Observations Made on the New Google Update Planner November, 2019

There is a lot of chatter going on about the latest Google algorithms update. However, the official rollout of the latest algorithms update is still pending which is taking the curiosity to the next level.Google has been tracking major amendments in its core algorithms that have given users a better interface. The updates are important for webmasters and SEO’s for evaluating their ranking and visibility on the search list. But the latest update which most of the people are talking about falls short of expectations.

Before heading towards the expected changes in the Google algorithms let’s take a peek into the last update done by Google on 25th October 2019.

Google Update 25th October 2019

Year after year, Google comes up with constant changes that cause the rank fluctuation in the search engine results. The last and official google update was on 25th October 2019 that talked about BERT or (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) model which is now considered as the biggest change done in the past 5 years by the Google. But first, we need to see what BERT exactly is?

BERT is an open-source pre-trained Natural Language Processing (NPL) model that is created to evaluate the context of the search query in the search engine list. It is believed that the language understanding capabilities of BERT will be helpful with better search results with authentic content. With the Google update in BERT, it has now integrated with the NPL model helping users with a better and clear understanding of using prepositions within a search query which has resulted in low-rank fluctuations.

What is a new Google update planner all about?

Google has been trending with yearly and monthly updates in its core algorithms.  Some are very minor changes that go unnoticed by the users and some changes create a great commotion, the recent update seems to be the same. The last update that google made was on October 25 2019 and surprisingly Google is about to make another serious update in November. Many webmasters, from 7th November 2019 to 8th November 2019 witnessed numerous changes in google search rankings.

Google algorithms that we experience almost every year and month, are a complex system used to evaluate and navigate data from the search index for better results. It also fluctuates the ranking signals given for web pages marking its relevance on a search engine results page (SERPs).

Google has some amazing SERP features that determine how a site appears on Google’s first page. Many SEO experts use the help of this competitive analysis tool that helps a business to withstand the challenges in a global competition. It helps you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your business performance with better search rankings.

What impact it has created until now?

There are various industries that have been affected by the new Google update. Although, google doesn’t target any individual niches. But for some site owners it has brought a great loss. The results are mentioned below-

  • With the latest and unannounced google update, many websites have experienced 30 to 40% drops in human traffic on their site. Site owners, have greatly affected with this as their business success largely depends on the amount of human traffic they are able to fetch on their web.
  • There are substantial evidence that prove how traffic travel bloggers have significantly dropped down in search engine results.
  • 47 sites of food bloggers have suffered a great loss in the food industry.
  • Industries of any unit, whether small or large experienced at least 30% drops with this unannounced  update.
  • Sites that have been already hit by google updates and those that have never been affected are now witnessing the adverse effects of the new google update.
  • The new Google update even affected the member of the private SEO Signals Lab Facebook group. The person’s 7 years old website which used to be in the top three for years suddenly dropped to page two and three. Other members of the Facebook group experienced a change of 20% in traffic  with fewer changes in the positions of the keywords.
  • SERPs features like People Also Ask, Image Carousels, Featured Snippets, Top Stories, Adwords, etc helped in pushing the organic results down.
  • The ones who felt positive about this change are the members of the self-described ‘gray hat’. They belong to a proper SEO Facebook group which are focused on Private Blog Network (PBN) links. Some other members witnessed an improvement of almost 70%.
  • The health industry is also not largely affected by the recent Google update.
  • On the other side, members of Black Hat World forums experienced a dramatic change in their google ranking with a loss of 40%.

Therefore, there is a lot of discussion going on over the new unannounced google update November 2019. Although, google never target an individual niche. But with the diverse effects of new google algorithms, many websites and bloggers have been tremendously affected in a negative manner. While members of Gray Hats have witnessed great improvements in their professional strategies of ranking and traffic. Hence, the purpose of many business owner’s purposes of branding and visibility seems to be diluting with the new Google update in its core algorithms.


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Dhirendra Kumar

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