced every minute. The growth rate is exponential, with the contents not coming from the same area. The number might have changed by now, for content generators are in no way limited.

Competition in Contents

According to an analysis, a user clicks only on the first three links that appear in the top search results. The competition for the contents available on the internet is visible from herein. It simply implies that if your content doesn’t appear in the topmost search results, your content is not going to be viewed and it will not fetch you any good. The competition of a content generator today is with every other content generator in the world. For the same search request, we have so many results. The competition is clearer with this. In fact, when you might have searched for the term, ‘What makes the world of contents so competitive?” you would have also come across a pool of contents, trying to convince you to click on them.

Contents for Driving Traffic

The primary objective of websites that produce contents every day is to fetch traffic. As a matter of fact, they face a lot of problems in increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR) for their website. Amazed? This is just half of the picture. Even if the CTR is good, the user does not stay on the website for more than a few seconds. This poses another serious challenge for the websites that generate contents. Although they are able to drive traffic to their websites, they are not able to raise the views per visitor. Like, if you are reading this content and liking it, you will read more contents or not that are available here, depends on the extent to which you are convinced with this post.

Cutting through the Noise

It is a mammoth task to create a unique presence in the digital world with the contents. There is no set of rules or standards that can increase the content’s visibility in the search engine results and drive more traffic. But, there are certain guidelines which would definitely help a content generator to cut through the noise. These guidelines do not intend to go deeper into the technicalities of the algorithms or the coding but are general to be used by every content generator.

‘What makes a Good Content?’ is the Question that every Digital Marketing company tries to answer.

Attributes Of A Good Content

Putting it in simple terms, creating a good content that generates traffic, engagement and business is the choice of the content generator. If time and creativity are invested together, the resources can be better utilized to create quality contents. A few Guidelines to generate quality contents are discussed below.

1. Originality of Content

Nothing matters more to the viewer than reading a content that he or she has not read before. The originality and uniqueness are two of the most important attributes that all contents should possess. As a matter of fact, Google has announced that it would devalue the websites that use plagiarized contents by placing them down in the search results. In other words, websites with original contents have an upper hand for fetching traffic.

2. Clarity of Contents

Time is the most important resources available with each one of us. The viewer never wishes to waste time reading long paragraphs or essays. In fact, had this content be without titles and sub titles, you would not have read it so far. Bullets, points and sub titles add more to the clarity of the content and are able to retain the viewer on the website for a larger span of time. At least the viewer goes through the main points or sub titles if not the whole content.

3. Relativeness of Content

Anything or everything that does not provide answers to the viewer is a poor content. Be it a tutorial video that is unable to convey the right way to use an application or a ‘how to’ text that promises to teach a solution but is unable to, all of them are useless if not related to the query. The contents should be relevant to the topic they have been created for. Had this content been talking about Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in the middle of it, you would have really pressed the back button by now.

4. Engagement of Content

Contents that are capable of convincing the reader to read the whole thing are rare. In fact, very rare. Writing a post that engages requires a good flair of writing, a tone that communicates efficiently and supporting images. It might not need the content creator to fill it with a lot of serious data, but it should bear the things that are capable of retaining the viewer on the website. It should be crafted in such a manner that it creates a strong impact upon the mind of the viewer.

These are just the guidelines, and as said above, creating a good content is the choice of the content generator. Over 211 million contents that have been added this very minute, deserve a tough competition.

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