How Google January 2020 Core Update is Different from Other Updates?

Google has entered in 2020 with an update which is named as ‘January 2020 core update.’ Every year Google keeps on updating its algorithms and strategies for better user experience and this can be seen in the recent update.

There was a great talk about the latest Google update released on 13th January that has globally affected the online search results. It is believed that the update might result in certain gains or losses to the online visibility and organic traffic on a site. The update was done with the true intent of providing users with authentic content to their search query on a search engine and standardizing the ratings on the basis of the same content quality.

Content is a crucial part of web development that can’t be ignored in any way and that is why the new update is primarily focusing on the content quality.

Here are some questions that are interlinked with content quality 

  • Does the content provide useful information to the users or not?
  • Is the content is free from grammatical errors?
  • Is the headline of the content is fully descriptive or not?
  • Does the content provide statistical information for supporting argument?
  • Does the content reflect the trustworthiness of the publishers and other experts?

The most recent updates were made in September 2019 that focused on providing appropriate and authoritative content to its users followed with a new update rolled out in January that focuses on evaluating the ranking signals for better search experience.

What Google guidance says about the 2020 update?

Every year Google comes up with certain guidelines that deal with the core algorithms updates. Similarly, after the recent January 2020 update, Google has mentioned certain guidance on the new updates that are mentioned below. Violating the guidelines will affect the entire system and the traffic expected on a particular web.

  • It is believed that the recent update is done in the broad sense that is not specifically targeted and can bring certain gains or losses in the search rankings of a site.
  • It says, that the pages won’t be charged if their rankings get drop but they are being considered against the other content for better search quality.
  • The January 2020 update focuses on locating the quality content on the top recommendations so that users can easily target the desired and appropriate content without wasting a lot of time on the web.

Recent updates and its features

The following are the recent updates that were made to improve the search ranking with the quality content.

Google January 2020 Core Update

  • The update was officially rolled out on 13th January 2020 which has not implemented at every Google data center.
  • It came with the intention of improving the search quality by giving users better search results on the web. Due to this, changes in search visibility can be experienced which might bring certain losses or gains.
  • The success of a site’s ranking is based on the foundation of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness and that is why the update entirely focuses on the content quality.
  • After certain days of its arrival, many webmasters have experienced changes in the ranking positions of their sites.
  • The update has resulted in the improvement of search queries seen in the search engines.
  • The latest Google update is not responsible to fix the earlier sites that were damaged previously because of their content management system.
  • Through this update, search raters gain no control over how pages rank.

Google Update November 2019

  • Webmasters and web developers on 7th November 2019 experienced the massive changes made in the search engine rankings. The sites of small and medium-size affected mainly in the USA.
  • The affected sites belong to certain industries such as food, travel, and health.
  • The algorithm took place to connect words with concepts to handle the spam in the search results and this method was given the name ‘AI’ based on neutral matching.

Google Update September 2019

  • The update appeared on 24th September 2019 that focused on improving the evaluation of content and its quality.
  • The new algorithms brought a change in how Google ranked a site and also brought certain changes in certain sectors such as travel, health, and money but didn’t violate a specific category. Due to this, some sites experienced certainly high ranking while some were badly affected.

With a long history of Google algorithms and updates, January 2020 update seems to be the most trending and most searched update on the search engine. Every time Google comes up with new updates the user experience becomes more relevant. The new update seems to be the most significant one and was named as ‘broad core algorithm update’.

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