Optimizing Press Releases Strengthens Your Marketing Strategy

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Optimizing Press Releases

In the old days, press releases used to be the most powerful and effective way for marketing your business, partly because there was no Internet and it was the only way to keep your business in the center of attention. There wasn’t the convenience of social media and search engines. Now that the era of web-based content marketing has come and taken over the throne, press releases have managed to somehow still stay strong. And while social media holds the forth in the virtual world, press releases are effective both in the virtual and real world and are a sustainable piece of content marketing. There’s no marketing like PR marketing.

Does a Press Release Pay Off? 

The big payoff comes in terms of driving web traffic, spreading your network through the right target audience both online and offline. Once you create a press release and click the send button, you’re actually sending out news and information to the audience that they can use themselves in their desired way. Other media and not just social media platforms usually do this. For example, your PR can land in the hands of journalists of newspapers and magazines, TV reporters and blogger influencers which will take that information and always mention where they got it from. Ultimately, this gives you a lot of mentions and the right kind of attention. There’s no better way to stay in the industry than by good word of mouth.

Basics of PR
Before we get into optimizing your press releases, so that you’ll have the most-desirable piece of content marketing out there, we’re just going to get a little deeper into the basic guidelines of a press release. Although you can use templates and follow each step that is given, what you need to keep in mind is that it’s not all about guidelines and templates. There’s a lot to do with creativity and the way you package your ideas and thoughts. It’s essential to catch the attention of your desired audience, and you can’t do that with a plain, boring scheme that everyone uses. Make sure to have your own voice, but answer the most important questions: Who, what, when, where and why.

Keep on reading to see what your PR should have in terms of content and design:

  • Big and noticeable logo. Since humans are visual creatures, they are more likely to remember graphics than words.
  • Include a statement that the document is for immediate release, so everyone who gets it can use it right away.
  • Include contact information of up to three people, so if someone wants to reach you, it’s right there in front of their eyes.
  • Use the main headline to tell the point of the press release and sub-headlines to structure the story better and emphasize certain parts.
  • Use the first paragraph to summarize the entire story of your PR and the body of the text for other information.
  • Include visual information like photos and videos, so that people are more likely to share it.
  • Use the last paragraph to introduce your company and give a little bit more information about what you do.

Turn Your Press Release into Perfection

After you’ve done the basics, you need to take it one step further. Optimizing a press release is as important as optimizing any other content you’re using for marketing your business. Like any other piece of creative work, it needs to tell a concise and coherent story, that is intriguing, informative and professional at the same time, with hints of your brand’s or company’s ideas and personal style. If you’re struggling to get the best out of your PR, check on the infographics that summarize everything you need to do in order to perfectly optimize your releases. Don’t forget that the way you package your ideas and words, can have a strong impact, and actually make or break your business. As a “Top SEO Company “, We provide Complete Press Release Submission Solutions. So, If you are looking for professional PR Marketing Services then request a Quote.

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